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5 Key Insights for Your NFL DFS Lineup on Monday Night Football

5 Key Insights for Your NFL DFS Lineup on Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football is back, and if you’re into NFL DFS, you’re in for a treat. We’ve got five crucial insights to help you build a winning DraftKings lineup for Week 7. Let’s dive right in.

1. The Christian McCaffrey Conundrum

The big question mark for this week’s Monday Night Football showdown revolves around Christian McCaffrey. Reports are conflicting, with some suggesting he’s likely to play while others say he might not, and if he does, he could be limited. The lesson here? Stay glued to the latest reports right before you finalize your lineup. McCaffrey’s availability could be a game-changer.

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2. No Deebo Samuel, but Brandon Aiyuk Steps Up

With Deebo Samuel sidelined, all eyes are on Brandon Aiyuk. Last year, he racked up 81 yards and 102 receiving yards in two games without Samuel. However, his captain price tag is then 2nd highest on the slate behind McCaffrey ($18.0) at $16.2k. But fear not, because Aiyuk offers PPR upside, touchdown potential, and yardage upside. His player prop sits at 4.5 receptions, with odds favoring the over, and he’s also seen as a candidate for a touchdown. Keep an eye on him.

3. Kirk Cousins’ Prime Time Struggles

Kirk Cousins‘ performance in Prime Time games hasn’t been stellar, averaging less than 15.3 fantasy points per game. His interception prop is juiced to the over tonight, and his touchdown prop is heavily juiced to the under at 1.5. This suggests we might see just one touchdown pass or fewer and at least one interception.

4. Alexander Mattison’s Usage

Alexander Mattison’s rushing attempt prop is set at 11.5, leaning slightly toward the over. This means he could have 12 or more carries tonight. However, his rushing yards prop leans toward the under. So, while he may see the volume, it might not translate into efficient yardage. Keep this in mind when considering Madison for your lineup.

5. San Francisco 49ers Defense

If all the signs point to a tough night for Cousins and the Vikings, it’s time to consider the 49ers defense. Priced at $5,000 for a flex play, they’re a strong option. They boast the fourth-highest interception rate in the NFL, with 4.3% of dropbacks from opposing quarterbacks being intercepted. Not good news for Cousins.

Final thoughts

In summary, keep a close watch on McCaffrey’s status, consider Aiyuk as a viable option, be wary of Cousins in Prime Time, and evaluate Madison’s usage carefully. And don’t forget about the 49ers defense as a potential game-changer.

Monday Night Football is always filled with excitement, and with these insights, you’re well-equipped to craft a winning DFS lineup. So, get ready for the action, and may your picks lead you to victory!

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