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Are 2022 Underdog Fantasy Best Ball competitors undervaluing Kenneth Walker III?

Are 2022 Underdog Fantasy Best Ball Competitors Undervaluing Kenneth Walker III?

Why is Kenneth Walker III sliding down draft boards in 2022 Underdog Fantasy Best Ball?

Kenneth Walker III has plenty of upside, is his draft slide warranted?

Are 2022 Underdog Fantasy Best Ball competitors undervaluing Kenneth Walker III?

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First, let’s start with Rashaad Penny

Reports are coming out of Seattle that Penny is projecting to carry the workload in a run-first offense, especially since the departure of Russell Wilson. This news is piggybacking the fact that Penny led the league in rushing yards over the last 5 weeks of 2021, and he finished second in rushing touchdowns (6) over the same period. Penny averaged 18.4 carries per game during that dominant stretch at the end of last year, and the Seattle Times is projecting 20+ per game in 2022. What I am not buying: Penny has not played more than 10 games since his rookie year in 2018, including a 3-game effort in 2020.

Enter: Kenneth Walker III.

Walker was one of the top prospects at the position at the 2022 NFL Draft, and was oftentimes considered THE top RB in the class. He was dominant in 2021 for Michigan State, where he rushed for 1,600+ yards and 18 TDs, while leading the nation in broken tackles (89). Seattle invested an early second-round pick on the stud, and I would gather they will want to see what he’s capable of at the pro level. Let’s not forget that even a healthy Rashaad Penny is only on a one-year contract, which is even more reason for Seattle to give Walker a share of the workload.

It seems that Underdog Fantasy Best Ball players are reacting to the Penny hype, as his ADP has moved up more by a round in the month of July (from 10.01 to 8.06). Additionally, drafters are losing interest in Walker, as his stock has fallen from 8.07 to 9.12 in the same period. With all of Penny’s injury risk, Penny’s expiring contract, plus Walker’s ability and Seattle’s second-round investment, if I am drafting in the late rounds in Best Ball, you can bet I am looking at KW3.

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