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Mark Hubbard: Pricey, but Worth It. Bermuda Championship PGA DFS Lineups are Here!

Bermuda Championship PGA DFS Lineups

Confession time. I was really on Keith Mitchell last week for the CJ Cup, but it didn’t pan out. The rest of my picks were golden though and a read scored a small $50 bink. That makes me happy! This week, I really like Mark Hubbard this week as part of my Bermuda Championship PGA DFS Lineup. Read on to see why and also to get more free, well-researched picks!

My goal isn’t to build your lineup for you, it’s to guide you by using my experience as a sports bettor and the membership tools available at Team Rise or Fall. With that being said… here are this week’s PGA DFS picks (after a word from our sponsor). 

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Bermuda Championship PGA DFS Lineup Picks

Mark Hubbard

  • DraftKings $10.0 (16% rostership)
  • FanDuel $11.6 (19% rostership)
  • Yahoo! $39

Mark Hubbard is pricey this week and appears to be highly favored on the rosters. I’d say it’s for good reason. Port Royal Golf Course fits his game well. It’s a short course and doesn’t require a long drive, just an accurate one. He brings a 60% accuracy rating, which is among the best in the field. His putting is good, avoiding the 3-putt fairly well and his approach is fine. What I really like is his play around the green and his ability to scramble. The greens at Port Royal are well-protected, so we’ll need a hero to make the save and Hubbard is that guy.

Oh… he came in 22nd at this event last year and he’s managed to keep his average score below 70 in all 4 rounds, over the last 10 events. 

Ryan Armour

  • DraftKings $7.4 (8.5% rostership)
  • FanDuel $8.8 (7.5% rostership)
  • Yahoo! $27

While Ryan Armour is a little on the pricey side for FanDuel users, I like his odds this week. He has course history, finishing 8th in 2019 + 2020. Last year, however… he didn’t fair so well. RA has a 4th round-scoring average of 69, so he keeps it even-keeled. His rostership is creeping up to a point where it feels like the secret is getting out, but at the time of publishing, I am ok with that. Ryan doesn’t have a long drive, but we don’t care about that on this course. He happens to have 71% accuracy… which we LOVE. He hits 68% of GIR, which is also fabulous. His putting is average but better than most in the same league. What I love most about Ryan Armour is his ability around the green. As I’ve mentioned… while this is a short course, the greens are well-protected and we need the guys in our lineup to be able to handle that. 

Luke Donald

  • DraftKings $7.0 (3% rostership)
  • FanDuel $8.4 (3% rostership)
  • Yahoo! $20

Luke Donald isn’t very pricey on DraftKings or Yahoo!. Probably because he hasn’t made much noise lately. He has made the last two cuts of the events he’s played in and he has event history. Not a fabulous history, but 2 made cuts (2020 + 2021). Here’s what I like about Luke Donald this week as part of my Bermuda Championship PGA DFS Lineup – 80% of his drives are good with 57% accuracy. His approach is better than the average player and around the green? He’s stellar. Do I need to keep repeating what’s important on this course this week? 🙂

Cameron Percy

  • DraftKings $7.9 (6% rostership)
  • FanDuel $9.4 (6% rostership)
  • Yahoo! $27

While longer off the tee than these other guys (293 yds), Cameron Percy is also fairly accurate at 57%, while achieving 83.5% good drives. He hits the GIR 68% of the time. Off the tee, Percy is solid. I’m impressed. Wanna talk putting? He’s one of the best in the field at 3-putt avoidance (1.3). And here I go again… going on and on about the skills needed around the green: Cameron Percy is likely the best in the field in scrambling (64% save) and out of the sand (68% save). His rostership is comfortable to me for both GPP and Cash games, but it is getting to the point where people are doing their research and seeing what I see.  

Other Players to Consider: 

I’ve got a few more for you. If you’re a VIP Member, you could open up the PGA StudyHub Tool and see why. 🙂

  • Stephan Jaeger (DK $9.3,  FD $10.3 with lower rostership, Yahoo! $32)
  • Aaron Rai (DK $10.1, FD $10.4 which makes him a value on FD, Yahoo! $36)
  • Brain Stuard (DK $7.0, FD $8.1, Yahoo! $26) Bonus fact… 6% rostership currently on both DraftKings and FanDuel. 

I hope these Bermuda Championship PGA DFS Lineup Picks help you to score a big win this week! If you do win… please let me know!

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