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Best Ball Spotlight: Tony Pollard in the Second Round in 2023?

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Tony Pollard is now THE feature back in the Cowboys’ backfield. With a current ADP of 17 in Half PPR Best Ball formats, is he worth it?

Let’s take a look at Tony Pollard in 2023!

Tony Pollard in Best Ball

Despite being the clear top option in the Cowboys’ backfield, Pollard is not without competition for touches. The current backup to Pollard is Malik Davis, who has only seen limited action in his career. However, it is worth noting that the Cowboys could bring in additional depth via the draft or free agency.

While the Cowboys have typically been known for their prolific passing attack, they also logged 531 rushing attempts in 2022, which bodes well for Pollard’s opportunities. Additionally, Pollard has been an efficient runner during his time in the league, averaging over 5 yards per carry in three of his four seasons. This level of efficiency could help him see more touches and more opportunities to score fantasy points.

Pollard has also been a consistent contributor in the receiving game, having seen at least 40 targets in three straight seasons. With a higher volume of touches expected in 2023, Pollard could see an uptick in receptions and targets, making him an even more valuable fantasy asset in PPR formats.

Of course, as with any player, there are potential risks to consider. Pollard has yet to be a true workhorse back, and there is some uncertainty surrounding how he will handle the increased workload. Additionally, the Cowboys’ offensive line has undergone some changes, which could impact the team’s rushing efficiency.

Despite these concerns, Pollard’s current ADP suggests that fantasy players are willing to take a chance on him as a potential RB1 or RB2 in best ball formats. With his explosive ability and potential for a higher volume of touches, Pollard could be a game-changing pick in 2023 drafts.

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