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BEST DraftKings & FanDuel NBA DFS Core 4 Plays 1/20

BEST DraftKings and FanDuel NBA DFS Core Plays

Tonight’s Best DraftKings & FanDuel NBA DFS Core 4 Plays is full of big names and flashy players for both regular NBA and DFS. Let’s dive into a few of the NBA DFS Picks as my personal NBA DFS Building Blocks for FanDuel.

Tonight, with all of the studs on the slate we are going to need value somewhere on both DraftKings & FanDuel. There are a few players that really stand out to me above the rest. One of them is Xavier Tillman on DraftKings who will likely start again with Jonas Valanciunas out for the Memphis Grizzlies. He’s just $3,500 tonight on DraftKings and is a very easy plug and play option in both DraftKings Cash Games and DraftKings GPP’s. For me, he’s a Core 4 Play in my Building Blocks and I just will eat the chalk and move on.

After I start with him, I’m left with a ton of money. However, there are some really cheap options that can absolutely explode tonight. A player like Ja Morant can go for 45-50 points against the Blazers and he will be lower owned. In fact, he didn’t make my Building Blocks today, but he did end up as a Tier 1 Ranked PG in Tiered Picks Rankings list and notes. That just goes to show you how impressive the PG position is tonight.

Below is an image of tonight’s NBA DFS Picks Rankings and Notes

Tiered Rankings NBA DFS Picks DraftKings NBA DFS Core 4 Plays

So who was my point guard in my personal NBA DFS Core 4 Play? Luka Doncic and it was not even close. He has the best floor and ceiling combination on the entire slate and is just $300 more than the chalky Damian Lillard. Luka can go for 85 and nobody would be shocked. Luka can go for 70 or more and it would be something that seemingly happens 50% of the time over the last 10-Games. Luka has a bad game and drops 54 the other night. Suffice it to say, he was an easy Building Block for DraftKings.

On FanDuel, things are a bit different over there. The pricing has tightened up dramatically at some positions. However, I absolutely love Victor Oladipo at shooting guard as he’s kind of cluttered around several really good options tonight. I think that keeps his ownership down, but it won’t keep my exposure down that’s for sure. The guy has shown a range in his first two games as a Rocket between 40-50 points on FanDuel. I think if the game is close and competitive, which I think it will be, he might have the highest floor and ceiling combination out of the group of guys listed in my Tiered Rankings.

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Here is a sample of what the daily NBA DFS Building Blocks look like from our coaches. And give our new Slate Breakers sheet a look too if you love this format!

Best DraftKings & FanDuel NBA DFS Core 4 Plays

BEST DraftKings and FanDuel NBA DFS Core Plays

How to Build an NBA DFS Lineup with the Building Blocks

After you plug in the targets from the NBA Building Blocks, you’re going to want to make sure you round out your lineup with high ceiling type options. Ideally, you are using Fantasy Cruncher to finish your single entry lineup or using the Building Blocks as your Core 4 plays for MME.

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There are a lot of members that like to hand-build based on the DraftKings and FanDuel NBA DFS Core 4 plays from an individual coach. Others simply use the entire Building Blocks sheet to round out their top targets and either try to get as many of them as they can into a lineup or give them all an 8% projection boost by giving them a thumbs-up in the Fantasy Cruncher player pool.

Fantasy Cruncher NBA DFS Core 4 Plays

When I am building my own DraftKings and FanDuel NBA DFS lineups, I often try to use the Building Blocks as preferred targets. Of course, I want to weigh my personal NBA DFS Core 4 Plays heavier than others, but by also targeting the other coaches Building Blocks, I am not forcing any certain outcome to happen and trying to remove as many biases as I can. It’s difficult but it’s my process and I find it easy to replicate.

That’s basically our goal as a company, too. As we have over 1,300 people in Discord in just our first few months as a company. We want to provide easy to replicate practices and processes. We aim to provide sharp projections, sheets, pools, picks, data, and Discord coaching. Ultimately, we want to be “Your Affordable Edge”.


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