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Best DraftKings and Fanduel Picks for MLB DFS Stacks 9-3

mlb dfs top stacks

When it comes to MLB DFS, finding the right stacks can make all the difference. Today, we’re diving into the top stacks for DraftKings and Fanduel, targeting key matchups and players that are poised for success. Let’s break down the potential game-changers that could lead your fantasy lineup to victory.

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Pittsburgh Pirates: Taking Advantage of the Pitching Woes

The Pittsburgh Pirates might not be the most intimidating lineup, but when facing a struggling pitcher like Adam Wainwright, the tables turn. Wainwright’s final season has been far from impressive, boasting an 8.10 ERA and a 1.98 WHIP. Although it’s unfortunate to see a veteran go out like this, it’s an opportunity we can’t ignore. Even though Wainwright has been skipped in the rotation, the Pirates still have a chance to stack against Zach Thompson and his 1.54 WHIP.

Key Players to Watch:

  • Bryan Reynolds ($4,800): A switch-hitter with a solid .826 OPS against righties and a promising .869 on the road.
  • Ke’Bryan Hayes ($4,600): Sporting a .918 OPS over the last three weeks and an impressive .861 against left-handed pitchers.
  • Connor Joe ($3,400): His .808 OPS over the last three weeks has secured him a steady role at first base, making him a valuable addition to your lineup.

Boston Red Sox: Capitalizing on Zack Greinke’s Struggles

Zack Greinke, once a dominant force, has seen better days. With a disappointing 5.28 ERA this year, his decline is evident. This presents an opportunity for the Boston Red Sox to shine. Ranked fifth in OBP and seventh in runs scored, they are well-equipped to take advantage of Greinke’s struggles.

Players to Consider:

  • Rafael Devers ($3,700): With a career .511 slugging percentage and 29 homers, Devers can exploit Greinke’s vulnerability to home runs.
  • Masataka Yoshida ($3,100): An all-around player with a .294 average, 13 home runs, and eight stolen bases, Yoshida can contribute from various angles.
  • Triston Casas ($2,900): With a .368 OBP and 21 homers, Casas has been on fire lately, boasting a .915 OPS over the last three weeks.

Texas Rangers: Going Deep Against Kenta Maeda

Kenta Maeda’s recent struggles with giving up home runs could play right into the hands of the Texas Rangers. Having allowed homers in nine of his last 10 starts, Maeda is susceptible, especially in a ballpark that favors hitters. Players like Seager, Garcia, and Duran are positioned to capitalize on this weakness.

Players with Power:

  • Kyle Seager: With a remarkable 1.115 OPS against righties and 1.185 at home, Seager is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Adolis Garcia: Boasting 33 homers in 2023 and a .600 slugging percentage at home, Garcia has the potential to go yard.
  • Jarren Duran: Hitting .277 with 14 homers and eight stolen bases, Duran’s versatility makes him a valuable addition to any lineup.

Seattle Mariners: Riding the Hot Streak

The Seattle Mariners are on fire, especially when it comes to their offense. Dominating the AL in multiple offensive categories over the last month, they’re a formidable opponent for any struggling pitcher, like Tylor Megill of the Mets. With a 5.29 ERA and 1.68 WHIP, Megill is a prime target for the Mariners’ hot hitters.

Hot Bats:

  • Julio Rodriguez: A key player in the Mariners’ offensive onslaught, Rodriguez is a must-watch.
  • Teoscar Hernandez: With the Mariners’ explosive offense, Hernandez is in a great position to shine.
  • Eugenio Suarez, J.P. Crawford, Cal Raleigh: These players complete a powerful lineup that’s ready to take advantage of Megill’s struggles.

Cardinals vs. Pirates: Exploiting Johan Oviedo’s Mediocrity

Johan Oviedo might not give up a lot of homers, but his overall performance hasn’t been stellar. With a 4.20 ERA and 4.30 FIP, he’s vulnerable to a well-structured stack. The Cardinals have the hitters to make this happen.

Cardinals’ Weapons:

  • Paul Goldschmidt: Boasting an .861 home OPS, 22 homers, and 10 steals, Goldschmidt is a strong contender.
  • Nolan Arenado: Despite some downswings, Arenado’s .831 OPS against righties and .822 at home make him a solid choice.
  • Nolan Gorman: With a .922 home OPS and 24 homers, Gorman adds depth to the Cardinals’ stack.

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