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Bottom of the Barrel Super Wild Card Weekend NFL DFS Breakdown

Bottom of the Barrel Super Wild Card Weekend NFL DFS Breakdown

Bottom of the Barrel Super Wild Card Weekend NFL DFS Breakdown

Bottom of the Barrel Super Duper Wild Card Weekend!
Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

Can you believe it? We made it! The 2021 regular season is over!

Now is the time to take some risks. Yes, I have said that before during several NFL seasons, but the time is now. Over the years I have made a point to log and chart certain waves, plots, and usage with daily fantasy sports. The first wave is at the start of each NFL season as folks, new to DFS, want to try their hand. That one dies out as the seasonal fantasy crowd gets in deep with their teams. The second wave of DFS usage is when the seasonal folks are sick of the injuries and their teams are in the toilet. The third, and final wave, is during the start of the NFL Playoffs.

The seasonal fantasy folks have fulfilled their duty against a family or their work leagues. Now, most dive right back into DFS to get their fix. So, in turn, Wild Card Weekend is the most fun! However, it is also very watered down with newcomers or folks pumping their chests! No time to play it safe! Let’s shoot for the moon and hit a few stars!

This is the NFL Playoffs! There is no tomorrow! So, as we sit down to build our entries and decide to play it safe, we have already lost. Every single NFL team playing this weekend has nothing to lose. It’s an all-hands-on-deck type of mindset. So why would we tone it down and make a bunch of entries with a cookie-cutter mentality?

Bottom of the Barrel Super Wild Card Weekend NFL DFS Breakdown

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Some folks would say the momentum of these secondary players does not matter heading into the playoffs. The Cedrick Wilson, Mecole Hardman, and Corey Clement types. I find that to be wrong. Building that kind of relationship and chemistry late in a season will absolutely carry over into the NFL Playoffs. Have you ever the term, “peaking at the right time”?


Josh Allen BUF v NE(1st)(FD-$8,800)(DK-$7,800)(Y!-$36)

This is the Wild Card match-up we all deserve! Larger view, the Patriots have long dominated the AFC East, until Josh Allen came along and Tom Brady split. To be fair, this has more to do with Josh Allen than anything TB12. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a long time for Buffalo fans to get over the ghost the Tom. This game, right here, is a step in the right direction!

As the 2021 NFL Playoffs progress so will Bottom of the Barrel. Throughout the regular season, it’s fun to comb through, and dig into, that cheapie off-the-wall quarterbacks. However, in the playoffs, it’s a different story! Here are a few options for the coming weekend!

Joe Burrow CIN v LV(12th)(FD-$7,800)(DK-$6,800)(Y!-$34)

Joey Jackpot! What a name! In all honesty, I had no idea his own teammates were calling him that! From the, “Get the Gat” dance, to cigars and torn ACLs, Burrow has remained a true stud professional quarterback! Now, Cincinnati is all a buzz as they enter the NFL Playoffs for the first time in a long time! The match-up with Vegas is a tad tougher than we would think. Their secondary is very active and may create fits for Burrow and the other Bengals receivers. Regardless, Burrow will be up for the task.

Jalen Hurts PHI @ TB(18th)(FD-$7,700)(DK-$6,100)(Y!-$31)

I have made no secret about my love and respect for Jalen Hurts. This kid has revitalized the Eagles and rightfully so given his talent and skill set. This time last year do you remember where the Eagles were? Literally through their last game of the season for a better draft selection. Quick trade with the Colts for Carson Wentz and here we are. Eagles play on while the Wentz and Indianapolis are at home. Who knows what the future holds for Philadelphia playing in Tampa Bay on Sunday, but one thing is clear, Hurts and company will play their hearts out!

Matthew Stafford LAR v ARZ(10th)(FD-$7,600)(DK-$6,300)(DK-$26)

Finally! Matthew Stafford is back in the Playoffs! Yet, there are still little hints of the Detroit Lions in Stafford. May sound bad but I’m not the first guy to say so. Heavy yardage totals with several touchdown passes will always follow Matthew but it looks as though ill-advised throws with costly interceptions will too. The Rams against the Cardinals on Monday Night is certainly a treat, but which Stafford will be there? My guess? 250 yards and several touchdowns as the Rams prevail and move on in the Playoffs.

Derek Carr LV @ CIN(11th)(FD-$6,800)(DK-$5,500)(Y!-$22)

Talk about all heart! Derek Carr has been an outstanding option in DFS formats all season! He has over 4,000 passing yards along with 25 total passing touchdowns at such a low price tag! Maybe I am crazy but this one, Las Vegas at Cincinnati, is my favorite game of the weekend! Before the season started who in their right mind would’ve said, “I cannot wait to watch Derek Carr against Joe Burrow on Wildcard Weekend!”? That’s the beauty of professional football! Anything goes and anything can happen! Derek Carr makes for a nice play given the over/under of 49 total points!

Jimmy Garoppolo SF @ DAL(7th)(FD-$6,800)(DK-$5,300)(Y!-$22)

Never thought I’d say this, but Jimmy G has found another gear! That killer instinct that avoids good players has certainly found Jimmy! Look no further than Week 18 when the 49ers put together a high-end drive late in the 4th quarter, on the road, with under a minute left, against the Rams. Turning our attention to Sunday, San Francisco finds itself in an eerily similar situation in Dallas. The 49ers saving grace is the fact the Cowboy’s secondary has been an all-or-nothing type unit this year.

Ben Roethlisberger PIT @ KC(31st)(FD-$6,400)(DK-$5,200)(Y!-$22)

My initial reaction here was to follow an old western movie plot. One last showdown for an old, grizzled veteran gunslinger in Ben Roethlisberger. The odds are not in favor of the Steelers. When you say it out loud it gets worse! The Kansas City Chiefs, in Arrowhead, right as they are peaking doesn’t necessarily instill confidence. Just as old an action movie would read, “Let’s give the guy one more go at it!”

Bottom of the Barrel Super Wild Card Weekend NFL DFS Breakdown

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Joe Mixon CIN v LV(26th)(FD-$8,500)(DK-$6,800)(Y!-$34)

Mixon was inactive for Week 18 after a positive COVID test, but the Bengals didn’t need his services anyways having already clinched the AFC North. At the time of this publication, Tuesday, January 11, 2022, Joe Mixon has officially been activated from the COVID-IR. Meaning, Joe will be a full go on Saturday, at home, against the Raiders.

As the NFL schedule turns to Playoff football some DFS players become as equally nervous as the professional coaches and players. Take a deep breath and realize the odds of winning have been increased due to the field of teams and players being eliminated. Just another shot at paydirt while taking some risks based on the diminished player pool.

Devin Singletary BUF v NE(20th)(FD-$6,900)(DK-$5,700)(Y!-$21)

Devin has continued an extremely impressive stretch filled with targets, touches, and touchdowns! The first thing that comes to mind here is if it’s not broken why fix it? The Bills have rattled off four straight wins to end the season scoring, on average, 30 points a game. Is it also a coincidence during this four-game run Devin has averaged 19 carries a game? I think not! The Bills have found a running game at the exact right time!

Sony Michel LAR v ARZ(10th)(FD-$6,700)(DK-$5,400)(Y!-19)

To be clear, Sony wasn’t much of a factor in Week 18. Don’t let that deter you away from the idea Sony could be a factor on Monday. Be aware Cam Akers is back, active, and on the field. There is no tomorrow in the NFL Playoffs but who’s to say head coach Sean McVay isn’t playing chess while we are playing checkers? Use up Sony in this one with hopes of having Darrell Henderson Jr. back in action on top of more conditioned Cam Akers as well. Use it or lose type mindset with Sony here!

Darrel Williams KC v PIT(27th)(FD-$6,600)(DK-$5,500)(Y!-$17)

Darrel is what we call a ‘solid contributor’ or the definition of next man up. In the absence of second-year back Clyde Edwards-Helaire this season D-Will has filled in nicely. Further proof that the running back position isn’t all that important in the Kansas City offense. Be that as it may, Williams toe is tender after exiting Week 18 but will be available in the Wild Card game against the Pittsburg Steelers.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC v PIT(27th)(FD-$6,600)(DK-$5,600)(Y!-$18)

If you search CEH’s name across fantasy football formats, it’s a lot of coach speak. “Clyde is making progress!” Or “Edwards-Helaire should be getting some work in this week!” Keep an eye on the situation as the weekly practice reports are posted. Kansas City will never say it so I will, the Chiefs don’t need CEH to beat the Steelers on Sunday. Give the kid another week off to rest and recoup and hit the ground running in the semis.

Miles Sanders PHI @ TB(9th)(FD-$5,900)(DK-$5,100)(Y!-$15)

Miles along with a slew of other Eagles were inactive for Week 18 having been placed on the COVID-IR. At this moment in time, Philadelphia is ‘hopeful’ Sanders will be active and ready to go against the Buccaneers on Sunday. The Eagles will need all hands on deck in this one to defeat Tampa Bay in their own stadium.

Boston Scott PHI @ TB(9th)(FD-$5,900)(DK-$4,500)(Y!-$13)

Much like a teammate, Miles Sanders, Boston was also out and on the COVID-IR in Week 18. Mr. Scott has already been activated off the COVID-IR as of Monday, January 10, 2022. Once again, the Eagles will need all the help they can get if they are to beat the Bucs in Tampa.

Tony Pollard DAL v SF(3rd)(FD-$5,700)(DK-$5,300)(Y!-$15)

What I love most about Wild Card Weekend DFS are the forgotten guys. Players can flip a slate on their head while carrying little to no ownership. Tony Pollard is exactly that guy! After dealing with a foot injury off and on since Week 14 the Cowboys made the decision to leave him at home for Week 18. Smart move in my book. As the Cowboys plan to take on the 49ers, in a heavyweight fight, the idea of getting Tony Pollard back has me all kinds of excited!

Ke’Shawn Vaughn TB v PHI(24th)(FD-$5,400)(DK-$4,500)(Y!-$14)

Ke’Shawn, Ke’Shawn, Ke’Shawn what are we to do with you? Tell you what, if Ronald Jones and/or Leonard Fournette are still not up to snuff for the Bucs Wild Card tilt against the Eagles we will absolutely see more of Ke’Shawn Vaughn! Based on the DvP numbers here I would enjoy using the second-year back in several spots!

Derrick Gore KC v PIT(27th)(FD-$5,400)(DK-$4,000)(Y!-$13)

Seeing how Darrell Williams should be active this weekend I like Gore a little less. However, if Clyde Edwards-Heliare is inactive then I’m back on Derrick Gore! I am not in any way trying to smash the Steeler’s hopes and dreams here but let’s be serious. I will ask you! Do you think there is a chance the Chiefs could get up big in this one? If you answered yes, then there is a case to be made for Gore getting touches late in this one! Garbage time points are still points!

Cam Akers LAR v ARZ(10th)(FD-$5,400)(DK-$4,200)(Y!-$16)

In the length of my life, so far, I have never been a conspiracy theorist. However, there have been a few cases that stopped me dead in my tracks and made me think, is this thing fixed? Happens a lot in the NBA Playoffs and, a time or two, in the NFL Playoffs. What kind of 60 for 60 ESPN Special would it be if Cam Akers found the endzone a few times in this one? Can you imagine the graphics, stories, and television promotions we would see leading up to Ram’s second-round match-up? Yes, I know…

Rhamondre Stevenson NE @ BUF(15th)(FD-$5,200)(DK-$4,700)(Y!-$18)

Speaking of specials and great stories look at this New England Patriots team! Rookie quarterback, rookie running back, and coach Belichick on the sideline still wearing his cut-off hoodie. It reeks of a Hollywood storyline. I digress and we can all agree, the Buffalo Bills, on paper, are the better team here. I hate to say it but how bad do the fans, and the NFL want a TB12 versus New England Patriots Super Bowl? Stevenson has an outstanding asset for New England and is a great find for our seasonal fantasy football teams this season. Harris, as of Monday the 10th, is dealing with this nagging hamstring issue.

Brandon Bolden NE @ BUF(15th)(FD-$5,000)(DK-$4,300)(Y!-$15)

Speaking of Stevenson and Damien Harris’ nagging hamstring injury a little slice of targets and touches has opened for Brandon Bolden. Every season, without fail, at least one playoff legend is born. Not saying Brandon Bolden is that legend but let’s look at the game in front of us. Two AFC East rivals pitted against each other, once again, with Belichick

Kenneth Gainwell PHI @ TB(9th)(FD-$5,000)(DK-$4,400)(Y!-$11)

Strictly based on the health and availability of Miles Sanders, Jordan Howard, and Boston Scott. As it stands now at least two of the three running backs will be active and ready to roll. Relegating Kenny Gainwell to the bench. Just keep an eye out!

Benny Snell PIT @ KC(2nd)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$4,200)(Y!-$10)

Benny saw twelve total carries in Week 18 as the backup for stud rookie back Najee Harris. Granted, Snell didn’t do much with them, but the work was there. As the Steelers prepare for Kansas City, I would imagine they are going over every possible outcome along with every possible sheet in their playback. With literally nothing to lose in Arrowhead on Sunday night, Benny Snell is in play!

Corey Clement DAL v SF(3rd)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$4,000)(Y!-$10)

I could literally copy and paste what I said about Kenny Gainwell here but that wouldn’t be fun. Of all the games this weekend I firmly believe this one, DAL v SF, will be the closest and hardest fought. For that reason, Corey Clement is an option. How many more runs does Zeke Elliott have left in those legs? Who’s to say Tony Pollard’s foot issue doesn’t flair up midway through the game? All I am saying is that this is the NFL Playoffs. It is time to be prepared for every possible outcome.

Bottom of the Barrel Super Wild Card Weekend NFL DFS Breakdown

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Cooper Kupp LAR v ARZ(30th)(FD-$10,000)(DK-$9,000)(Y!-$42)

New week same ole story with Cooper. Pretty clear what you get from Kupp! Given the DvP match-up here with the Cardinals safe to say another 100 yards and a score is on tap. The only question is can you navigate building a playoff entry being down 10k right off the rip?

Some positions are easier to discuss and build around. It’s also different week-to-week. Just so happens for Wild Card Weekend the wide receiver spot is just that position. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Christian Kirk ARZ @ LAR(28th)(FD-$6,100)(DK-$5,300)(Y!-$16)

From a game standpoint, this one is the odds-on favorite to be the most exciting game of the weekend. From a player standpoint, there are several slam dunks plays, Christian Kirk is one of them! DeAndre Hopkins is not expected back anytime soon leaving Kirk and AJ Green as Kyler Murrays two biggest and best options at the wideout position. The over/under for this game currently sits at 50.5 points! The largest of the weekend. So just by a process of elimination all Cardinals and Rams players are on the table!

Brandon Aiyuk SF @ DAL(18th)(FD-$6,100)(DK-$5,400)(Y!-$18)

While Deebo Samuel is active and doing everything under the sun for San Francisco Brandon Aiyuk remains an afterthought for other DFS players. Which I find both awful and outstanding if that makes sense. In all honesty, in my opinion, only, we could see a case where the Cowboys allot a ton of defensive resources to stopping Deebo Samuel. Using Micah Parsons from time to time along with strong safety Donovan Wilson and Anthony Brown. Heavy defense power to keep one kid in check. All we should all hope and pray Trevon Diggs is given Brandon Aiyuk duty. No secret that Diggs has been outstanding accumulating interceptions but lacking in terms of giving up total yardage. T-Diggs has been all or nothing in the 2021 season. While the Dallas defense is honed in on stifling Deebo I can see a homerun ball going directly to Brando Aiyuk!

Cedrick Wilson DAL v SF(24th)(FD-$6,000)(DK-$4,400)(Y!-$16)

I can read you like a book! I already know what you’re saying! “C’mon Chris don’t chase the points with Wilson!” Fair enough but we both know the Cowboys are all in this year. Not to sound rude but basically an all-or-nothing type mindset. With San Francisco making the playoffs on the last possible day does that help or hinder them in this game? Either way, I believe the Cowboys flex their full offensive capabilities!

Tyler Boyd CIN v LV(5th)(FD-$6,000)(DK-$5,000)(Y!-$16)

We are more than halfway through the article, and I am getting tired. My eyes are heavy, and my brain hurts from staring at the computer screen for three days. That’s no excuse for mentioning Tyler Boyd here as Vegas sells out to stop Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins. Oh, and in the meanwhile, they will have to account for a healthy Joe Mixon. The Raiders have been stout in their secondary but sometimes it’s as simple as the numbers game.

Chase Claypool PIT @ KC(22nd)(FD-$5,900)(DK-$4,800)(Y!-$17)

I have heard all the folks on social media yapping in excitement about Ben retiring and the possibility of Chase and Diontae getting a younger, stronger, and a more mobile quarterback. I hear you but we are here now! For that fact, the Steelers will let it all hang out. Leaving no stone unturned. Realistically, Ben’s floor for pass attempts should be at 40 total with ease. With that being said six or seven targets for Chase should be a lock!

Mecole Hardman KC v PIT(10th)(FD-$5,700)(DK-$4,100)(Y!-$15)

There is it, or was? Hardman finally topped 100 yards receiving in Week 18 for the first time in the 2021 season. Most professional sports athletes are creatures of habit. Plus, as the NFL playoffs start most teams hang on to what they have done best, as of late! Meaning, the Chiefs have always been a run and gun type team with Mahomes at the helm. With a mixed-and-matched backfield, Kansas City will once again turn to the air in this one.

Van Jefferson Jr. LAR v ARZ(30th)(FD-$5,700)(DK-$4,700)(Y!-$18)

To be clear all Los Angeles Rams pass catchers are in play against the Cardinals. Not all fit the bill, price tag wise, for Bottom of the Barrel. Aside from Cooper Kupp where can we turn? Also, Van’s father, Shawn, is the wide receiver coach for the Arizona Cardinals. The last time they played Van Jr. hit a home run while his father was upset on the sideline. Just a little food for thought.

Zay Jones LV @ CIN(12th)(FD-$5,300)(DK-$4,200)(Y!-$15)

Zay has stepped up recently to become a reliable target for Derek Carr. This game could go either way and I think it’ll boil down to who has the bigger play down the stretch. Carr has not been shy in heaving the ball down the field to Zay Jones.

Jauan Jennings SF @ DAL(18th)(FD-$5,200)(DK-$3,800)(Y!-$12)

Fresh off the best game of his professional career what does JJ have on tap for an encore? In the beginning of the article, I mentioned I mentioned folks not chasing points or discounting those big Week 18 games. What you say fluke I say building block heading into the NFL Playoffs.

Antoine Wesley ARZ @ LAR(18th)(FD-$5,200)(DK-$3,300)(Y!-$10)

Most of, if not all, of Wesley’s production, has come in the absence of DeAndre Hopkins. As D-Hop remains out for this run and gun Wild Card match who knows where the targets and touches come from? Don’t overlook Antoine Wesley in this one!

Quez Watkins PHI @ TB(9th)(FD-$5,100)(DK-$3,900)(Y!-$10)

Quez was busy in Week 18 as he caught five of seven targets for 84 yards and a touchdown. The nice little ending to the season as rookie wideout DeVonta Smith took the second half off. Now with a full complement of offensive players, including Jalen Hurts, Quez Watkins could be the key in this one if the Eagles have any chance of winning in Tampa Bay on Sunday.

Ray-Ray McCloud III PIT @ KC(22nd)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$3,700)(Y!-$10)

Ray-Ray caught 4-of-9 targets for 37 yards as Pittsburgh beat the Raven in overtime to extend their season. McCloud has been glanced over the last few weeks of the season by us DFS players while shocking being a large part of the Steeler’s offensive game plan. Again, some say fluke, while I say DFS blueprint to success for us this Wild Card Weekend!

Bottom of the Barrel Super Wild Card Weekend NFL DFS Breakdown

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Travis Kelce KC v PIT(15th)(FD-$7,500)(DK-$6,700)(Y!-$29)

It’s Travis Kelce time! Any day of the week is Travis Kelce time, right? If you’re the spending up at tight end type you have found your guy!

Just cause it’s the playoffs doesn’t mean we change our entire motto when it comes to tight ends. While I will say. In the playoffs spending up on tight ends becomes more enticing it’s still early enough to dumpster dive! Here’s who I am looking for Super Wild Card Weekend!

Tyler Higbee LAR v ARZ(1st)(FD-$5,900)(DK-$4,100)(Y!-$14)

Truth be told I mentioned Tyler Higbee by name last Sunday morning as a fade. So in an odd way, I am trying to right a wrong after Tyler caught two touchdowns in Week 18. In a few short years, the Cardinals went from being dead last against defending opposing tight ends to be the best at it. Who would’ve thought? I am excited to see what playoff Matthew Stafford looks like! Does it include targeting tight ends?

Hunter Henry NE @ BUF(2nd)(FD-$5,900)(DK-$3,700)(Y!-$13)

The Patriots lost in Week 18 and thus lost out on the AFC East title. It’s not all doom and gloom though as they head to Buffalo Saturday night to right that wrong! Also, HH was the leading receiver with five receptions and 86 yards. Henry, in a way, has been a comfort blanket for rookie quarterback Mac Jones. The Bills are the favorites in this one, at home, so Bill and the Pats will have to get out of their comfort zone.

Zach Ertz ARZ @ LAR(11th)(FD-$5,800)(DK-$4,700)(Y!-$14)

Another tight end is another guy leading his team in receiving yardage. Ertz saw caught 7 passes on ten targets for 84 yards. Since becoming an Arizona Cardinal Zach Ertz has been heavily involved in this offense. Any team with playmaker Kyler Murray at quarterback is a team I want in on!

Pat Freiermuth PIT @ KC(13th)(FD-$5,400)(DK-$4,200)(Y!-$13)

A third tight end and a third guy who led his team in receiving in Week 18! If you’ve watched any Steeler football this season, then you know where Pat is headed long term. In Kansas City, however, Pittsburgh will have to pull out all the stops to have any chance of beating the Chiefs in Arrowhead. One of those tools, Pat Freiermuth, locked, and loaded on Sunday night!

C.J. Uzomah CIN v LV(28th)(FD-$5,200)(DK-$3,200)(Y!-$14)

A simple case of an opposing team mixed with an overabundance of weapons. Meaning, one or two guys will fall through the cracks! As folks are chomping at the bit to roster Chase, Higgins, Mixon, Burrow, and even Boyd guess who gets left out? Yes! C.J. Uzomah! Do not make that mistake! Perfect pricing with a juicy match-up!

Cameron Brate TB v PHI(32nd)(FD-$4,600)(DK-$2,800)(Y!-$13)

The last two or three weeks it’s been about Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers. Who is the rightful MVP candidate? Who is the better all-time quarterback? Don’t let that distract you from the fact Tom Brady will more than likely hang 300+ yards along with several touchdowns passes Sunday against the Eagles. The odds of Cameron Brate receiving one of those scores sits at +340 in most sportsbooks. Take it and add him to your DFS rosters this weekend.

Blake Jarwin DAL v SF(6th)(FD-$4,300)(DK-$2,500)(Y!-$10)

Been a tough road for Jarwin the last year or two. Here’s hoping he can get a little run in this one.

Jack Stoll PHI @ TB(19th)(FD-$4,100)(DK-$2,500)(Y!-$10)

Mentioning Jack Stoll here is only a safeguard in case the Dallas Goedert is unable to play on Sunday. As it stands now Dallas was activated Monday, January 10th, 2022, from the COVID-IR. So, all signs point to him being active. While the Eagle’s depth chart at tight end is slim with Jack Stoll also being activated it’s a two-man show at the position for Philadelphia.

Also, look for updates throughout the week as practice reports continue to update!

That is, it! Did I miss someone?

Any questions or comments?

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