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Bottom of the Barrel Week 1 NFL DFS Breakdown

Bottom of the Barrel Week 7 TE NFL DFS Breakdown

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Bottom of the Barrel Week 1 NFL DFS Breakdown

Bottom of the Barrel Week 1 NFL DFS Breakdown
Chris Robin @DetroitBeastie

How I approach each daily fantasy sports article is different day-to-day. The same thing with my daily fantasy sports entries. Guess I have been in such a good rhythm that I rarely notice my everyday attitudes and approach. As of late, I have been into powerful quotes that I find to be strong and helpful. Corny or not it has certainly been a helpful tool.

CS Lewis was a British writer and theologian and his career in literature is eye-popping, in a good way. Mr. Lewis once said, “Experience is the most brutal of teachers, but you learn, my God, do you learn!” We all digest and interpret words, movies, and actions in a different ways. That’s why I find sharing my thoughts and opinions to be so instrumental in my personal life and my lifestyle. This quote from CS Lewis had my mind going and it put a few things in perspective.

When we look at doctors, nurses, firemen, writers, and even teachers what do you think the common thread is? Aside from saying time spent and education I see experience. Can we all agree a kid starting medical school on day one is drastically different from a resident physician? What is the difference? It’s merely experience. It’s the time spent on your craft. What separates you from the next guy? Should be several factors but the common theme will always be experienced.

So, here we are. My tenth season writing Bottom of the Barrel. What have I learned? Don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy it all and never leave anything unsaid. What is the worst that could happen? Someone calls you a dummy. The best case most blurbs are entertaining, and folks forget they are reading a DFS article. To me, that is the best compliment. Normally goes like this, “Hey Chris I don’t even know what DFS is but I just read Bottom of the Barrel and I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

Bottom of the Barrel Week 1 NFL DFS Breakdown

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The NFL season is upon us friends! Sit back, grab a pen, and piece of paper, and let’s dig in! Bottom of the Barrel week 1 is here!


Patrick Mahomes KC @ ARZ(13th)(FD-$8,700)(DK-$7,700)(Y!-$37)

As we look ahead to the quarterback position you will notice a few off-the-wall and outlandish QB’s in Bottom of the Barrel. Well, I never really count the exact number of players per position. We just follow the value and matchups here at B&B! With it being Week 1, anything goes!

Trey Lance SF @ CHI(27th)(FD-$7,500)(DK-$6,000)(Y!-$25)

Well, this is what you’ve been waiting for, right? The 49ers have given Trey the keys to the castle. After all the tough talk on social media and endless insufferable fights, it is time.

Derek Carr LV @ LAC(21st)(FD-$7,400)(DK-$5,900)(Y!-$27)

Derek Carr has been a great professional quarterback. He posted career-high marks in pass attempts, completions, and yards last season, finishing top five in all three categories. Yet still no top-10 finish at the position! Carr has also been primarily left alone, not ignored but just in this weird purgatory. No one has ever been excited to draft him or spend time on a Carr DFS segment. Now, with Davante Adams in the mix, Derek needs to be on your radar.

Kirk Cousins MIN vs. GB(12th)(FD-$7,300)(DK-$6,100)(Y!-$27)

Speaking of insufferable social media fights, Mr. Kirk Cousins. Look, no ill will between Kirk and I. That would make me a bad daily fantasy sportswriter seeing how Kirk Cousins has Justin Jefferson at his disposal to pair with an awesome running back in Dalvin Cook. Looking at the Team Rise or Fall Study Hub Kirk’s numbers look juicy! Also, with the Minnesota head coaching change, I think we see a more aggressive offense. This means Kirk will throw more! More specifically, I think we see Kirk attempt 35+ passes in Week one. Specifically, 22-23 completions for 260 yards and several touchdown passes.

Matt Ryan IND @ HOU(23rd)(FD-$6,900)(DK-$5,500)(Y!-$26)

After one season of Carson Wentz, the Colts said, “thanks but no thanks!” Every single little piece of camp news I could find is how much the Colts love Matt Ryan! He has been sharp, and crisp, and has become this team’s leader. Two things that stand out here. One, Jonathan Taylor. Two, the upcoming breakout of Michael Pittman Jr. In addition, the idea of Nyheim Hines helping as a pass-catching back and the clear chemistry with rookie Alec Pierce, make Matt Ryan an interesting option not only this week but, most weeks! I have Ryan around 22 completions for 245yds and a pair of touchdowns.

Jared Goff DET vs. PHI(24th)(FD-$6,800)(DK-$5,400)(Y!-$24)

Do not be a homer. Do not be a homer. Do not be a homer. Week 1 Bottom of the Barrel and I am already feeling like Bart Simpson writing on the chalkboard. At this exact moment, Goff and the Lions are set up for a successful week 1. The Eagle’s defense is stingy against opposing wide receivers(5th). While all other offensive positions can be taken advantage of! Against quarterbacks(24th), running back(24th), and tight ends(32nd). What this should tell us is how Goff can be check down Charlie on Sunday and boost our DFS entries. I have Goff around 35 passing attempts and connecting on 22-23 of them for 250 yards.

Jameis Winston NO @ ATL(29th)(FD-$6,600)(DK-$5,300)(Y!-$25)

I tend to be more hush-hush and private on social media when it comes to my personal life. When it comes to my daily fantasy life, I let it all hang out. I can already tell you that we can expect Winston in this article a whole bunch this 2022-23 season. How can he not be? If there was a DFS-type encyclopedia or dictionary I would push for his photo to be listed right under DFS QB. Drew Brees is out with Jarvis Landry, Chris Olave, and a healthy Michael Thomas back in how we cannot love him! The ultimate boom or bust option on a week-to-week basis! I have Jameis around 19-20 completions for about 235 yards. Lest we forget about Alvin Kamara! Oh boy!

Joe Flacco NYJ vs. BAL(28th)(FD-$6,200)(DK-$4,800)(Y!-$20)

A play in Week 1 such as Joe Flacco is the reason why Bottom of the Barrel exists! Everyone on Earth knows the Jets starting quarterback is Zach Wilson. However, Zach hurt his knee a few weeks back. Tore his meniscus if I’m not mistaken. When we look at week 1 the Jets have a few options. First one, why put your franchise QB in a tough spot against a stout Ravens DST? The NFL season is a long arduous season. Two, Flacco is a Super Bowl-winning QB and a seasoned veteran. Let him handle this one and give your young QB that extra time to get right. Preferably, a GPP dart, I have Flacco around 210 passing yards and maybe a Michael Carter check down to the house.

Desmond Ridder ATL vs. NO(14th)(FD-$6,100)(DK-$4,200)(Y!-$20)

“You’re not going to use rookie quarterback Desmond Ridder this week for DFS purposes, right?” Well, I am glad you asked me that! Truth be told, I am! Yes, in a select few entries I am going to plug and play Ridder. Marcus Mariota, for now, is the Falcons starting QB, but Atlanta doesn’t have much going on, to begin with. I think it premature to think the switch would happen in week 1 or at halftime in week 1 but I do still believe Ridder will see the field Sunday at home. Maybe a red zone look or two? You know how on Mondays we look back at all the winning lineups of others and even the Milly Maker and we say, “Who had the stones to use Ridder in that spot?” We do. We have all the stones!


Jonathan Taylor IND @ HOU(30th)(FD-$10,200)(Dk-$9,100)(Y!-$40)

Won’t waste your time here. JT is a stud. Keep it moving. The Texan’s run defense is in for one heck of an afternoon. They better pack a lunch!

Bottom of the Barrel has always been about those low-cost and low-owned players. As you scroll through the top end of these running backs you will notice several are more expensive than normal. Just speaks volumes about the state of the position. However, in my B&B notes, I could not stop writing players down. After I was done the amount of RBs mentioned seemed ridiculous. Be on the lookout for my Week 1 B&B notes. A lot of cutting room floor-type stuff.

Breece Hall NYJ vs. BAL(7th)(FD-$6,400)(DK-$5,500)(Y!-$17)

As you continue scrolling through this article the term, “Well, this is what we’ve been waiting for!” I will keep a running tally of that expression. When we look at Breece Hall the wait is over! After all the NFL Draft stuff, hot take articles, comparisons, and arguments on what Hall will or won’t be this is your time! Let’s say, for argument’s sake, Joe Flacco is the starter in Week 1. I think that changes nothing about Hall’s Week 1 workload. Oddly, Hall, and Carter both get a bump! Might be a slow start but I have Breece at 12-13 carries for about 57 yards so we’re looking at 4.4 yards a pop.

Travis Etienne Jr. JAX @ WSH(13th)(FD-$6,200)(DK-$5,600)(Y!-$16)

I had completely forgotten that Travis and Trevor were teammates in college at Clemson! Expect a slow and steady dose of Etienne in Week 1. We all know how badly the Jags want Etienne to be a thing. We all do! The only issue, albeit tiny, is the availably of James Robinson. Which, thank you for your service, J-Rob you’ve been a pleasure the last two seasons! When it comes to Travis, I am thinking around 12-13 carries in addition to 3 or 4 receptions for a total of 75-80 yards.

AJ Dillon GB @ MIN(22nd)(FD-$6,100)(DK-$5,300)(Y!-$18)

In my opinion, it would benefit the Green Bay Packers to use AJ Dillon more this season. I also think the Packers know this. In turn, expect more usage of AJ Dillon this season. More importantly, this week! According to Green Bay head coach, Matt LaFleur, Jones and Dillon is “1A” to Aaron Jones’ “1A.” Aaron Jones has been a stone-cold stud and touchdown monger the last few years while Dillion has been the definition of efficiency. Their powers combined could have massive DFS implications in 2022. As far as Week 1 is concerned I am expecting AJ to see double-digit carries, 10 or 11, and a few targets. Long gone are the days of AJ Dillion being called, “an elite insurance stash.”

Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC @ ARZ(11th)(FD-$5,800)(DK-$5,400)(Y!-$14)

Just say it. Seriously, go ahead and say it out loud. My Bottom of the Barrel is a safe space, and it is yours too! The running back position in the Kansas City Chiefs offense isn’t of the utmost importance. Well, it hasn’t been. How will KC look now without Tyreek Hill? In camp, we have seen the Chiefs use rookie RB Isiah Pacheco in a similar Ty Hill-type role. Same with rookie WR Skyy Moore. They also added JuJu Smith-Schuster in FA to their WR room. Everything I just said would make it seem as though CEH will be a non-factor this week. Easy, now let’s slow down and be realistic. Clyde should still get 10+ carries and catch a few passes. My entire statement above is why I love CEH in week 1! Hoping most DFS folks forget about him. Check back later in the week for the updated Rise or Fall Study Hub ownership projections!

Kenneth Gainwell PHI @ DET(28th)(FD-$5,300)(DK-$4,600)(Y!-$15)

Is Kenny Gainwells weekly value tied to Miles Sanders more than Jalen Hurts? I think Kenny has a shot at the stand-alone value this year! It all starts in week 1 too. The best case, no offense to Miles, is if Sanders is inactive Sunday. That is as clear as it gets. Right now, I have Kenny around 6-7 carries and 2-3 receptions. If Sanders is out we can pump those numbers a tad.

Michael Carter NYJ vs. BAL(7th)(FD-$5,200)(DK-$5,100)(Y!-$12)

Wild how fast the world spins and time change everything. This time last year Michael Carter was all the rage! Already anointed a bonified stud! Maybe that’s a little overdramatic but you get the idea. Then, out of nowhere, the Jets draft Breece Hall seemingly relegating Carter to a bench/backup roll. Then, franchise QB Zach Wilson hurts his knee. Then, the Jets may have to start Joe Flacco in Week 1 and no and then. Jokes aside if Flacco is the starter in week one I love Carter DFS prospects even more as a dump-off/check-off machine! Ten carries aren’t out of the realm of possibilities along with a few receptions. Heck, if Flacco is the QB fade the Jets WRs and stack both RBs!

Zamir White LV @ LAC(27th)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$4,700)(Y!-$10)

No more than a wait-and-see type thing. Although, I’d prefer to wait and see with him on at least one of my DFS entries. For some odd reason, it feels as if the Raiders hate Josh Jacobs and it’s trickled down to those of us who follow football. Yet, JJ is one heck of a running back! Also, a goal-line monster! Now Josh McDaniel is in charge, and he is the master of juggling running backs. So, expect to see Zamir on the field more than you think. I’m going to say 6-7 carries for around 20 yards.

Tyrion Davis-Price SF @ CHI(15th)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$5,000)(Y!-$10)

If we rewind to Week 1 last year the 49ers opened the season in Detroit and a rookie running back named Elijah Mitchell had a coming-out party! Eli had 19 carries for 104 yards and a touchdown. Back to Week 1, this year, Eli has been nursing a hamstring issue but has been back at practice. Using TDP is no more than a fun superstitious idea!

Boston Scott PHI @ DET(28th)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$4,500)(Y!-$14)

If, and when, God forbid Miles Sanders is not active in Week 1 against the Lions some decent work could trickle down Scott’s way! Would it be a 50/50 Scott/Gainwell split? Highly unlikely but we can mitigate that risk by stacking up BOTH Scott and Kenny!

Bottom of the Barrel Week 1 NFL DFS Breakdown

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Davante Adams LV @ LAC(4th)(FD-$8,500)(DK-$8,100)(Y!-$28)

I know what you’re thinking, Cooper Kupp LAR vs. BUF(1st)(FD-$9,500)(DK-$8,500)(Y!-$34) is the most expensive wide-out for Week 1. Correct, but the Rams play on Thursday thus, null and void for Bottom of the Barrel given it’s a main slate type article!

Much like the running backs mentioned here in Bottom of the Barrel Week 1, I would like to focus on the cheapest of plays. Several receivers to love in the 6,000-dollar range. However, this early in the season there are some absolute gems to be plucked from the $5,000 range! Let’s dig in, shall we?

Darnell Mooney CHI vs. SF(25th)(FD-$6,200)(DK-$5,700)(Y!-$19)

Mooney can ball. So can his second-year QB Justin Fields. However, how many offensive line breakdowns will occur against a 3rd ranked studly 49ers defensive line? Everything I have seen in camp, from the Bears, this connection is strong but can Fields scramble, extend plays, and find Mooney? I am an eternal optimist and it’s Week 1 so I’m going to say yes and roster this young combination!

Rashod Bateman BAL @ NYJ(16th)(FD-$6,100)(DK-$5,300)(Y!-$16)

After all this time of the ups and downs and fighting about Lamar being elite, JK a stud, and can Bateman be a true WR1 you’re going to pass by Rashod week 1 in a DFS format? Shame on you.

Elijah Moore NYJ vs. BAL(31st)(FD-$6,000)(DK-$5,100)(Y!-$19)

Correct me if I am wrong but there is still this mystique surrounding Elijah Moore. I have seen many threads and discussions over the summer regarding Moore being nothing but a WR3, if lucky, or a full-time bench guy in seasonal formats. You are all entitled to your opinion but to me, Elijah is on the rise as a 22-year-old second-year kid in an optimistic offense.

Chase Claypool PIT @ CIN(21st)(FD-$5,800)(DK-$5,000)(Y!-$15)

Speaking of rising mystique, we have Chase Claypool. Another big, bodied kid, 6-foot-4, 238 pounds. Juju splits, Diontae stays, and the Steelers draft Kenny Pickett and George Pickens to compliment the offense. Any way you slice it Claypool is due for some positive TD regression. He had 12 red-zone targets last season and only one was caught for a touchdown. This offense has a lot of moving parts but there is a spot for Chase to be an absolute DFS star. Let’s start that off now, in week 1!

Christian Kirk JAX @ WSH(26th)(FD-$5,800)(DK-$5,100)(Y!-$16)

Kirk this kirk that. One clear thing, Kirk got paid! Kirk established career highs across the board in targets (112), receptions (83), and receiving yards (1,035). What was the catch, no pun intended? The Cardinals finally used him from the slot position. Might seem meaningless to you but to Kirk and us DFS players, it was huge! Take out all the Xs and O’s and when you break it down to its simplest form Kirk is going to see a ton of work just based on the contract alone. The Washington Commanders rank 26th against opposing WR and Christian should see, at minimum, ten targets. That and his price tag make for a match made in B&B heaven!

Jarvis Landry NO @ ATL(27th)(FD-$5,700)(DK-$5,000)(Y!-$17)

Come to find out Landry looks to be a favorite target of Saints QB Jameis Winston. Long gone are the days of Jarvis being this WR1 stud set it and forget it. It is best to use him on a week-to-week basis and we’d be wise to use him in week one against the lowly Falcons. I have Jarvis around 3-4 receptions for about 40 yards. His price tag on Fanduel is a little high but if this connection is as strong as the local beat guys are saying then let’s explore it!

Robert Woods TEN @ NYG(14th)(FD-$5,600)(DK-$5,600)(Y!-$18)

We have our first identical price tag player of the season, Robert Woods! I am aware this offense runs through King Henry, rightfully so, but AJ Brown is now an Eagle and Woods still commands attention and targets. I have Bobby Trees around 5 receptions for 60 yards.

Rondale Moore ARZ vs. KC(28th)(FD-$5,500)(DK-$4,000)(Y!-$13)

I had a friend send me a text message asking if AJ Green was in the article this week. So, I sent him my list. The first question is, “isn’t Rondale Moore hurt?” Glad you asked and I am happy to report that Rondale returned to practice on Monday, September the 6th! All that aside there was a little turnover at the WR position for Arizona this offseason. Kirk leaves but Hollywood Brown joins the fray. Should be a fun competition between Moore and Brown. Regardless, if a full go this Sunday at home, Rondale should be on your radar. Kansas City is a good team, but their defense is very leaky. At his price tag on DK, all it takes is one bomb to hit value.

Drake London ATL vs. NO(20th)(FD-$5,500)(DK-$5,000)(Y!-$15)

Not much is going on in Atlanta. Well, at least their football team. Right off the bat, Drake is walking into a beautiful situation from a DFS point of view. A massive target share will be readily available since Calvin Ridley is suspended. One thing that bugs me has been his health in camp. London did return to practice on Monday, September 6th. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he is active on Sunday. On a personal note draft night day 1 after I split and went to a nice steakhouse to rest, relax, and process what happened Drake London walked in with his family and sat a table over from me and Kelly in Phoenix. The joy on his face and on his family’s faces was just the end to a perfect night. Go get ’em, kid!

Kadarius Toney NYG @ TEN(29th)(FD-$5,300)(DK-$4,100)(Y!-$16)

Another electric on-field talent. That is the rub, on the field. Toney showed flashes last year and boy oh boy were they beautiful! This New Giants coaching staff has completely wiped out and built from scratch. How will they utilize Toney? Ah yes, I agree! Exactly like Deebo Samuel. If done right, this time in week 4 or 5 I may be advocating to stack up Toney/Wan’dale Robinson! Sometimes I get ahead of myself, but Toney could be the week 1 match-up winner.

Garrett Wilson NYJ vs. BAL(31st)(FD-$5,300)(DK-$4,700)(Y!-$16)

Remember during a summer press conference when Garrett Wilson told everyone, “Joe Flacco delivers a receiver-friendly ball.” Yeah, that was pretty cool!

George Pickens PIT @ CIN(21st)(FD-$5,200)(DK-$4,100)(Y!-$13)

How high do you think Picken’s ownership percentage will be in Week 1? Snoop Dogg high or Seth Rogan high?

K.J. Osborn MIN vs. GB(15th)(FD-$5,200)(DK-$4,900)(Y!-$12)

Do you think K.J. has ever sat alone and said, “Justin, Justin, Justin, that’s all everybody ever talks about!”? I do but KJ has a chance to step up and grab a big hunk of this offense. The pecking order in Minnesota is still clear as it reads, Cook, Jefferson, Thielen, and then it gets muddy with Irv Smith Jr. and Jalen Reagor. Regardless, most weeks will be the Cook/Jefferson show but at cost, Osborn could be that salary relief boom we need.

Zay Jones JAX @ WSH(26th)(FD-$5,100)(DK-$4,100)(Y!-$12)

Zay Jones was an acceptable piece of my DFS puzzle last year. Now, I’d believe his main job in Duval would be to stretch the field out making room for the likes of Kirk and Travis. Humor me here, let’s say the Jaguar’s offense is good and they get humming along. Would you pay more attention to Mr. Jones then? Take that say attitude and use it for week 1. I rarely leave anything unsaid in this article so here it is. T-Law to Zay Jones first drive of the game, TOUCHDOWN!

Curtis Samuel WSH vs. JAX(24th)(FD-$5,100)(DK-$4,200)(Y!-$10)

I hate that coulda, shoulda, woulda type players. They are tough to rank and tough to compare. Curtis l was awesome in his final year in Carolina as a slot receiver posting a career-high 851 receiving yards. Yet, last year in Washington any progress he had made we derailed by injury after injury. In seasonal formats he is free and in DFS circles he is a GPP dart. The over/under for WSH vs. JAX sits at 44 points and I think they blow past that number. Meaning, stack up some cheap options from this one, including Curtis.

Chris Olave NO @ ATL(27th)(FD-$5,000)(DK-$4,500)(Y!-$15)

My week 1 DFS articles have always included a ton of rookie wide-outs. Why? Cause the talent is there, targets are there, and these DFS sites can’t get the player pricing right. So, by all means, let’s mix and match these kids. Olave, Wilson, and London are considered upper echelon WR talents so week 1 should be the cheapest they are this season. Olave has been praised for his route-running ability and speed. His projected target share is what we should be after this week in what should also be a high-octane type offense.

Alec Pierce IND @ HOU(22nd)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$3,900)(Y!-$10)

If you’ve watched five minutes of any NFL camp videos, then you are aware of what Matt Ryan and rookie wide-out Alec Piece have been up to. Again, just some harmless B reel stuff but let’s roster this kid, in Houston, and see how for real the connection is.

Jahan Dotson WSH vs. JAX(24th)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$3,400)(Y!-$12)

Dotson has a great route tree and fantastic hands. Enough said, right? Terry is the undisputed WR1 on this Commanders team which is a very good thing for an undersized kid like Dotson. I believe that Jahan hits the ground running week against the Jags. He had an absurd target share at Penn ST. and he’s no stranger to hard work. Look for this kid to set up camp early and often in the middle of the field. All those undercut routes and quick slants is what will make him a Bottom of Barrel superstar in 2022!

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Travis Kelce KC vs. ARZ(1st)(FD-$8,000)(DK-$6,600)(Y!-$28)

Do you remember the time when Arizona was the absolute worst at defending tight ends? Now, in Week 1, they are the best at it! What a turnaround. Regardless, it’s Travis.

Guess what? It is still cool to punt the tight end position! With the 2022 regular season kicking off there are some outstanding plays to be had with the tight end spot. Let me do the work and comb through depth charts for you. Here are my cheaper options at the tight-end spot in Week 1.

Hunter Henry NE @ MIA(21st)(FD-$5,400)(DK-$3,800)(Y!-$13)

The more things change the more they stay the same! New England hosted the Dolphins last season Week 1. Now the Dolphins will return the favor and host the Patriots. Speaking of staying the same, Hunter Henry’s usage in the red zone will never change! The Pats love their two tight end sets tight and close to the endzone. Might seem meaningless to you but the retirement of pass-catching specialist James White opens a few more chances for a guy like Hunter!

Pat Freiermuth PIT @ CIN(30th)(FD-$5,300)(DK-$4,200)(Y!-$15)

Pat is, without a doubt, the unquestioned TE1 of the Steelers. That loser bum Eric Ebron is gone. Big Ben retired and the Steelers added a few franchise-altering kids in the draft. Ho-hum type thing for Pat. I almost made it through the entire article without using the term, “too many mouths to feed” but here we are. Regardless of Pittsburgh’s talent on offense, I think Pat’s red zone targets are safe. Call me crazy but most weeks his box score will read 4 receptions 45 yards and a touchdown. Fine by me!

Gerald Everett LAC vs. LV(29th)(FD-$5,200)(DK-$3,800)(Y!-$15)

This time last year the blurb would’ve been Donald Parham Jr. It’s only week 1 so I’d look for Don to mention a time or two. As now it stands Gerald Everett should be a popular play in DFS formats just based on the Charger’s offense including stud QB Justin Herbert. Realistically, this blurb could have read, “I want all pieces of this Chargers offense.” And it would’ve been complete. It’s week 1 B&B let me be wordy and long-winded.

Robert Tonyan GB @ MIN(10th)(FD-$5,100)(DK-$3,900)(Y!-$15)

Of all the players in this article, I am most excited about Robert Tonyan. He has a monster 2020 season then tore up his knee. Now, Rob Ton is back bay! Truth be told I just may leave a B&B template for Tonyan in every single article I write this year. If you watch the Packers play it is like poetry in motion. Rodgers is a general on the gridiron and the Pack finds themselves in the RedZone, A LOT, meaning two tight ends set in an I formation with Jones and Dillon. Hut, hut, and hike BOOM Tonyan all alone in the back of the endzone for a touchdown. Does he have 10+ touchdown receptions this year? Better bet your ass he does!

Tyler Conklin NYJ vs. BAL(26th)(FD-$5,000)(DK-$3,500)(Y!-$11)

Conklin was a favorite play of mine last year but that was Minnesota Viking Tyler Conklin. Now it’s New York Jets Tyler Conklin. If you’re a tight-end punter like me get used to reading about and rostering Ty Guy this season. Who wants to bet he catches one pass on Sunday, but it’ll be a touchdown? Any takers?

Evan Engram JAX @ WSH(22nd)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$3,900)(Y!-$11)

Well, kid, was it the Giants, or was it you? Will some of you be singing his praises, apologizing, or lapping over his fall from grace? I am excited to find out either way!

Mo Alie-Cox IND @ HOU(22nd)(FD-$4,800)(DK-$3,400)(Y!-$12)

Another punt-able tight end who, in most cases, provides some cool benefits! Mo was on the field with the starters for the first three drives of Indy’s last preseason game. No more Jack Doyle and we are rolling! I have Mo Alie around 40 total receptions this season and a good shot to get to 5 or 6 touchdown receptions. He is large, athletic, and just finds space in the red zone. Sign me up for week one against the Texans. Jon Taylor is going to wear down Houston to a numb letting Mo Alie grab a late-game garbage-time touchdown! Book it! Seriously, I’m not kidding! I will send you the $5 to put in an anytime TD bet for Mo Alie-Cox. Shoot me a DM!

Bottom of the Barrel Week 1 NFL DFS Breakdown

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That it is! Bottom of the Barrel for Week 1 of the NFL season!

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