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Bottom of the Barrel Week 12 Wide Receivers NFL DFS Breakdown

Bottom of the Barrel Week 12 Tight End NFL DFS Breakdown

Bottom of the Barrel Week 12 Wide Receivers NFL DFS Breakdown

November 25, 2022

Dealing with people, places, and personalities can be an issue. The longer we are around the more difficult it becomes. I can only speak from my own perspective, but I have become a guy who avoids public discussions. Sure, if you want to chat about football or sports betting, it’s not a big deal. I am speaking from an exhausting type of scenario where no one is right or wrong. It’s just this ugly open-ended forum where the only move is to either one up or burn the next person. One big waste of time!

If strangers do not react how, you want them to it can be dangerous. If strangers do not say what you expect them to say it can be dangerous. The idea of these specific expectations from strangers overall sets us up for failure. Expectations lead to resentments. Resentments lead to bad behavior and before we know it, we are one big ball of misery.

All the seriousness stuff aside, the week ahead should be one of thankfulness and kindness. Let’s look at some Week 12 Bottom of the Barrel plays!

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Wide Receivers

Tyreek Hill MIA vs. HOU(4th)(FD-$9,200)(DK-$8,800)(Y!-$33)

On paper the match-up looks grim. Yet, who are we kidding? The Tua lead Miami Dolphins have become a buzzsaw to opposing teams while Tyreek has run rampant on opposing defenses all year. Double digit targets, over 100 yards, and a touchdown have become the new normal for Hill and I do not expect that to change anytime soon. Especially against a Texans team hemorrhaging yardage and points to opposing teams.

Before we dig into the rest of my favorite WRs this week something happened to me on Thursday. My notes for the week are always done early. Sometimes early on Sunday night and fine tuned on Mondays. When I sat down to pick out wide receivers, I thought I had it all down. Looking at the players I selected were slam dunks! Beautiful talent in good spots. Then I realized their price tags were all too high. The Likes Tyler Boyd, Brandon Aiyuk, and even Josh Palmers. Fantastic plays but I had lost the idea in Bottom of the Barrel. The cheapest of plays to help our lines pop. I had picked a bunch of players in the low 7s and high 6,000 range. That isn’t what B&B is about. So, I tossed my notes and started from scratch again. Getting back to the true idea behind B&B! Here is what I have come up with!

Donovan Peoples-Jones CLE vs. TB(15th)(FD-$6,300)(DK-$4,800)(Y!-$15)

It is very nice to see the Browns using DPJ as we all expected them to. The results have started to come, and I see no reason why he can’t catch fire in this one as Cleveland will need to keep pace with Tampa Bay. I am counting on 6-7 targets, 4-5 receptions, 60 yards, and even a touchdown here for Jones. The Bucs will be relentless in this one, but the Browns and Jacoby will not go quietly. In a recent locker room interview Brissett was asked about the return of Watson and he handled it with class and simply said, “I have proven to be a solid starting QB in the NFL.” Look for him to go above and beyond Sunday to shove it all in the faces of the Browns front office.

Demarcus Robinson BAL @ JAX(25th)(FD-$6,200)(DK-$4,300)(Y!-$16)

Demarcus led all Ravens receivers in Week 11 with nine catches for 128 yards. If you look around most seasonal fantasy sites will tell you it was an anomaly or just a freak thing. Do not count on Robinson heading into Week 12. Once again, I say screw that. The Jags may not have a strong record, but they can give opposing teams fits. Jacksonville will not lay down and die meaning the Ravens will have to press the issue. Do I expect D-Rob to receive 100+ yards again in this one? No, but anything is possible. Monday headlines could read, “Raven WR goes over 100 yards receiving for the first time in his career!”

Drake London ATL @ WSH(23rd)(FD-$6,100)(DK-$4,900)(Y!-$15)

Rookie Drake London found the end zone last week for the second straight game! Let’s make it three straight games, shall we? I am tired of hearing about the lack of target volume for this kid. London is, without doubt, a play maker. The Falcons are neck and neck with Tampa Bay for the lead in the NFC South, so I’d imagine they turn it up! How can they turn it up? Feed their first-round play making rookie WR!

Treylon Burks TEN vs. CIN(9th)(FD-$5,900)(DK-$4,200)(Y!-$14)

It’s funny how after one good game all the fantasy football analysts come out of the woodwork to decree, Treylon Burks breakout is here! Thankfully, I am just a DFS guy! I am here to double down on last week’s beautiful game against the Pack! However, the Titans are in a tough spot with a scrappy Bengals team! Some may take this the wrong way but with Ja’Marr Chase making his comeback it only fuels my love for Burks this week! The Titans have been sneaky good, but the word is out as Tennessee is literally running away with the AFC South. Let’s expect a battle here between these two teams! King Henry will get his but with every pass and point the Bengals score count on Tanny and the Titans do the same!

Nico Collins HOU @ MIA(18th)(FD-$6,000)(DK-$4,100)(Y!-$15)

Collins caught five of seven targets in Week 11 for 48 yards. Not the yardage total we like to see but it does paint a little picture! The second wide-out has shown some major growth and now looks to be a valued piece of this Texans offense. The Houston brass also came out to say that Davis Mills will not be the starting QB on Sunday, Kyle Allen will. I look at this switch along the same lines as what the Washington Commanders have done in recent years. Granted this season they had no choice but to give the ball to Heinicke as Wentz was hurt. Late last season they made the same switch if I am not mistaken, and we saw Taylor let it all hang out. I am expecting Kyle Allen to play along the same lines. No harm, no fear, and playing like his life depends on it. Meaning, let’s look for Nico to see more action in this one as the Dolphins force Houston into throwing, throwing, and more throwing!

Garrett Wilson NYJ vs. CHI(8th)(FD-$6,000)(DK-$4,300)(Y!-$14)

Elijah Moore NYJ vs. CHI(8th)(FD-$5,300)(DK-$3,500)(Y!-$10)

Same rules apply to Wilson as they do with Nico up above. The Jets have seemingly pulled the plug on Zach Wilson and given the keys to Mr. Mike White! You’re probably thinking that I am out of my mind. You are hitching your cash and figurative wagon to Kyle Allen and Mike White? You would be right! This is Week 12 of the NFL season my friends there are no more rules when it comes to DFS. Wilson has already been a target hog then Zach just killed his value and potential. We have seen Mike White in spots before. Guy has nothing to lose on Sunday! Air it out my man! Dare we run with the trio of the New York Jets on Sunday? Absolutely!

Mack Hollins LV @ SEA(7th)(FD-$5,600)(DK-$4,000)(Y!-$11)

I am in love with this game from start to finish. The over/under along with several player point totals including Mack! It can be tough sledding with Vegas as lean so heavily on Adams and Jacobs, but Mack did see nine targets last week! On the flip side opposing teams know they must at least try to contain Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs and yet still have trouble! Mack Hollins will never be a household name, but he can live large in your home as we plug him in our entries this week and watch as hits 3 or 4 times the value!

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