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Bottom of the Barrel Week 14 Running Backs NFL DFS Breakdown

Bottom of the Barrel Week 18 Wide Receivers NFL DFS Breakdown

Bottom of the Barrel Week 14 Running Backs NFL DFS Breakdown

December 7, 2022

There are always a few odd things we hear happen once the NFL season starts its last quarter. One, good teams with large point spreads become layups. Two, bad teams often lay down and die. Third, the seasonal fantasy football players flock back to daily fantasy sports. What does all this mean?

What we thought were sure things turned into astronomically complex puzzles. The Cowboys giving 17 points to the Houston Texans on Sunday is not a slam dunk. The Steelers laying down to die against the Ravens will never happen, ever. We are in for one heck of a finish this season!

The only thing we can count on is the seasonal fantasy football folks making their way back to DFS formats. If that is you then, hello! Welcome back! Let’s dig into Week 14 of the NFL season!

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Running Backs

Derrick Henry TEN vs. JAX(21st)(FD-$9,000)(DK-$7,900)(Y!-$38)

Last week the Titans found themselves playing from behind which unfortunately hurt Henry. Derrick had a season-low 11 carries for just 30 yards. This week we should see a completely different story! Tennessee is the 3.5 favorite at home and without doubt, Henry will carry the ball early and often. Over the last eleven games against the Jaguars Derrick is averaging 19.3 attempts, 103.9 yards, and 1.3 touchdowns. These averages date back all the way into 2016. So, is it safe to assume Henry is looking at 22 carries, 100 yards, and a touchdown this week? Those are just floor numbers based on some simple math and averages! Do not be shocked if we see a multi-touchdown performance for Henry this week!

D’Onta Foreman CAR @ SEA(31st)(FD-$6,900)(DK-$5,400)(Y!-$23)

Carolina although 4-8 still seem to have a good game plan! Meaning, focusing on the run more thus eliminating mistakes made by the quarterback. In a perfect world Foreman would carry the ball 20, or more, times this week against the Seahawks. Everything is set up for D’Onta to have a big afternoon! The Seahawks have allowed around 4.63 yards a carry to opposing RBs! Let’s expect 16-17 carries, 80 yards, and a touchdown! This one seems too good to be true, but it is Week 14, and our options are limited!

Najee Harris PIT vs. BAL(7th)(FD-$6,700)(DK-$5,800)(Y!-$19)

I am aware folks are down on Najee. I am aware Najee hasn’t been as effective as last season. Yet, I have a feeling this game is going to be strange. Two AFC North rivals who absolutely hate each other. We should be able to throw out all commonsense rationale. Plus, it is looking more and more like Ravens star QB Lamar Jackson will be out. As silly as that sounds it flips this game on its head! Of all the possible outcomes in this one I am willing to bet we see a dreadfully slow-paced game that winds up under the game total. Not all is lost with a guy like Najee Harris! He has scored a touchdown in three straight games! I also believe the volume will be there! I am counting on 15-16 carries, 50 yards, 1-2 receptions, 20 yards, and a touchdown. I am using Harris in DFS formats on Sunday against the advice of others. If you’re in, then let’s get after it!

Dameon Pierce HOU @ DAL(6th)(FD-$6,500)(DK-$6,000)(Y!-$16)

Let us face facts here. The Dallas Cowboys should, in fact, hammer on the Texans in Arlington on Sunday. So right off the bat one could argue Pierce won’t be part of the plan. I disagree and let me tell you why! True, Weeks 11 and 12 were duds. Yet, last week against the Browns Dameon bounced back! Regardless of how well the Cowboys are playing the Texans now understand the importance of getting their rookie RB involved. Game script, in my eyes, should be beautiful! If the Cowboys start strong and go ahead 21-0 that will only open the Houston offense. If this game gets out of hand early what are the chances the Cowboys will sit back and just play a prevent type defense in the second half? I have this bold idea that even in blowout Pierce should be able to just rack up yardage on chunk plays. Nothing is set in stone, and this is professional football, but the volume with Dameon will be there. Around 14-15 carries, 65 yards, 3-4 receptions, and another 20 yards. Again, this could all go up in smoke after the 1st quarter, but we do take risks, sometimes big, when entering our DFS lines.

Latavius Murray DEN vs. KC(20th)(FD-$6,200)(DK-$5,200)(Y!-$15)

Speaking of blowouts and beatdowns, the Chiefs should absolutely embarrass the Broncos in Arrowhead on Sunday. Not a profound statement but we could see another chuck yardage type game script from Murray. The Broncos aren’t exactly lighting up the scoreboard but the expected work from Latavius Sunday is awesome! I am going to project 14-15 carries, 60 yards, 2-3 receptions, and 20 yards. On a lighter note, the Chiefs, are allowing 4.5 yards a carry to opposing RBs! Murray is currently averaging 4.2 yards per carry, so this lines up very well!

James Cook BUF vs. NYJ(12th)(FD-$6,100)(DK-$4,600)(Y!-$14)

No offense to Devin Singletary but the bump in usage for Cook has been a pleasant surprise! If this becomes a regular thing, then these last few games of the regular season will be fun! However, with the oddity that is professional football, James Cook could turn back into a pumpkin. In my opinion I think this holds firm! In my heart of hearts, I want this to happen for us! Looks as if James wants this to happen! He ran tough and hard against the Patriots last week and I am expecting the same against the Jets! Let’s say 9-10 carries, 40 yards, 2-3 receptions, and another 20 yards. Truth be told these projections could be a starting point for Cook based on how this game unfolds.

Jerick McKinnon KC @ DEN(9th)(FD-$5,400)(DK-$4,600)(Y!-$14)

McKinnon has become a trusted and highly used redzone asset for the Chiefs. In my book that is as good as it gets! An RB trusted with high upside targets on one of, if not, the best offenses in football. Shut and close kind of case here. One thing I will say about Jet is to temper our expectations! Which I don’t see being an issue given the way he’s been utilized so far this year. Is it safe to assume 4-5 carries, 20 yards, 3-4 receptions, and another 25 yards? Those numbers mixed with his price tag across all formats could make Jerick a valuable piece of the DFS puzzle in Week 14!

Kenny Gainwell PHI @ NYG(19th)(FD-$5,300)(DK-$5,000)(Y!-$14)

Look, I did my very best to let you know this week was horrendous at the running back position in DFS formats. A lot of grasping at straws mixed with some semi-educated guesses. The Eagles are rolling while the Giants have literally hit a wall. Last week the Giants tied with the Commanders moving them to 1-3-1 in their last five games. The Eagles have taken a completely different path going 4-1 in their last five games. Not going out a limb here but I am expecting Philadelphia to score around 28 points. Making every offensive weapon for the Eagles worth a look. Kenny has been splitting reps with Boston Scott, but I find Gainwell to be more appealing in the passing game. Looking at 3-4 carries, 20 yards, 2-3 receptions, and 15 yards. If Kenny finds the endzone we are in the money!

Malik Davis DAL @ HOU(32nd)(FD-$4,800)(DK-$4,200)(Y!-$10)

Almost certain we will be able to copy and paste all Malik blurbs from last week back into circulation for this week. Last week fresh from Fantrax it reads, “Seeing action late in the fourth quarter during garbage time with the game in hand, Davis wrapped up the scoring with a 23-yard TD scamper.” Looking at this week’s opponent, the Houston Texans, who here thinks the Cowboys really do win by 40 points? If you are agreeing and nodding your head, then the idea of sneaking Malik Davis into your DFS lines on Sunday makes sense!

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