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Bottom of the Barrel Week 2 NFL DFS Breakdown

Bottom of the Barrel Week 7 TE NFL DFS Breakdown

Over the years I have noticed that Bottom of the Barrel Week 2 is just a list of cheap plays who went over in Week one or just a glorified waiver wire article. Or it feels like we’re breaking that one fantasy sports rule, “do not chase points!”

Look, if the shoe fits, then let’s run with it! We are a long way from football player stability. That may never come! Not for the players mentioned in this article. The studs normally start to hit their averages a few weeks into the season. However, I pride myself on the outlandish nature of the players mentioned here. Players who may only shine for one week!

Enjoy the article and I hope it helps you to never leave anything unsaid. What is the worst that could happen? Someone calls you a dummy. In the best case most blurbs are entertaining, and folks forget they are reading a DFS article. To me, that is the best compliment. Normally goes like this, “Hey Chris I don’t even know what DFS is, but I just read Bottom of the Barrel and I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

The NFL season is upon us friends! Sit back, grab a pen, and piece of paper, and let’s dig in! Bottom of the Barrel week 2 is here!

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Table of Contents


Kyler Murray ARZ @ LV(28th)(FD-$8,500)(DK-$7,500)(Y!-$35)

Correct me if I’m wrong but the Cards looked like bad news Sunday against the Chiefs. I mean, Patrick Mahomes is otherworldly but what did Kyler do on Sunday to deserve the top spot this week on Fanduel? He tossed two touchdown passes but so did Geno Smith, I mean c’mon now. We are reaching dangerous levels of overhyping for Kyler.

As we look ahead to the quarterback position you will notice a few off-the-wall and outlandish QB’s in Bottom of the Barrel. Well, I never really count the exact number of players per position. We just follow the value and matchups here at B&B! With it being Week 2, and after Weeks 1 craziness, anything is possible!

Derek Carr LV vs. ARZ(30th)(FD-$7,300)(DK-$6,200)(Y!-$29)

Carr gone Carr. Two touchdown passes, 295 passing yards, three interceptions, and five sacks. Was good to see Davante Adams catch a TD from Carr in Week 1! All is forgiven as we look ahead to Week 2. The Arizona Cardinals were just absolutely roasted by Kansas City.

Jameis Winston NO vs. TB(18th)(FD-$7,200)(DK-$6,200)(Y!-$27)

Jameis gone Jameis. Two touchdown passes, 269 passing yards, and no interceptions but he was sacked four times! Regardless of that, the Saints got the win! Looking ahead to Tampa Bay and I am thinking we see an all-out way. Hear me out, the Bucs realistically played a preseason game against the hapless Cowboys. Dallas put up 3 points. They did absolutely nothing. In comparison, Winston and Saints dug deep, scoring 17 points in the 4th quarter to win. I could see a case where the Saints start strong and catch Tampa off guard. Starts with Jameis.

Baker Mayfield CAR @ NYG(23rd)(FD-$7,000)(DK-$5,300)(Y!-$23)

Baker gone Baker. Have you seen the theme yet? New team against his old team and he did nothing of note. Sacked 4 times and 28 yards lost! You might think I hate Baker, but I do not! I think he’s a good move on Sunday against a hapless New York Giants team. I will warn you though, that this new Giants coaching staff has some stones. Going for two with a second or two left to go up a point with under a minute left? Ballsy!

Matt Ryan IND @ JAX(13th)(FD-$6,800)(DK-$5,500)(Y!-$26)

Matt Ryan was, and will, continue to be mentioned in the article. After week one, where he tossed 352 passing yards and a touchdown, has gone down $100 on Fanduel and Stayed the same tag on DraftKings. No brainer play here people. JT will run wild on the Jags thus, freeing up throwing lanes to his cast and crew. Matt Ryan’s price tag went down a hundred bucks, can’t believe it.

Jared Goff DET vs. WSH(25th)(FD-$6,700)(DK-$5,400)(Y!-$25)

You can skip ahead if you if you’d like to. If you stick around then I am going to say a few things about the Lions as a fan, not as a professional writer. The Lions looked good at times. The first drive of the game was beautiful but then, when it counted most, they couldn’t get a stop. When it comes to Goff, I think he looked great, until the pick-6 after that he was playing scared. I have no doubt this coaching staff will spend the week gassing him back up and practicing strong. The Lions team has changed. It’s clear as a bell. Now they host the Commanders who beat the Jags Sunday on the strength of Carson Wentz’s 4 TD passes. Oof, who saw that coming? I do firmly believe Goff will get right and this Lions DST makes life a living hell for Carson. Little pressure and he will fold. Count on a rocking Ford Field Sunday! Use Goff! I am thinking 240yds and a few touchdown passes!

Jacoby Brissett CLE vs. NYJ(21st)(FD-$6,600)(DK-$5,400)(Y!-$22)

Jacoby has always been, in my mind, a dang good capable backup quarterback. Week one was forgettable for him and his stat line, but the Browns did win. As we look to Sunday the Browns host the Jets. In Week one the Ravens made the Jets look silly but c’mon now the talent discrepancy between the teams is clear. Back to Brissett and as God, as my witness, he will attempt 30ish passes, and last week his favorite target was DPJ. Stack the two and we’re all good!

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Running Backs

Jonathan Taylor IND @ JAX(13th)(FD-$10,000)(DK-$9,900)(Y!-$38)

Won’t waste your time here. JT is a stud. Keep it moving. The Jag’s run defense is in for one heck of an afternoon. They better pack a lunch! Yes, I copied and pasted what I wrote about JT last week. Do you blame me? Truth be told, might be a copy-and-paste job with JT every week!

Bottom of the Barrel has always been about those low-cost and low-owned players. As you scroll through the top end of these running backs you will notice several are more expensive than normal. Just speaks volumes about the state of the position. However, in my B&B notes, I could not stop writing players down. After I was done the amount of RBs mentioned seemed ridiculous. Be on the lookout for my Week 2 B&B notes. A lot of cutting room floor-type stuff.

James Robinson JAX vs. IND(12th)(FD-$6,800)(DK-$5,600)(Y!-$17)

James Robinson everybody! Eleven carries 66 yards and a rushing touchdown! While everyone was on Travis it was J-Rob who came through. Which, if I may add, he always does! So, once again this Sunday, at home, he will too! I have J-Rob for 13 carries, sixty yards, and a touchdown. I have always loved James Robinson and I will scream it from the mountain tops!

Josh Jacobs LV vs. ARZ(30th)(FD-$6,600)(DK-$5,800)(Y!-$16)

Was an odd Week 1 for the Raiders. They fell behind 17-3 to the Chargers at halftime. Then, in the 3rd quarter, they put up 10 points! Wasn’t enough as the Chargers hung a TD in the 3rd too. One takeaway is the fact Carr attempted 37 passes while JJ got 10 carries. I think it was a product of trying to keep pace with Herbs and the Charger’s high-flying offense. Looking at Week 2 I think we see a cooler collected Raider’s offense. More balanced if I may say. I have JJ around 15 carries and to score a touchdown this week. Get the right game for the Raiders!

Rashaad Penny SEA @ SF(31st)(FD-$6,500)(DK-$5,400)(Y!-$19)

Correct me if I am wrong but Penny looked good on Monday night! Twelve carries for 60 yards! He ran hard and his offensive line was helping him out! To the tune of a 5.0 avg per carrying. When we look at Week two the 49ers were gashed by the Bears, of all teams for, 99 total yards. I take that back, not gashed but three different RBs have some success. Given the current DvP numbers, I like Penny’s chances in Week 2!

Darrell Henderson Jr. LAR vs. ATL(15th)(FD-$6,200)(DK-$5,700)(Y!-$18)

Cam, Cam, Cam! He was the talk of the town after Thursday Night football for all the wrong reasons. Rightfully so given his total lack of playing time and work. It was nonexistent. Cam had a measly 3 carries for 0.0 yards! He didn’t even have a pass thrown his way. So, when I mention Hendy here I do so with bated breath. Could HC Sean McVay pull the okeydokey in Week 2 where it’s all Cam and Hendy riding the pine? Regardless, Darrell is worth a look as both RBs could be in the mix against a bad, but scrappy Falcons team. More to follow as the week progresses!

Rachaad White TB @ NO(17th)(FD-$5,700)(DK-$4,500)(Y!-$10)

James White 2.0? Or even a J.D. McKissic prototype? Bigger, stronger, and faster than the last two players mentioned. After Sunday Night Football I am salivating about adding him to Bottom of the Barrel this week! You should be just as excited overusing him in DFS formats Sunday against the Saints.

Tony Pollard DAL vs. CIN(4th)(FD-$5,700)(DK-$5,800)(Y!-$13)

The Dallas Cowboys are in trouble. Only scoring 3 points, at home, on Sunday night, against the Tampa Bay Bucs then losing Dak for up to eight weeks. So, why mention Pollard? Well, I am sure you see it too. This offense has no deep threat wide-outs. Aside from Lamb and Schultz, we are left with Zeke and Pollard. Strictly a volume play and Pollard has some wheels. He is also slippery and will be working with their 2nd string QB, Cooper Rush. Coop did what he could at the end of the game but we should see a lot of short and underneath stuff. Only highlighting Tony more.

Rex Burkhead HOU @ DEN(26th)(FD-$5,800)(DK-$4,900)(Y!-$13)


Dameon Pierce HOU @ DEN(26th)(FD-$5,600)(DK-$4,700)(Y!-$14)

Going to lump both backs into one blurb. I have an idea. Rex, in Week 1, 14 carries, 40 yards, 8 receptions, and 30 yards. Pierce, in Week 1, had 11 carries, 33 yards, 3.0 avg per touch, and one reception for 6 yards. Look, folks, it was only a week. I have seen all the train crashing memes and folks lapping and making fun of others for reaching on Pierce. In what world do we see Rex being an all-season RB1? Rex is best used in DFS formats on a match-up-based level. While the kid, Dameon should be used regularly, and no I am not kidding. I see a case where the Texans are going to squeeze every ounce of football from Rex before handing the keys to Pierce. Use both this week! Seriously!

Kenyan Drake BAL vs. MIA(19th)(FD-$5,600)(DK-$4,800)(Y!-$16)

Drake had 11 carries for 31 yards on Sunday. Whoop whoop and a 2.8 average. The silver lining though is he had more rushing yardage than Lamar and more attempts than all the other RBs on the Ravens roster. Not saying much given the output but that was then, and this is now. The Fins beat the Patriots last week, but I think it’s safe to say the Ravens are better! I have Drake around 10 carries, 45 yards, and 2 receptions for another 12ish yards. Volume per price tag equals good DFS RB for Week 2!

Cam Akers LAR vs. TB(15th)(FD-$5,500)(DK-$5,600)(Y!-$12)

Look, Cam will be ok. I am going to leave it at that. I am almost certain Sean McVay is playing mind games with the other head coaches and us fantasy managers. The fact most of you are jumping ship on him after one week makes me want to use him even more in Week 2.

J.D. McKissic WSH @ DET(8th)(FD-$5,200)(DK-$5,200)(Y!-$12)

Can you believe it? Carson Wentz had four touchdown passes last week! File that under holy crap, can’t believe that happened! Now the Commanders head to Ford Field to battle the Lions. Last week JD had 3 carries and 3 receptions for a total of 28 yards. This Lion’s defense is coming along sure, but I still think they can be picked about in the secondary. I have McKissic to find the endzone in Detroit on 5 carries for 25 yards and 3 receptions for 30 yards. So, in a perfect world JD scores, a TD totals 55 yards, and has 3 receptions. Nice little point total in DFS formats!

Eno Benjamin ARZ @ LV(28th)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$4,200)(Y!-$13)

Eno is just a higher-ish lineup filler this week based on the DvP numbers by the Vegas Raiders. No idea where the Cards go from that Week 1 loss but I’d imagine they start trying out new packages, some of which, that include Eno.

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Wide Receivers

Cooper Kupp LAR vs. ATL(15)(FD-$9,700)(DK-$9,900)(Y!-$40)

15 targets, 13 receptions, 128 yards, and a touchdown. Ho-hum whistle while Kupp works. He’s the most expensive WR on the Main slate for a reason. What do want from me here? Fade at your own risk seems viable?

Much like the running backs mentioned here in Bottom of the Barrel Week 2, I would like to focus on the cheapest of plays. Several receivers to love in the 6,000-dollar range. However, this early in the season there are some absolute gems to be plucked from the $5,000 range! Let’s dig in, shall we?

Darnell Mooney CHI @ GB(31st)(FD-$6,100)(DK-$5,400)(Y!-$14)

Let’s see Fields and Mooney work at Lambeau Field against a week Packers secondary minus all the mud and rain! I have Mooney for 7 targets, 5 receptions, 65 yards, and a touchdown. Let’s not forget the hatred between these two organizations. Plus, I feel as if Aaron Rodgers is on the verge of a meltdown based on the ineptitude of his young wide receivers. Do bears take advantage?

Chase Claypool PIT vs. NE(20th)(FD-$6,000)(DK-$4,700)(Y!-$12)

I have always been open and honest with you. Last season Claypool bugged the hell out of me. Dancing and celebrating a 15-yard completion down 40 points with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Well, that was then, and this is now! I was shocked when I looked at Claypool’s stat line in Week 1! I even sent out a tweet about it! It was the six rushing attempts that stood out! I am aware it was after Harris went down but, Chase found some room and success rushing the football! More specifically he averaged 6 yards a carry!!!! WHAT? Sometimes the best ideas come from chaos or peril, and here we are! Najee Harris is Q for Week 2 but either way, get Chase in your Week 2 DFS lines. Something magically may be on the horizon!

Adam Thielen MIN @ PHI(24th)(FD-$5,900)(DK-$5,600)(Y!-$17)

Goes without saying Justin Jefferson is a superstar. Goes without saying that Dalvin Cook is their RB1 and he does his thing. Adam didn’t do too much in Week 1, but he played a whole heck of a lot of snaps. To be clear JJ saw 11 targets in comparison to Adam’s lowly 4. A real glowing review of a player I want you to use in Week 2. Here’s the deal though, Last week the Detroit Lions threw all over the Eagles. This new aggressive Vikings coaching surely knows that! Adam finds the endzone this week! Book it!

Donovan Peoples-Jones CLE vs. NYJ(27th)(FD-$5,800)(DK-$4,400)(Y!-$10)

Holy smokes! Jacoby and DPJ have created some sort of chemistry! DPJ had 11 targets in Week 1! Peoples-Jones caught 6 for 60 yards which is a nice start to the season. This week, against a lowly ranked Jets secondary, we see the fireworks!

DJ Chark Jr. DET vs. WSH(25th)(FD-$5,700)(DK-$5,100)(Y!-$15)

DJ! DJ! DJ! Chark did his job in Week 1 just too bad the Lion’s DST couldn’t do theirs. Look for an almost identical stat line for DK in Week 2, at home, against the Commanders. 7 or 8 targets, 50+ yards, and a touchdown!

Curtis Samuel WSH @ DET(8th)(FD-$5,700)(DK-$4,600)(Y!-$15)

Curtis showed up well last week! Eleven targets, 8 receptions, for 55 yards, and a touchdown. How long do we think Wentz can support three WRs? Terry, Curtis, and rookie Dotson? Well, this is DFS so regardless of your answer let’s ride this thing until the wheels fall off! Gadget players, usually, do well against the Lions. However, Curtis Samuel meets Malcolm Rodriguez, hopefully!

Allen Robinson II LAR vs. ATL(15th)(FD-$5,700)(DK-$5,500)(Y!-$18)

No way I am letting A-Rob go down like this. Thursday was a freak occurrence. Let folks fade, fade, and fade. I am perfectly happy using A-Rob at 2% ownership. Are you coming with me?

Drake London ATL @ LAR(15th)(FD-$5,600)(DK-$5,200)(Y!-$18)

Most folks look at this match-up and freak out! Oh no! The rams’ secondary will eat this rookie alive. While I, on the other hand, look at Drake as this kid without a worry in the world who, as of right now, does not buy into this kind of thing. He’s still jacked up from drafting and betting on his talent. So, who am I to deny him that? I am thinking 7-8 targets, 5 or 6 receptions, for 60 yards, and yes one touchdown.

Hunter Renfrow LV vs. ARZ(31st)(FD-$5,600)(DK-$5,500)(Y!-$18)

His six targets were nice in week 1 but he did nothing with them. A measly 21 yards! When we turn our attention to the Raiders at home against an already Cardinals team everybody could eat in this one! Expect the same target share but a boost in yardage.

Jahan Dotson WSH @ DET(8th)(FD-$5,500)(DK-$4,200)(Y!-$17)

The rookie had his coming out party in Week 1! From a fan perspective, I think that is best. Get the touchdown reception out of the way early. His nerves settled down and the talent shines! So far so good with Wentz at QB and the Skins travel to Detroit on Sunday. So, all systems are a go for Dotson this week!

Equanimeous St. Brown CHI @ GB(31st)(FD-$5,200)(DK-$4,100)(Y!-$13)

Couldn’t afford his younger brother Amon-Ra so let’s roll with Equanimeous, who seems to have formed a great connection with second-year QB Justin Fields. This time around, in GB, won’t be raining cats and dogs. Look for a little bit better-passing attack!

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Tight Ends

Travis Kelce KC vs. LAC(24th)(FD-$8,400)(DK-$7,500)(Y!-$34)

Guess what? It is still cool to punt the tight end position! With the 2022 regular season kicking off there are some outstanding plays to be had with the tight end spot. Let me do the work and comb through depth charts for you. Here are my cheaper options at the tight-end spot in Week 2.

Dalton Schultz DAL vs. CIN(25th)(FD-$5,600)(DK-$5,200)(Y!-$20)

Easy peasy with Dalton here. No Dak, no wideouts to stretch the field, and Cooper Rush at QB. Seems like it’ll be a good day for the likes of Dalton Schultz and even Tony Pollard!

Dawson Knox BUF vs. TEN(31st)(FD-$5,500)(DK-$3,800)(Y!-$16)

Missed the boat on Knox last week, thankfully. Knox only had two targets and caught one pass for 5yds. Fair enough, looking at the match-up on Sunday the Titans are bad news defended tight-ends. Josh Allen is a stone-cold stud, as we know, so in all honesty, I am expecting Knox to catch two touchdowns. Yes, not kidding! Two touchdowns! Book it and make the bet!

Zach Ertz ARZ @ LV(26th)(FD-$5,200)(DK-$4,500)(Y!-$18)

Zach is a curious case. Like Benjamin Button but in the opposite way. He’s aging at such a fast rate by the end of the season he will be like 75yrs old. Jokes aside he was limited last weekend but still found the endzone. I think that could be a weekly occurrence. Use him now before he’s a 65yr old Benjamin Button-type TE.

Hunter Henry NE @ PIT(18th)(FD-$5,100)(DK-$3,600)(Y!-$13)

The Pats love their two tight end sets tight and close to the endzone. Might seem meaningless to you but the retirement of pass-catching specialist James White opens a few more chances for a guy like Hunter! Yes, I did copy and paste that cause he did NOTHING in Week 1 so maybe I was just a week late!

Noah Fant SEA @ SF(32nd)(FD-$5,000)(DK-$4,000)(Y!-$11)

Will Dissly got all the love on Sunday Night relegating Fant to three receptions and 16 yards. However, Geno Smith did look good! Give him that at least, right? This offense will right itself seeing how they played on Sunday Night and Russ was in town and things were bat crap crazy. Frisco is no good at defending tight ends which is strange given the stud collection of linebackers they have. All that aside, Fant’s price tag has dropped a little and it is time to swoop in!

Evan Engram JAX vs. IND(27th)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$3,600)(Y!-$11)

The good news is Evan was targeted four times and caught all four passes. Bad news, the Jags lost to the Commanders while Lawrence was sacked twice and lost 15 yards. Things aren’t going to get any easier with the Colts coming to town especially if D. Leonard is cleared to play. Put up or shut up for T-Law this week. I do believe Engram could become his number option this week with the fast-moving defensive front of the Colts!

Robert Tonyan GB vs. CHI(4th)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$3,800)(Y!-$15)

There is going to come a time where Rodgers says, “F*ck my WRs!” and he will feed the Aaron Jones, AJ Dillon, and Robert Tonyan! To be honest, I think that time could come now, in Week two!

That it is! Bottom of the Barrel for Week 2 of the NFL season!

Did I miss a guy? Did I miss your favorite team stack? Let me know!

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