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Creating Single Entry Optimal Lineups for DFS

I’ve always been a fan of creating single entry optimal lineups for DFS. It’s a really good way to use a player or two you are loving based on your research but also relinquishing control and letting go of bias.

The beautiful part of using Fantasy Cruncher to create your optimal lineup is that you are basically trusting the projections (Rise or Fall’s of course) and the best optimizer in the industry.

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Having a Reliable Projections Source

Ironically, our projections wizard that I trust when making my Single Entry (SE) lineups is one of the best MME players in the industry. CeeGee has over 100 Top-5’s across multiple sports at virtually every buy-in level. He makes our Study Hub’s for MLB, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, and PGA.

He’s been fine-tuning the projections over the last few weeks and after a dozen or so Twitch streams where we dissected winning lineups and created strategies for applying what we learned, they seem to be honed in as of late.

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Creating Personalized Optimal Lineups

We are firm believers in teaching people to be long-term winners at DFS. Rather than giving out a meal, we want you to learn how to fish. While we provide the research, the projections, ownerships, data, picks, and player pools, Tiered Rankings, and a plethora of other content to help you decipher each and every slate, we want you to know how to apply all of that information.

One thing that I personally have been doing this season is tightening up my pitching pool before making my SE lineup. I will cut it down to my top handful of pitchers before I use Fantasy Cruncher to make my optimal. Often, I’ll try to use pitchers at multiple price points as well, to allow the optimizer to use the projections at multiple price points (high, medium, and low) at the pitcher position.

Each price point will yield a different type of lineup for a SE lineup. You could even potentially lock each price point for 1 lineup and trot that out for a 3-Max type contest. The beauty of DFS is that there is not just one way to play and succeed.

When I am done with that, I’ll start to scour the hitters and identify the one or two guys that I am really wanting to play that slate. I will mostly look for mispriced players batting in lucrative spots in the lineup, or simply just identify a handful of the hottest hitters on the slate.

Fantasy Cruncher for a SE

It seems counter-intuitive to use an optimizer as powerful as Fantasy Cruncher to crunch out just one lineup, but not all optimizers are created equally and neither are projections. You can put the same exact projections into multiple optimizers and get a different optimally projected lineup from each. Fantasy Cruncher by far is the best we’ve ever seen. This is why I love that our Ronin Tier members receive $20 in credit every single month they are with us to use on Fantasy Cruncher towards whatever membership they want.

But this is what I do and it has been one of my favorite things to do as someone who is always busy and trying to juggle #DadLife. I use my tightened pitcher pool, a favorite bat or two locked in the player pool, and crunch for one lineup.

As far as settings go, well, that’s up to you. You can set the stack to 5-2 on DK, leave it unstacked, run out naked 5’s, and all sorts of variations on both DraftKings and FanDuel. But if you want the strategy I personally use, or if you’d like to see how our projections have been doing, feel free to give them a peek and take advantage of the Fantasy Cruncher $20 credit our Ronin members get.

A lot of our day-to-day strategies are discussed in our content as well as our Discord chat. You’re welcome to access Discord by subscribing to us on Twitch. If you happen to subscribe to our website, you’ll receive access to Discord as well as access to all of our content and the Fantasy Cruncher credit (if you selected the Ronin Tier).

We will show off our website and take a peek at Lineup Study during our 12:30 p.m. EST Twitch stream Monday – Friday.

We hope to see you on the inside and no matter what, remember…
Together, We Rise


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