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What do Fantasy Points Allowed signify?


Fantasy Points Allowed is a measure that gauges the effectiveness of each NFL defense in controlling the fantasy output of their adversaries. Teams within the top 8 in this metric give up the highest number of fantasy points, making them favorable matchups that fantasy managers should prioritize. Conversely, teams ranking in the bottom 8 present challenging matchups, warranting careful consideration for fantasy lineup decisions.


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Arizona Cardinals1019.
Atlanta Falcons1118.714.324.611.410.37.5
Baltimore Ravens2212.71622.67.48.46
Buffalo Bills2815.92025.
Carolina Panthers413.325.522.78.5811.1
Chicago Bears617.320.52711.68.710.5
Cincinnati Bengals2117.919.728.
Cleveland Browns712.616.820.14.85.710.5
Dallas Cowboys3217.816.727.
Denver Broncos1518.127.323.713.48.86.9
Detroit Lions1719.514.430.
Green Bay Packers2414.721.
Houston Texans2918.618.725.912.28.84.5
Indianapolis Colts1915.522.126.61110.96.2
Jacksonville Jaguars1219.415.930.610.85.87.5
Kansas City Chiefs2614.517.
Miami Dolphins13171629.3107.37.3
Minnesota Vikings916.515.629.
New England Patriots514.518.330.
New Orleans Saints1615.816.623.4108.46.6
New York Giants116.
New York Jets214.722.319.59.510.812.5
Las Vegas Raiders815.822.625.898.88.3
Philadelphia Eagles272212.737.710.36.55.7
Pittsburgh Steelers2314.819.4307.58.56
Los Angeles Chargers3020.321.134.410.97.84.5
Seattle Seahawks201924.933.3109.96.2
San Francisco 49ers311314.929.
Los Angeles Rams2517.715.625.811.19.85.8
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1819.615.432.810.78.36.5
Tennessee Titans1416.217.630.
Washington Commanders322.220.335.5910.911.6

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