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DFS Strategies for Stacking on DraftKings and FanDuel

Stacking on DraftKings and FanDuel is imperative for success in NFL DFS. This will be key as we maneuver through what will be a bizarre season.

Moving forward the articles I put out weekly for #TeamRiseorFall will all be DFS related and mainly focus on Draftkings. My first article for the 2020 season will focus on a few team stacks I will be looking to use, not just for week 1, but throughout the entire year as well as stacking strategies. Player salaries, much like the stock market, fluctuate. So, we must really pay attention to how Draftkings responds to the market when a player has a monster game or a complete dud.

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Weird Times, Man

It’s crazy to think we went from no football offseason and no preseason games to being just a week away from the start of the NFL season. Typically, by now rookies and free agents would have met up with their new teams and began to learn about their new digs. Minicamps would have been open. Relationships would have begun to form. But here we are, four months behind schedule. This is something we need to keep in mind. Whether you are playing redraft, dynasty, best ball or DFS. This coming season we are going to need to live by the “Three C’s”. Continuity, Consistency and Cohesion.

With less prep time, for teams, before week one we’ll need to be on our toes in terms of coach speak, roster moves and news in general. You’ll want pieces from established offenses at QB, RB, WR and TE. That’s not to say free agents and rookies can’t make an impact. Of course, they can. But it’s not something I am expecting from the jump. To put it simply, you’ll want teams who have maintained a fair amount of continuity. This will allow teams to be consistent throughout the season and help new players become inundated to a new playbook. Hopefully by the end of the season this will help teams become a cohesive unit and in turn help you print money.

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Stacking Concepts

Stacking has become instrumental in DFS tournaments, and something I heavily advocate for when it comes to redraft and best ball. As this has become the norm, I’ve been taking things a step further the last two seasons. Double stacking has been my go-to especially in Single Entry tournaments. I have always loved this strategy because it is very much a boom/bust approach and a core mindset you need to have when playing in these MME tournaments.

Another wrinkle you can add to this approach is adding a “bring back player”. What I mean by this is stacking OR double stacking and bringing it back with a player from the other team in the same game. The idea here is to get exposure to both sides whether there’s a high team total or not. That can mean low team totals too. Don’t be afraid to be contrarian. In a game where a team total is projected around 49 or 50 total points you could separate yourself from those who are only keyed in on a specific player or even just a single stack. You want to differentiate yourself and “bringing it back” will help you do just that.

Stacks on Stacks

San Francisco

This is an offense to get excited about. Last year their passing offense (8) ranked higher than their rushing offense (12) in terms of offensive efficiency. This while facing the 10th toughest passing game schedule. The first six weeks of this season set up nicely for the Niners. Four of those first six opponents ranked 18th or lower in passing DVOA last season. Another four were extreme pass funnels.

In short, just because the Niners torched teams via the ground towards the end of last season does not mean you should ignore or forget about JimmyG and the passing game. Yes, there are injuries. Deebo Samuel is still a question mark and rookie Brandon Aiyuk got dinged up with a mild hamstring strain.

But we are looking at this through a DFS lens. And when you look at it from that perspective, you are going to want to stack Niners WEEKLY. Primarily JimmyG, Kittle (who will be a pay up auto-play every week) and one more piece. Namely Aiyuk, Kendrick Bourne or Deebo (when he gets back). Did I mention they play the Cardinals Week 1 and last year when these teams met NEITHER team scored under 25 points in BOTH contests? More on that in my week 1 article.


As you just read, I am very high on the Niners offense this year. But I LOOOOOOVE the Falcons passing game. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM! I may just double stack Matty Ice, “AND THEN I SAID EMILIO….JULIOOOOO” with Calvin Ridley and call it a day. “Why this excited?” you may ask. Let’s get into it. The Falcons offense went through a lot of turnover last year and in the process lost 258 targets. They also did not add a rookie wide receiver, nor did they sign any free agent wide receivers. Oh, my bad they did add Laquon Treadwel and then cut him. They traded for former first round pick Hayden Hurst who will have ample opportunity to provide fantasy relevance.

While they did add a few parts to help on defense do not expect that to translate into immediate success or even over this entire season. They face one of, if not, the toughest schedules in the league. Negative game script will translate into tons of opportunity for one of the best WR combos in the league. With the same coaching staff in place and little done to fix their defensive liabilities look for Ryan, Julio, Ridley and Hurst to gobble up those remaining 258 targets and provide a weekly floor you can comfortably count on. Did I mention they also played at the second highest pace in the league last year? Need anything else? No, no you do not. PLUG AND PLAY.

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Pittsburgh will be a fun team to watch. Not just because we won’t be forced to endure the likes of something called Duck Hodges and his buddy Mason Rudolph. YUCK. Big Ben is back and so is the rest of this offense. James Conner is healthy (prays to the fantasy gods for an entire season of good health), JuJu and Diontae Johnson get a more than competent QB back and the Steelers also added Eric Ebron.

If you ignore all the injury narratives around this team (which you totally should, “Scared money don’t make money”) it will go a long way to helping you build DFS lineups. The injury stigma surrounding this team should depress ownership which, hopefully, will open up opportunity for us to jump on.

“Be greedy when others are fearful” – Warren Buffet

This is still the same team. They still have the same coaching staff. Prior to last season and dating back to 2015 this was one of the fastest and most efficient offenses in the league ranking top ten in both categories, according to Football Outsiders. What did I say earlier? Remember the three C’s, Continuity, Consistency and Cohesion. This Steelers team has all of that and then some. Not to mention they have the seventh softest schedule based on win total. STACK.STACK. STACK!

At the end of the day lets have fun. Play within your bankroll and lets get back to football!


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