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PGA DFS Top Picks for the Pebble Beach Pro-Am Sponsored by AT&T 2023

DFS Top Picks for the Pebble Beach

The season is off to an exciting start! But let’s be real… does the season ever really begin or end for the die-hard PGA DFS player? I’ve been on fire with my picks over the last 4 weeks, let’s hope that my DFS Top Picks for the Pebble Beach Pro-Am are just as hot!

My goal isn’t to build your lineup for you, it’s to guide you by using my experience as a sports bettor and the membership tools available at Team Rise or Fall. With that being said… here are this week’s PGA DFS picks (after a word from our sponsor). 

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Members have access to the PGA Study Hub, which I use heavily for my analysis here. My favorite feature is the PGA Stats Model Tab, which allows me to weight Strokes Gained and other stats by importance for that particular week and see new rankings.

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DFS Top Picks for the Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Matt Kuchar 

  • $9.4 DraftKings
  • $10.4 FanDuel

If you’re familiar with my content at all, you know that I adore Matt Kuchar. The team gives me a lot of flack because I said he has “kind eyes”. So now, he’s become forever known as “Kind Eyes”. My love for Kind Eyes Kuchar aside, he ranks first in my weighted model for this week. These courses are perfect for him. Not to mention his temperament and relaxed play style are a great fit for a pro-am tournament like this. 

Matt’s not long off the tee, but he’s accurate, he has a fantastic approach and SG around the green, and he’s a great putter. You’ll see that I’m looking at these skills frequently throughout this article. He also ranks 1st in scrambling + sand saves and 3rd in bogey avoidance among the field this week. He is my favorite of these DFS Top Picks for the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Andrew Putnam

  • $9.7 K DraftKings
  • $11K FanDuel

Putnam ranks 3rd in my personal weighted model, created within the StudyHub tool for our members. Putnam wasn’t one of my original picks but was called out during my Tuesday night podcast with Team Rise or Fall Member, Adam Hallas

While he may not have a very long drive, he’s accurate, the’s excellent around the green and he’s a top-notch putter. All of those things are important for this week’s tournament. Not to mention that he ranks 2nd in the field for bogey avoidance.

Matthew Fitzpatrick (UPDATE: Questionable)

  • $10.1 DraftKings
  • $11.8 FanDuel

Fitzy is another pricey player, I know. But I can’t write this article without him. As far as my weighted model, he ranks 18th. When we look at course fit, he’s pretty much perfect. His skill set checks all the boxes and then some. While his approach might be the weakest part of his game, he makes that up by ranking 1st in this field of players for bogey avoidance. In this tournament, finishing the hole with a par will be key, and birdie, obviously even better. 

Thomas Detry

  • $8.8K DraftKings
  • $10.2 FanDuel

I can’t seem to quit Thomas Detry and to be honest, I don’t want to. He’s been a phenomenal pick for me week after week. Hopefully, I’ve not just jinxed that. Ranking 15th in my personal weighted model using the member’s only StudyHub, I am able to see that among the field, he ranks 1st in par 4 avg and 5th in bogey avoidance. His course fit is pretty well-rounded, with his putting being *key* here. He also is a bit farther off the tee than my other picks. I haven’t decided if that’s a plus or not, but he’s good as one of your DFS Top Picks for the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Nick Taylor

  • $8K DraftKings
  • $9.7K FanDuel

Nick Taylor landed on my radio after my Tuesday night podcast with Rise or Fall Member, Adam Hallas. Taylor ranks 5th in my weighted model and as far as course fit, he’s perfectly average. I’m not even saying that in an average kind of way. I’m saying that he’s reliable here. Even-keeled. He’s gonna make the cut. I’d call him a “Wedge Master”, but that might be a bit dramatic. He is great around the green and as I said, reliable when it comes to putting. 

Mark Hubbard

  • $7K DraftKings
  • $8.4K FanDuel

I really love Hubbard this week, at this price point. He’s a value on both DraftKings and Fanduel. He’s ranking 2nd in my own weighted model and that excites me in a completely irrational way. Putting is probably the most important stat this week and Hubbard ranks 8th in the field for putting on Poa grass. Based on how he shakes out in my research and the value he’s at this week, I will absolutely be playing him. 

Brendon Todd

  • $7.9K DraftKings
  • $9.5K FanDuel

The Todd Father is a player we agreed on during the podcast last night. He’s a decent value on both DraftKings and Fandual and he ranks 9th in my own weighted model. In looking at Todd’s Strokes Gained stats across the board, he’s very even-keeled. Nothing about is game is erratic. Typically, that’s a good thing. We know what we’re going to see from him and that’s a comfortable feeling. Will he win it all? Probably not, but he’s good as one of your DFS Top Picks for the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. 

Other Players to Consider

  • Matthew NeSmith
  • Ben Griffin
  • Joel Dahmen
  • Greyson Sigg

WTF Picks

  • Robby Shelton
  • Aaron Baddeley

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