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Discover the Ultimate Guide: Top 36 RB Rankings for 2023 Fantasy Football!

Top 36 RB Rankings for 2023 Fantasy Football

Welcome to our comprehensive rankings of the top 36 running backs for the 2023 NFL Fantasy Football season. In this article, we’ll discuss the key factors that influenced our rankings and highlight some noteworthy players in each tier. So, let’s dive right in and find out which running backs are poised for fantasy success this year!

Discover the Ultimate Guide: Top 36 RB Rankings for 2023 Fantasy Football!

Understanding the Tiers

Before we delve into the rankings, it’s essential to understand the tier system we’ve employed. Each tier groups running backs with similar fantasy potential and roles in their respective offenses. As we go through the tiers, we’ll highlight any significant disparities in our rankings and discuss the reasoning behind them.

Tier 1: The Elite

At the top of our rankings sit the fantasy juggernauts. Christian McCaffrey, Austin Eckler, Nick Chubb, and Saquon Barkley lead the pack. These running backs are the focal points of their offenses and offer a rare combination of rushing and receiving prowess. Expect them to deliver consistent and high-scoring performances week after week.

Tier 2: Consistent Producers

In the second tier, we find reliable fantasy producers like Derrick Henry, Jonathan Taylor, and Dalvin Cook. While they may not boast the same receiving upside as Tier 1 backs, their exceptional rushing ability makes them highly valuable assets for any fantasy team. Keep a close eye on their roles in their respective offenses during the preseason.

Tier 3: Rising Stars

Tier 3 features ascending talents like Bijan Robinson and Travis Etienne. These young running backs have the potential to break out and deliver fantasy excellence. While there might be some concerns about their usage and situations, their upside is undeniable. Monitor their progress during the preseason and make informed draft decisions.

Tier 4: Reliable Starters

The fourth tier consists of solid starters like Joe Mixon, Miles Sanders, and Jamar Gibbs. These running backs should provide steady fantasy production, and there is room for some of them to exceed expectations. Keep an eye on their roles and usage patterns as the season unfolds.

Tier 5: High-Value Targets

Tier 5 includes some intriguing options, such as Kenneth Walker and Rashad Penny. While they might not be every-week starters, they possess the talent and opportunity to shine in certain matchups. These running backs could be valuable depth pieces for your fantasy roster.

Tier 6: Risk-Reward Options

In Tier 6, we find a mix of risk-reward candidates like Cam Akers and JK Dobbins. These players are returning from significant injuries and might take time to get back to full form. There is potential for a substantial payoff, but also an inherent risk. Exercise caution and consider their situations carefully when drafting.

Tier 7: Late-Round Gems

The final tier features late-round steals such as James Cook and Damien Harris. While they might not have the highest ceilings, they can provide solid depth and occasional fantasy production. Consider them as valuable bench assets for your team.

FAQ Section

Q1: Should I prioritize drafting Tier 1 running backs in my fantasy league?

A1: Absolutely! Tier 1 running backs offer the highest level of consistency and upside. They are the foundation of many winning fantasy teams and can single-handedly carry your squad to victory on any given week.

Q2: Are there any sleepers worth targeting in the later rounds?

A2: Yes, there are several sleepers to consider. Keep an eye on players like Kenneth Walker, Rashad Penny, and James Cook. They might not be high-profile names, but they could surprise with valuable fantasy contributions.

Q3: How important is monitoring preseason news and developments?

A3: Preseason news can significantly impact player rankings. Injuries, depth chart movements, and usage patterns are crucial factors to consider. Stay updated with the latest information to make informed decisions during your drafts.

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