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Do you have to enter 150 lineups into a 150 max? | DFS Strategy Lessons Learned, Thread #3

The DFS strategy series continues and they continue to get posted on Twitter. I did however unfurl and write it out for you all because I love you. I do ask that you give the original tweets some engagements to help support ROF’s reach (retweet, favorites, replies etc.)

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Do you have to enter 150 lineups into a 150 max?

Short answer: I don’t believe so. (more on this later though – it’s not what you think)

Long answer: If you can afford it, then why not?

The third installment of the off-season DFS twitter threads. Let’s get after it! (click this to view on twitter full thread)

Where to Begin and Practice

First off, I think a fantastic place to practice 150 maxing contests is using lineup rewind through Fantasy Cruncher. It’s zero money on the line and you can practice with nothing on the line until your heart is content Nex, executing said practice in low-stakes. .05 / .10 / .25 / .50 levels

I do daily 60-120 minute Fantasy Cruncher Lineup Rewind studies (currently for FanDuel and DraftKings MLB) where I dive deep into what’s been working and what isn’t working in large-field tournaments, single entry, and cash games. I’ll be doing the same for the NFL season as we close in on the NFL season itself.

Ideally, if you have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of a sustainable ROI over a sample size of dozens of slates, I think then it’s not a bad idea to max enter if you can afford it and in all likely hood, if you’re MME’ing, you are willing to embrace the volatility and max a contest.

But I don’t think it is totally necessary. The odds don’t increase for you to win a tournament (substantially) simply by maxing out a contest. Especially if you are entering a massive contest (think most of the NFL contests at the beginning of the season) Those are very -EV

For the massive contests, I think it’s okay to roll out 50/75 or a small portion while leveraging the public. Leverage the crap out of the public ownership with those few entries you have. Be unique, be bold, fortune favors the bold.

Where to Max Enter Then?

If you decide to max enter something, this is probably contrarian, but do so with smaller contests. Think 6000 entries and you are entering 150 of them. That means you basically have entered 2.5% of the entire possible entries into the contest. My rule of thumb for 150 maxing?

Make sure you can soak up 1-3% of the entire entries in the contest. Otherwise, expect to struggle to break even unless you can take it down or place high. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing to max enter huge contests. Just understand what you’re getting into.

This is where goal setting comes into place. If you’re trying to bink and live the screenshot life (and you can absorb the likely losses) then do what you want If this will ruin your bankroll that you’re focusing on building, then it likely isn’t the best route.

Recap: You don’t have to fully 150 max the larger contests

📷If you do MME, try to hop into contests where you can enter 1-3% of the total contest entries

📷Have a bankroll deep enough to absorb long stretches of losses.

📷Practice in rewind / low stakes until you scale up.

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