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DraftKings and FanDuel NFL Week 3 Strategy

My DraftKings and FanDuel NFL Week 3 Strategy feels solid and to be frank, I am very biased. It is what it is. But I love my pool this week. I love what we uncovered in our Twitch streams this week. Now it’s time to apply the info, use the tools, focus on projections/ratings, and build some winning lineups.


At quarterback, Kyler Murray and Josh Allen are tremendous cash options due to their running ability. They build a nice scoring floor with their legs and are also throwing touchdowns and racking up yardage, especially Josh Allen (MVP from 2021-2030). Matt Ryan would also be cash viable if I were not going to be targeting him with extreme volume in GPPs.

Speaking of GPPs, I think the play is to focus mostly on the quarterbacks with stacking upside and roll out our team stacks, game stacks, and potentially add second stacks to each lineup when possible. Murray and Allen are still in play for GPPs, although, I am fine trotting them out there without a stack if that’s the route you want to go. They’re in play in all ways and formats.

Running Backs are cut and dry as well. I love my three I named via my Tiered Rankings for cash. Although, you can slide in my Tier 2 RB’s if you are looking for a bit more of an extreme scoring range. Accept the fact that your floor is going to be lower and embrace the higher potential ceilings and value (due to price points). In GPP’s, I will have a similar approach. I will have most of my exposure on my Tier 1-3 and try to sprinkle in some of the 4’s and 5’s. There is tremendous upside in a few of those random players due to the injury situations they find themselves in. It does not feel good to plug in Joshua Kelley, but he is a home favorite with a 24.75 point implied team total. He’s my Raheem Mostert from Week 2.

Wide Receivers look like I might have to go high-low in cash. Grab my two Tier 1’s and then grab CeeDee Lamb or Diontae Johnson to fill out the lineup. I will be focusing on mostly stackable wide receivers. I am not a huge fan of a lot of the one-off type plays. I want touchdowns – which are inherently tied to the QB, in which case I want the 10 point swing I receive from the QB + WR connection.

Tight Ends are a dime a dozen this week. They are all within a close price range and nobody is extreme value or overpriced. I think it is a good week to MME them. For SE or cash, I think I either pay up for Waller or down for Goedert. Everyone else I can paint a scenario where they absolutely suck or explode. Hayden Hurst might have the widest extremes. If Julio Jones is out, I do likely go out of my way to get exposure there and he might even become cash viable at that point.

Defenses are similar to tight end. Nobody is extremely valuable or has slate winning appeal. I’ll likely cap the defensive position ownership in MME, even if I roll out a global cap for the rest of my player pool. I want to target the defenses who have a chance to pin their ears back and rush the passer. Give me the teams in the lead, playing with a large lead, and even better if they are at home.


Quarterbacks are actually quite similar to FanDuel, except I believe Murray and Allen are still like $700-1,000 too cheap. I love them in all formats. Until we see Cam Newton falter, he likely belongs in the Tier right below those two due to his red zone TD upside. Matt Ryan is too cheap and once again offers tremendous stacking appeal. He is not cash viable IMO on DK but is a Tier 1 target for GPP’s.

Running Backs look delicious at the mid-range. I will be focusing on that 6-7K price range and likely not going out of my way to climb the salary scales. If I do, it’s because I have a cheap stack included in the lineup or I ended up punting at tight end or defense. Think Trubisky to Allen Robinson and Hayden Hurst on the other side. In a volatile stack like that, I am trotting out Zeke Elliot, Dalvin Cook, and maybe even jamming in a low-owned two TD upside guy like Nick Chubb.

Wide Receivers once again are a dime a dozen on DraftKings. I’ll be targeting the cheaper guys just like in Week’s 1 and 2. They are just too good and have similar upside to virtually all wide receivers who are under $7,000 in Week 3. Until DK starts to price these guys out of consideration, I’ll continue to jam them in and build very balanced lineups at RB and QB.

Tight Ends are a bit priced up this week compared to Week 2. However, there are still fine options. Players like Dan Arnold are worth targeting in Kyler Murray stacks, but not outside of that. Others like Jonnue Smith, Dallas Goedert, and honestly all of the other 4-5K tight ends are all good targets in GPP’s. I can’t decide what to do in cash yet, but I likely either pay up for Darren Waller or pay all the way down for a guy like Mo Alie-Cox or even Dan Arnold and just punt more or less.

Defense looks interesting. I think my Tier 1 and 2 targets can win a slate for you. I am not too sure there is the upside needed at Tier 3, 4, and 5. There is a wide range of outcomes at those Tiers and they all seem to be priced way up. It’s hard to pay $1,000 + for defenses with a similar range of outcomes as those in the low 2K range.


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