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NEW DraftKings and FanDuel NBA DFS Cash Picks 2/4

The new DraftKings and FanDuel Cash Picks are LIVE for 2/4! We have a 5 game slate with value on Portland that could allow us to get to a Stars n Scrubs build.

Portland is shorthanded with Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum, and Derrick Jones Jr. out for tonight’s matchup with Philadelphia. Rodney Hood stands out on DraftKings at $3,700. He should see a bump in minutes and an increase in usage. If he has a hot shooting night, he could smash value. I would expect him to be popular but, we are okay with that in Cash games.

Carmello Anthony should get a chance to shoot at a high volume tonight. He is priced in the $4,000 range on both sites which is okay for his price point. I’m not necessarily all over him in cash games due to how scoring dependent he is at this point in his career. It’s unlikely that he gets close to 10 rebounds so you’re really banking on his efficiency on the offensive end.

Luka Doncic stands out as a top cash play tonight. He gets a matchup with a Golden State team that runs the floor at a top 5 pace in the NBA and they play very little defense. I expect Doncic to have his way with Golden State and produce at a high clip tonight.

DraftKings and FanDuel Cash Picks PREVIEW

How to use NBA DFS Cash Picks

When constructing a cash lineup, we want the most optimal lineup with the highest possible floor. That isn’t new information but, it reigns true. Scrosby’s Cash Picks identify who the best plays are with notes on each player. Using the Cash player pool along with the NBA Study Hub will allow you to construct the most optimal lineup for cash games. Focusing on Scrosby’s top targets and other players that have a high Rating, Rise%, and Minutes Projection will give you the best Cash lineup for each NBA DFS slate.

Ronin Tier Members get a $20 MONTHLY voucher to FantasyCruncher. This is my favorite optimizer in the industry and I use it daily to make my lineups across all sports.

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draftkings and fanduel nba building block

This is a sample of Scrosby’s NBA Building Block. Scrosby posts a Cash Building Block DAILY which further identifies which four players will be the most optimal for Cash builds on that slate. You could lock these 4 players in or give them a thumb up in FantasyCruncher for an 8% boost in projection. It is up to you to decide how to use it and there is no wrong answer!

It is likely that the Cash Building Block will correlate with the notes that Scrosby gives for each slate. Odds are if he says that Joel Embiid is his top Center of the day on FanDuel, Embiid will be in his Cash Building Block. Be sure to do a deep dive into Scrosby’s notes and see who he likes on each slate!

DraftKings and FanDuel Projections, Ratings, Discord Coaching, and Player Pools

We want to make DFS easier for YOU and all of our content is geared to help succeed. Are you crunched on time due to a hectic work schedule? NO PROBLEM! We have four coaches posting DAILY Building BlocksMME ExposuresTiered RankingsSingle Entry Player Pool, and, of course, a Cash Pool. The NBA Study Hub is the best tool for the 1v1 and 2v2 scenarios we face every day when making a Cash lineup.

Discord is the best place to get coaching from our team of DFS coaches for FREE. Scrosby is routinely one of the top messagers of the week and answers questions whenever he is in chat. Hop in and ask any of our coaches or members any questions you may have about DFS and our amazing community will be glad to help!

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