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NEW DraftKings and FanDuel NBA DFS Single Entry Picks 1/21

The new DraftKings and FanDuel Single Entry Picks are LIVE for 1/21! I did a deep dive into today’s 3 game slate and I am ALL OVER Julius Randle. He is by far my top play of the night on any site. Randle gets a matchup against a Golden State team that runs the floor at a top 5 pace in the NBA and should play a boatload of minutes in a competitive game. $9,000 on FanDuel is a great price point and I will not hesitate to lock him into my Single Entry lineup.

Steph Curry has the potential to break any slate and you have to like his chances today against a Knicks team that should not offer much resistance. If Curry is having a hot scoring night, we should be looking at a 60 to 70 point performance. He will be volatile due to his reliance on scoring but, on a 3 game slate, I will embrace that volatility. It is much easier to get both Julius Randle and Steph Curry on FnDuel than DraftKings.

DraftKings and FanDuel Single Entry Picks PREVIEW

draftkings and fanduel single entry picks

How to Use NBA DFS Single Entry Picks

In order to get the best possible Single Entry lineup, I like to focus on the players that have a high probability of paying off their salary or have a ceiling that could lead them to be the highest-scoring player on the slate. That is why you will see such a small player pool in this sheet daily. I am focusing on the best plays of that day because my goal is to make the best lineup possible.

Priority Targets are the players that I want in my lineup. How you get these players in your lineup is truly up to your style of creating lineups. Members often give those players a thumb up in FantasyCruncher or lock those players in. Again, this is really a personal preference.

Ronin Tier Members get a $20 MONTHLY voucher to FantasyCruncher. This is my favorite optimizer in the industry and I use it daily to make my lineups across all sports.

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This is a sample of my NBA Building Block. This is where I identify who I would start my Single Entry lineup with DAILY. These players will be in my core for Single Entry contests. Typically, I lock in those four players and crunch my Single Entry lineup from there.

As you can see, there will be four coaches posting Building Blocks before each NBA main slate. How you use this content is up to you. Some members choose to use a thumb on each player that appears in a coach’s Building Block. Odds are if a player appears in all four Building Blocks, it might be a good day to lock them in.

DraftKings and FanDuel Projections, Ratings, Discord Coaching, and Player Pools

We want to make DFS as easy as possible for you at an affordable cost. The NBA Study Hub is how I start my lineup building and where I go to upload my projections into FantasyCruncher. Sim models and heat maps in the NBA Study Hub are GREAT for those 1v1 or 2v2 player comparisons to determine who is the best play for that day.

Discord is a great place to learn how to improve in DFS and continue to get better. We want sustained success so we must keep striving to get better every day. I host a FantasyCruncher Strategy session every Sunday @ 8 PM EST to go over the week in NBA DFS and identify any strategies we can use to be better going forward!

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