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Draftkings MMA DFS UFC 292

UFC 292

Welcome to a comprehensive breakdown of the upcoming UFC 292 event, where fighters from across the globe will lock horns in the Octagon. In this exciting analysis, we’ll delve into the matchups, strengths, and strategies of the fighters set to take center stage at UFC 292. From nail-biting submissions to explosive knockouts, this card promises an exhilarating showcase of talent and determination. So, let’s dive into the action-packed world of DraftKings MMA DFS UFC 292!

Key Matchups and Predictions

Andrea Lee vs. Natalia Silva

In this intriguing showdown, UFC veteran Andrea Lee faces off against the rising star Natalia Silva. Lee, known for her high volume striking and grappling skills, will have her hands full against Silva’s exceptional all-around game. Silva boasts an impressive record of 12 finishes in 15 wins, indicating her propensity for ending fights early. Although Lee might struggle to match Silva’s power, her experience and wrestling prowess could level the playing field. Expect Silva to capitalize on her grappling advantage and secure a quick victory, extending her winning streak.

Prediction: Natalia Silva wins by submission in the early rounds.

Maryna Moroz vs. Karine Silva

In a battle of determination and skill, Maryna Moroz squares off against Karine Silva. Moroz’s moderate volume striking and grappling skills provide a sturdy foundation, while Silva’s relentless pace and high volume striking promise excitement. Moroz’s impressive takedown defense will be tested by Silva’s wrestling acumen. Despite Silva’s strengths, Moroz’s experience and striking accuracy give her an edge in a potential striking match. However, Silva’s tenacity could propel her to victory in this closely contested bout.

Prediction: Maryna Moroz wins by decision in a hard-fought match.

Gregory Rodrigues vs. Denis Tiuliulin

A clash of contrasting styles awaits us as Gregory Rodrigues goes head-to-head with Denis Tiuliulin. Rodrigues’ high volume striking and grappling skills will be put to the test against Tiuliulin’s striking prowess and minimal wrestling background. While Tiuliulin’s power is undeniable, Rodrigues’ comprehensive skill set and excellent takedown abilities could dictate the pace of the fight. This could lead to a high-scoring DFS encounter, with Rodrigues prevailing due to his well-rounded arsenal.

Prediction: Gregory Rodrigues wins via decision in an action-packed bout.

Chris Weidman vs. Brad Tavares

A captivating bout between Chris Weidman and Brad Tavares is on the horizon. Weidman, returning after a two-year hiatus, faces Tavares’ moderate volume striking and solid takedown defense. Tavares, known for his striking, will aim to exploit Weidman’s perceived decline. Weidman’s wrestling background and ability to mix striking and grappling might surprise Tavares. Expect a cautious, tactical match with Tavares ultimately emerging victorious due to his superior striking and defensive skills.

Prediction: Brad Tavares wins by decision in a closely contested battle.

Gerald Meerschaert vs. Andre Petroski

Gerald Meerschaert squares off against the undefeated Andre Petroski in a matchup that promises excitement. Meerschaert’s extensive experience and grappling proficiency will be pitted against Petroski’s well-rounded skills. Petroski’s wrestling and submission attempts provide an interesting dynamic against Meerschaert’s ability to turn the tide with his submissions. Petroski’s power could pose a challenge, but Meerschaert’s submission acumen gives him an advantage. Prepare for an intriguing grappling battle.

Prediction: Gerald Meerschaert wins via submission in a thrilling contest.

Marlon Vera vs. Pedro Munhoz

An electrifying bout between Marlon Vera and Pedro Munhoz takes center stage. Munhoz’s high volume striking and well-rounded skills clash with Vera’s moderate volume striking and grappling proficiency. Both fighters possess knockout potential, but Vera’s reach advantage and versatility could tip the scales in his favor. Munhoz’s striking defense will be tested, and his experience could prove crucial. Expect a stand-up battle that could go either way, with Munhoz emerging as the victor due to his resilience.

Prediction: Pedro Munhoz wins via decision in an intense matchup.

Zhang Weili vs. Amanda Lemos

In a women’s strawweight clash, Zhang Weili faces Amanda Lemos in a bout that could steal the show. Weili’s high volume striking and wrestling skills collide with Lemos’ moderate volume striking and grappling proficiency. Lemos’ power is a threat, but Weili’s experience and ability to adapt give her an edge. Weili’s striking accuracy and defense could frustrate Lemos, leading to a tactical showdown. Expect Weili to dominate with her volume and secure a decisive victory.

Prediction: Zhang Weili wins by decision, showcasing her well-rounded skills.

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Main Event

Aljamain Sterling vs. Sean O’Malley

The much-anticipated main event features a clash between two dynamic fighters, Aljamain Sterling and Sean O’Malley. Let’s break down their strengths and styles before the Octagon lights up for this electrifying showdown.

Aljamain Sterling

  • Record: 23-3-0
  • Height: 5’7″
  • Reach: 71″
  • Stance: Orthodox

Sterling comes into this bout as a well-rounded force to be reckoned with. His style combines effective striking with grappling prowess, making him a versatile competitor. With 11 finishes in his 23 wins, Sterling possesses a finishing instinct that can’t be ignored. While his striking volume is moderate, his striking accuracy (52%) and defense (55%) indicate his competency in stand-up exchanges.

However, Sterling’s real strength lies in his wrestling and grappling skills. Despite a takedown accuracy of 22%, he has a knack for taking the fight to the mat and transitioning into submissions. His elite jiu-jitsu background is evident through his 0.8 submission attempts per 15 minutes. Sterling has shown his ability to control fights on the ground, spending over 30% of his bouts in control positions against high-level opponents like Petr Yan and TJ Dillashaw.

Sean O’Malley

  • Record: 16-1-0
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Reach: 72″
  • Stance: Switch

O’Malley is known for his dynamic striking and impressive finishing rate of 12 finishes in his 16 wins. With a height advantage over Sterling, he uses his long reach to his advantage, allowing him to maintain a high striking volume. His striking accuracy (above 60%) and defense make him a formidable force on his feet.

However, O’Malley’s limitations are apparent in his wrestling and grappling skills. While his takedown defense sits at 60%, Sterling’s grappling expertise could prove to be a challenge. O’Malley’s career has primarily seen fights against less experienced opponents, making this showdown a crucial test of his true capabilities against a top-tier opponent.

Fight Breakdown

This bout promises a fascinating clash of styles. O’Malley’s striking prowess could give him an advantage in a pure stand-up affair, but Sterling’s massive edge on the mat is undeniable. Sterling’s grappling ability and experience make him a significant threat to control the fight and potentially submit O’Malley.

While O’Malley’s striking is his strength, his limited grappling skills could spell trouble if Sterling manages to take the fight to the ground. Sterling’s discipline and patience could be the key to navigating the striking exchanges and finding opportunities to exploit O’Malley’s weaknesses.


This match poses a fascinating dichotomy between O’Malley’s striking prowess and Sterling’s grappling mastery. While O’Malley has shown his potential, Sterling’s well-rounded game and championship experience give him the edge. If Sterling can implement his game plan effectively and capitalize on O’Malley’s grappling vulnerabilities, he could secure another dominant victory.Β 

It’s a fight that could be decided by who can impose their game plan more effectively, but considering Sterling’s skill set and experience, he’s the pick to come out on top in what promises to be an engaging main event.

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