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Draftkings MMA DFS UFC Fight Night San Antonio

Draftkings MMA DFS UFC Fight Night San Antonio

This article will breakdown the Draftkings MMA DFS UFC Fight Night San Antonio slate sheduled for Saturday, March 25th. As always, DraftKings MMA DFS is the perfect way to stay engaged and add some excitement to the event. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about the upcoming UFC Fight Night in San Antonio and how to get the most out of DraftKings MMA DFS.

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Ok, now that we got that out of the way, LETS GET IT ON!

Victor Altamirano (11-2-0) v. Vinicius Salvador (14-4-0)

The Victor Altamirano versus Vinicius Salvador matchup promises to be an exciting fight between a striker and a grappler. Salvador, who is making his debut, has a distinct advantage in striking and will likely dominate in that aspect of the fight. Altamirano, on the other hand, is a skilled wrestler and grappler who will try to take the fight to the ground.

While Altamirano may struggle to get the fight to the mat, Salvador is expected to push a punishing pace that will wear his opponent down. Ultimately, I predict that Salvador will come out on top and secure a victory, possibly by way of knockout early in the fight. It will be interesting to see how these two fighters approach the matchup and whether Salvador’s striking can overcome Altamirano’s grappling prowess.

C.J. Vergara (10-4-1) v. Daniel Lacerda (11-4-0)

The upcoming matchup between C.J. Vergara and Daniel Lacerda promises to be an intriguing battle between two fighters with different strengths. Lacerda, who has suffered three consecutive losses, will be looking to redeem himself and keep his spot in the UFC. He is a skilled wrestler and grappler, with a reputation for being a dangerous finisher.

However, Lacerda’s poor fight IQ has led him to make costly mistakes in previous fights, and he may find himself in bad positions once again. Vergara, on the other hand, is a more measured fighter with moderate volume and minimal wrestling or grappling skills. He has a reputation for avoiding finishes and will likely be looking to capitalize on any mistakes made by Lacerda.

Considering the volatility of this fight, both fighters are in play for GPP contests. However, I predict that Vergara will avoid getting finished and eventually seize the opportunity to put Lacerda away, possibly in the later rounds of the fight. It will be interesting to see how Lacerda approaches this fight and whether he can overcome his previous mistakes to secure a victory.

Trevin Giles (15-4-0) v. Preston Parsons (10-3-0)

With different fighting styles, this battle promises to be an interesting one to watch. Parsons, known for his high volume and plus wrestling/grappling skills, is a young fighter with much to prove in the UFC. However, some are wondering if this is a step up in competition he may not be ready for.

Giles, on the other hand, has faced far better competition and is expected to be the better overall fighter in this matchup. With the edge in striking and skills in wrestling, Giles has the ability to match Parsons in that aspect of the fight. Although Parsons may have an advantage in grappling, it may not be enough to secure a victory.

The fight is likely to be a slow-paced one, with both fighters looking to avoid trouble and capitalize on their strengths. My prediction is that Giles will come out on top, possibly securing a victory by decision. However, Parsons is a fighter worth keeping an eye on, especially as he begins his journey in the UFC. His nickname “pressure” speaks volumes about his ability to take control of the Octagon, and his powerful striking combinations and wrestling skills could cause issues for Giles. Additionally, Giles’ comfort off his back could allow Parsons to control the pace of the fight and bleed the clock in top position. All in all, this is shaping up to be an exciting matchup that is not to be missed.

Steven Peterson (19-10-0) v. Lucas Alexander (7-3-0)

The upcoming UFC Fight Night in San Antonio is set to feature an exciting matchup between Steven Peterson and Lucas Alexander. Peterson, a skilled wrestler and grappler, is expected to hold a significant advantage over Alexander in the fight. With an impressive record of 13 finishes in 19 wins and a solid amount of volume, Peterson’s game plan will likely involve taking Alexander down to the mat and attempting to secure an early finish.

On the other hand, Alexander, who is known for his scary power, lacks wrestling and grappling skills, which could pose a problem for him in keeping the fight standing. His best chance of winning the fight would be to knock Peterson out, but given Peterson’s grappling prowess, this seems unlikely. I predict that Peterson will emerge victorious, possibly by securing an early finish on the mat.

Despite his game not being as well-rounded as some of his opponents, Peterson’s pace and grappling ability are enough to give him an edge in this matchup. While Alexander has displayed promise, he struggled to keep up when faced with a similar game plan from Joanderson Brito. Peterson, who is more focused on his desired style of fight, is likely to capitalize on Alexander’s weaknesses and secure a victory.

Daniel Pineda (27-14-0) v. Tucker Lutz (12-2-0)

The upcoming UFC Fight Night in San Antonio will feature a matchup between Daniel Pineda and Tucker Lutz. Pineda, at 37 years old, has not fought in over a year and a half, and while he is still dangerous, his last few fights have not been impressive. He has an excellent record of 27 finishes in 27 wins, but it is challenging to trust him given his recent form.

On the other hand, Lutz is a young fighter looking to climb his way up in the UFC. With a solid overall game and impressive durability, he has not fought in over a year. While it is difficult to put much stock in this fight as neither fighter has fought recently, I predict that Lutz will emerge as the victor.

Despite Pineda’s fast hands and powerful strikes, Lutz’s game is likely too deep for him to contend with. Lutz is comfortable whether countering or going forward and compliments his striking with a power wrestling game. Pineda looked promising after his decisive win over Herbert Burns, but his current two-fight skid is unlikely to end with a matchup against Lutz.

Chidi Njokuani (22-8-0) v. Albert Duraev (15-4-0)

The upcoming matchup between Chidi Njokuani and Albert Duraev is one of the most anticipated fights on the card. Njokuani, with his long reach and striking prowess, is likely to look for an early knockout. On the other hand, Duraev’s game plan will focus on suffocating wrestling and takedowns. While he has been knocked out in all of his losses, Duraev is capable of following a wrestling game plan, and I believe he will avoid Njokuani’s power and control the fight.

This fight promises to be an exciting matchup between two fighters with different styles. While Njokuani is incredibly dangerous in space, Duraev has the skills to neutralize him with his grappling and takedowns. Duraev’s past success with submissions and suffocating wrestling make him a formidable opponent. Despite Njokuani’s reach advantage, Duraev’s ability to close the distance and control the pace of the fight could earn him the victory. MMA fans will not want to miss this matchup at UFC Fight Night in San Antonio.

Alex Perez (13-6-0) v. Manel Kape (18-6-0)

In an exciting matchup at UFC Fight Night San Antonio, Alex Perez is set to take on Manel Kape. Perez, who has a 6-3 record in the UFC, is known for his plus wrestling and grappling skills and has 12 finishes in 24 wins. However, he has also been a kill-or-be-killed type of fighter in recent fights.

Kape, on the other hand, has been living up to expectations in his UFC career so far. With a record of 16 finishes in 18 wins and a well-rounded game that includes plus wrestling and grappling skills, he is the clear favorite in this matchup.

As long as Kape avoids putting himself in a bad position, he should have the edge everywhere in this fight and secure an early victory. This is a matchup that MMA fans won’t want to miss, especially for those engaging with DraftKings MMA DFS during the event.

Andrea Lee (13-6-0) v. Maycee Barber (11-2-0)

In what is sure to be an exciting matchup, Andrea Lee and Maycee Barber will go head-to-head in the upcoming UFC Fight Night in San Antonio. While both fighters possess similar skill sets, Barber is expected to have an edge in the fight. With her moderate volume, plus wrestling/grappling skills, and seven finishes in 11 wins, Barber is a force to be reckoned with in the octagon.

However, Lee is no slouch herself, with high volume and plus wrestling/grappling skills of her own, as well as eight finishes in 13 wins. This matchup has the potential to be tightly-contested and back-and-forth, with both fighters looking to edge each other out on the scorecards.

Overall, I predict that Barber will come out on top, using her superior skills and experience to control the pace of the fight and ultimately earn the victory. However, it may not be a high-scoring fight, as both fighters are likely to be cautious and strategic in their approach. MMA fans, especially those looking to engage with DraftKings MMA DFS during the event, should not miss this exciting matchup.

Nate Landwehr (16-4-0) v. Austin Lingo (9-1-0)

In the upcoming UFC Fight Night in San Antonio, Nate Landwehr is set to face off against Austin Lingo in what promises to be a thrilling matchup. While both fighters have similar skill sets with strong wrestling and grappling abilities, Lingo’s striking is expected to be a major factor in the fight. However, Landwehr also has solid striking skills and the added advantage of his wrestling and grappling techniques, making him a well-rounded opponent.

The fight could go either way, but if Landwehr is able to take the fight to the mat, he may be able to secure an early finish. However, Lingo is a skilled striker and will likely want to keep the fight standing. While there is a significant price gap between the two fighters, I predict that Landwehr will come out on top as the more well-rounded fighter. UFC fans and DraftKings MMA DFS enthusiasts won’t want to miss this exciting matchup.

Holly Holm (14-6-0) v. Yana Santos (14-6-0)

The matchup between Holly Holm and Yana Santos promises to be an intriguing contest. Holm is known for her constant kicks and clinches, but lacks volume and power. Santos will need to pressure Holm and force her to fight, which may be difficult as Holm circles the ring. However, if Santos can take Holm down and control her on the mat, she has a good chance of winning. While Holm may not pay off her price in a decision win, Santos could provide excellent value. Despite being an unpopular pick, I’m leaning towards Santos, who I believe will have a solid game plan to stop Holm from circling.

Recently, Holm has shifted her style to focus more on using her physicality. This can be an advantage in the right matchup for DraftKings. Santos tends to be stationary in the pocket, which could allow Holm to grind her against the fence and take the fight to the ground. This may not guarantee a high score, but Holm is worth considering in cash games.

Main Event

Marlon Vera (22-7-1) v. Cory Sandhagen (15-4-0)

The main event of UFC Fight Night in San Antonio promises to be a thrilling matchup between two of the top bantamweight fighters in the world. Marlon Vera and Cory Sandhagen will face off in a fight with high stakes, as the winner could be in line for a title shot in the near future.

Despite being considered an underdog in the past, Vera has been on an impressive winning streak, with four victories over top competition, including former champions Dominick Cruz and Frankie Edgar. He’s shown an underrated power and high fight IQ that make him a tough opponent for anyone. Sandhagen, on the other hand, is coming off a knockout victory over Song Yadong and has only lost to top-tier fighters like Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling.

While Sandhagen has the height advantage, Vera’s power and striking ability could make him a threat in this fight. Both fighters are durable and well-rounded, so it’s likely to be a stand-up brawl that favors Sandhagen. However, Vera’s recent improvement and finishing power could make him a live underdog.

Ultimately, Sandhagen’s quick hands and strong counters may give him the edge in this matchup. He’s likely to pile up volume early and possibly finish Vera, but it should be a close and competitive fight throughout. Fans can expect a Fight of the Night performance from both fighters in what could be a career-defining matchup.

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