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Draftkings MMA DFS UFC Fight Night Yan vs. Dvalishvili

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Welcome to our latest DraftKings MMA DFS UFC article. We’re here to break down the upcoming fight card and provide you with all the information you need to make informed picks and create winning lineups. We’ll analyze each fight from both a technical and DFS perspective, discussing the fighters’ strengths, weaknesses, and potential for high-scoring performances. Whether you’re a seasoned DFS player or just getting started, we’ve got you covered with our expert insights and analysis. So, let’s get started and find those winning lineups!

Tyson Nam (21-12-1) v. Bruno Silva (12-5-2)

When it comes to the upcoming fight between Tyson Nam and Bruno Silva, both fighters have their strengths and weaknesses. Nam, who stands at 5’7″ with a reach of 68″, is known for his moderate volume striking and minimal wrestling/grappling skills. He has recorded 14 finishes in his 21 wins, showcasing his knockout power.

On the other hand, Silva, who is slightly shorter than Nam at 5’4″ with a reach of 65″, also has a moderate volume striking game. However, he has an advantage in grappling and has recorded 8 finishes in his 12 wins. From a DFS perspective, this fight is expected to be a close one, with Nam being the more explosive striker.

However, Silva’s edge in grappling could give him the upper hand if he manages to take the fight to the ground. It’s worth noting that Nam has never been taken down in the UFC, but he is known to be hittable. Despite Nam’s potential for an early finish, the favorite in this fight is Silva, who is expected to win due to his superior grappling skills.

Victor Henry (22-6-0) v. Tony Gravely (23-8-0)

The upcoming fight between Victor Henry and Tony Gravely is an intriguing one, with both fighters bringing different skill sets to the octagon. Henry, who stands at 5’7″ with a reach of 68″, is known for his high volume striking game and superior grappling skills. He has recorded 14 finishes in his 22 wins, showcasing his ability to finish fights in different ways.

Gravely, on the other hand, is slightly shorter than Henry at 5’5″ but has a longer reach of 69″. He has a moderate volume striking game but has a significant advantage in wrestling and grappling. Gravely has recorded 13 finishes in his 23 wins, showcasing his finishing ability in competition.

Henry looked really good in his debut, and then not so good in his next fight. He is expected to have the edge on the feet with striking and volume, while Gravely will have a significant advantage on the mat with his wrestling skills, although Henry has shown solid takedown defense. Both fighters possess solid power, but Gravely’s experience in competition is expected to give him the edge in this fight.

Ariane Lipski (14-8-0) v. JJ Aldrich 11-5-0)

Lipski, also known as the “Violence Queen”, has had a mixed run in her recent fights, losing three of her last four inside the distance. Her opponent, Aldrich, has quietly worked her way through the ranks with a 7-2 record and is a seasoned, well-rounded striker with impressive wrestling skills.

Lipski has a moderate volume and impressive grappling skills, with nine finishes in 14 wins. However, her weak bottom game could be exploited by Aldrich, who has plus wrestling skills and stands an inch shorter than Lipski at 5’5″. Aldrich also has two finishes in her 11 wins and is a southpaw with moderate volume.

While there is hope that Lipski can live up to her potential, her recent performances have been underwhelming, and it may be time to cut bait. Although Lipski may have the power to overpower Aldrich on the feet, Aldrich’s wrestling skills and well-rounded striking ability make her a safer bet for victory.

From a DFS perspective, fans can expect a close fight on the feet but a dominant performance from Aldrich on the mat. Aldrich will likely look to take Lipski down early and control her for the remainder of the fight. While Lipski does have a chance to find a submission if Aldrich makes a mistake, it is not a reliable outcome to count on. In conclusion, Aldrich is the safer pick for all contests and is likely to score well.

Mario Bautista (11-2-0) v. Guido Cannetti (10-6-0)

Bautista has been on a roll with five wins in his last six fights after a disastrous UFC debut in 2019. He has shown high volume striking and grappling skills, finishing eight out of his 11 wins. Cannetti, on the other hand, has struggled in the UFC with a 2-5 record over seven years, but recently found success with back-to-back wins. He has moderate volume striking and good wrestling, with eight finishes in 10 wins.

Originally scheduled to fight in 2021, this matchup now seems mismatched, as Bautista has emerged as a contender while Cannetti is still finding his footing. Despite Cannetti’s aggressive style, Bautista’s slick kickboxing and grappling make him a tough opponent to handle. While Cannetti may put up a fight early on, Bautista’s superior skills should lead to a finish before the midway mark.

Cannetti’s recent wins have come against weaker competition, and facing a more challenging opponent in Bautista, he is likely to fade quickly and get finished. Bautista is a safe play, albeit the most expensive on the slate.

Sedriques Dumas (7-0-0) v. Josh Fremd (9-4-0)

Dumas boasts an undefeated record of 7-0 and has shown moderate volume striking along with excellent wrestling and grappling skills, finishing six of his seven wins. Fremd, on the other hand, has a record of 9-4 and also possesses moderate volume striking, good wrestling, and grappling skills, with seven finishes in nine wins.

Dumas earned a contract with the UFC after a dominant victory in the Contender Series, where he submitted Matej Penaz in just 47 seconds. He has displayed his striking skills and grappling prowess in his previous fights, with four of his knockout victories coming from kicks.

Fremd, who stepped in on short notice for this fight, is a tricky opponent with solid striking and grappling skills. However, his grappling issues were exposed in his previous two fights, which resulted in a decision loss and a quick submission loss.

In this matchup, Dumas’ well-rounded skills could pose a challenge for Fremd, who may struggle to keep up with Dumas’ pace and grappling game. While Fremd could have an advantage in a pure striking battle, Dumas’ excellent grappling skills make him a tough opponent to handle. It’s likely that Dumas will find a way to submit Fremd early in the fight.

Dumas looks like a top contender, and he is expected to make quick work of Fremd in an exciting debut. His well-rounded skills and potential for an early finish make him a great option for DFS.

Raphael Assuncao (27-9-0) v. Davey Grant (12-6-0)

Assuncao’s 12-1 run was interrupted by four consecutive losses, but he managed to bounce back with a win over Victor Henry in October 2022. He has displayed moderate volume striking along with impressive wrestling and grappling skills, finishing 14 out of his 28 wins. Grant, on the other hand, has a record of 12-6 and has shown high volume striking, good wrestling, and grappling skills, with 12 finishes in 14 wins.

Assuncao will have to rely on his precision striking and takedowns to slow down Grant, who seems more reckless but also has a more focused body punching style. While Assuncao was able to control the pace of his last fight against Henry, Grant’s output and power could prove to be more difficult to handle. Grant’s wrestling skills may also come into play, allowing him to keep the fight standing and capitalize on his striking advantage.

Assuncao is a solid striker and wrestler, but at 40 years old, he may have slowed down with age. Grant, who took the fight on short notice, is likely to be the aggressor, throwing more volume and power. He also has a wrestling game that could come into play. Grant is expected to win by decision, although a knockout is also possible.

Karl Williams (7-1-0) v. Lukasz Brzeski (8-2-1)

Williams, who rebounded from his first career loss to secure three consecutive victories, dominated Jimmy Lawson to earn a UFC contract. Brzeski, on the other hand, had to wait nearly a year to make his debut after a failed drug test. Although he put on an impressive performance against Martin Buday, he ultimately lost a controversial split decision.

Despite Brzeski’s high-volume striking and wrestling prowess, Williams has the edge in speed and technique, which he will look to exploit to keep Brzeski at bay. Williams’ wrestling skills also give him an added advantage, allowing him to control the fight as needed. However, the question remains as to how Williams will fare at 265 pounds, having previously fought at a lower weight class.

Regardless, this fight promises to be an exciting one, with Williams looking to build on his recent success and Brzeski eager to redeem himself after a close loss in his debut. From a DFS perspective, Williams is favored to win, but if Brzeski can avoid Williams’ takedowns and control, he has the potential to pull off an upset and score well as an underdog.

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UFC Fight Night Yan vs Dvalishvili Main Card

Vitor Petrino (7-0-0) v. Anton Turkalj (8-1-0)

The upcoming clash between Vitor Petrino and Anton Turkalj at UFC Fight Night Yan vs Dvalishvili promises to be an exciting bout with a high likelihood of a finish. While Petrino boasts powerful striking skills, Turkalj has the upper hand when it comes to wrestling and grappling. Petrino has won six of his seven pro fights via finish, and Turkalj has seven finishes in eight wins.

Petrino will rely on his striking abilities to dominate the fight, but Turkalj will be looking to take it to the ground. If Turkalj can weather Petrino’s early attacks, he has a good chance of submitting him in the later rounds.

DFS players will not want to miss this fight, as it has the potential for high-scoring finishes. While Petrino may have the striking advantage, Turkalj’s grappling skills cannot be overlooked. The fight could swing either way, but it is bound to be an action-packed spectacle.

Ricardo Ramos (16-4-0) v. Austin Lingo (9-1-0)

In the upcoming UFC Fight Night Yan vs Dvalishvili, one bout that has caught the attention of fans is the Ricardo Ramos vs Austin Lingo matchup. Ramos, with a record of 16-4-0, will face off against Lingo, who boasts a record of 9-1-0.

In terms of physical attributes, Ramos stands at 5’9″ with a reach of 72″, fighting in the orthodox stance. He possesses moderate volume striking, but his wrestling and grappling abilities are top-notch, with 11 finishes in his 16 career wins. On the other hand, Lingo stands at 5’10” with a reach of 70″, fighting in the orthodox stance as well. Like Ramos, Lingo also has moderate volume striking, but his wrestling skills are a plus, with 5 finishes in his 9 career wins.

If this fight were to remain a 15-minute striking affair, Lingo would have the edge with his striking and volume, making him a potential upset winner. However, Ramos is likely to take the fight to the mat early and often, where he has a considerable advantage. Ramos also possesses a devastating spinning back elbow that he is likely to utilize several times in the fight in search of a knockout. Although the fight should remain competitive until it hits the mat, Ramos is the pick to win. However, given his price, there is some skepticism surrounding his ability to deliver a solid performance.

Nikita Krylov (29-9-0) v. Ryan Spann (21-7-0)

Krylov, standing at 6’3″ with a reach of 77″ and fighting in the orthodox stance, possesses moderate volume striking and exceptional wrestling and grappling skills, with 27 finishes in his 29 career wins. Meanwhile, Spann, who stands at 6’5″ with a reach of 79″ and also fights in the orthodox stance, has moderate volume striking and impressive wrestling and grappling abilities, with 18 finishes in his 21 career wins.

The two fighters were originally scheduled to headline a previous event before Krylov fell ill at the last minute. Now set to turn 31 just weeks after this event, Krylov will be looking to secure his third consecutive victory after bouncing back from a brief two-fight losing streak. Despite some inconsistency in his UFC career, Krylov is clearly one of the better options in his division.

Similarly, Spann has won seven of his first nine UFC bouts, but his past durability issues could limit his potential in the long run. While he is known for his work on the mat, his significant strike numbers are relatively low for a light heavyweight. Meanwhile, Krylov has a clear power advantage, although his susceptibility to submission could prove costly.

In terms of DFS value, both fighters offer potential, but Krylov’s all-around game and physicality make him the preferred choice. However, this is expected to be a tight fight with a high likelihood of a finish. Fans should expect an exciting and closely contested battle between these two well-rounded finishers.

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Alexander Volkov (35-10-0) v. Alexandr Romanov (16-1-0)

Volkov, standing at 6’7″ with a reach of 80″ and fighting in the orthodox stance, possesses moderate volume striking and minimal wrestling and grappling abilities, with 26 finishes in his 35 career wins. Meanwhile, Romanov, standing at 6’2″ with a reach of 75″ and fighting in the southpaw stance, has moderate volume striking and exceptional wrestling and grappling skills, with 15 finishes in his 16 career wins.

Although Romanov started his UFC career on a high note, winning his first five bouts with four coming via submission, he recently suffered a tough-luck majority decision defeat against Marcin Tybura, exposing his conditioning issues. On the other hand, Volkov, a former Bellator Heavyweight Champion, has been inconsistent in his recent fights but remains a talented veteran with a well-rounded offensive game.

While Romanov’s power is undeniable, it remains to be seen whether he can handle the pressure from a more experienced opponent like Volkov. Volkov’s superior cardio and all-around game could be his key to victory in this matchup.

From a DFS perspective, Romanov is expected to come out strong and look for an early finish, as he did in his previous fights. However, Volkov’s solid striking and reach advantage could give him an edge in the first round, and his durability makes him a formidable opponent to overcome.

Overall, this fight promises to be an intriguing battle between a rising star and an experienced veteran, with each fighter bringing their unique skills to the table.

Petr Yan (16-4-0) v. Merab Dvalishvili (15-4-0)

In the world of bantamweight, few matchups are as anticipated as the bout between Petr Yan and Merab Dvalishvili. These two are among the top five fighters in their weight class, and this fight could have major implications on the championship picture. Yan, who some consider to be the best 135-pound fighter, has suffered three losses in his last four bouts. However, a closer look at those defeats shows that they aren’t quite as concerning as they might seem. One loss came from a DQ against Aljamain Sterling, and Yan dominated that fight before being disqualified. He then beat Cory Sandhagen before losing a split decision to Sterling in a rematch. Lastly, he lost a controversial decision to Sean O’Malley. It’s clear that Yan is still a force to be reckoned with, but he needs a win to prove it.

Dvalishvili, on the other hand, is on a hot streak. After losing his first two UFC bouts, he has won eight straight, including a unanimous decision over the legendary Jose Aldo. However, he is heavily reliant on his wrestling, with an average of 6.54 takedowns per 15 minutes. While many believed he would struggle against Aldo if he couldn’t get his takedowns, he failed to land a single one and still won. Despite this, he is expected to continue pressuring Yan with his wrestling, although Yan has a takedown defense of 90 percent.

In terms of striking, Yan is expected to have a significant advantage over Dvalishvili. Yan is a more accomplished and technical boxer, and he is consistently aggressive and excellent at picking his spots. While Dvalishvili can get reckless at times, Yan has been remarkably durable. Although Dvalishvili isn’t known for his fight-ending power, he could still land a handful of takedowns and potentially win a decision.

Despite the value of Dvalishvili’s elite wrestling, Yan’s all-around game makes him the more favorable pick. He is expected to dominate on the feet and have a strong defense against Dvalishvili’s wrestling. Additionally, he has experience with five-round fights and tough competition.

Overall, expect most of the fight to take place on the feet and against the cage, with Yan having the advantage. However, Dvalishvili’s wrestling could potentially cause problems for Yan if he can secure takedowns. Nonetheless, Yan’s well-rounded skillset should make him the favorite to come out on top.

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