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DraftKings NBA DFS Cheat Sheet for March 13

fantasy basketball nba dfs cheat sheet

This article will provide a FREE NBA DFS cheat sheet featuring top NBA DFS Picks. The following NBA DFS Picks for DraftKings’ Fantasy Basketball contests are directly from the Team Rise or Fall NBA DFS Projections and lineup optimizer. Whether you’re a seasoned DFS player or just getting started, this guide can help you gain a competitive advantage and achieve your fantasy basketball goals.

Additional premium content, such as tiered rankings, simulation model, trends tracker, GPP core plays, and cash core can be found on the NBA Home Page

When building DFS lineups, it’s important to stay informed about injury news and trends in the DFS community by utilizing resources like Rise or Fall discord. One approach is to use player ratings and projections as a starting point, identifying the highest rated and projected players to build a strong foundation for the lineup.

Additionally, looking for undervalued players can help to get good production at a lower cost and help to fit in more high-priced players. The matchups should also be considered, targeting players facing off against weaker defenses or with favorable individual matchups. Finally, utilizing player correlations can help to create a lineup that is more likely to produce points across the board. The key is to use the ratings and projections as a guide but also to be willing to think creatively and make strategic lineup decisions based on the specific circumstances of the slate.

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🏀 NBA Study Hub

The NBA Study Hub is where I go to research, strategize, and navigate the NBA DFS landscape every single day. The NBA DFS Cheat Sheet above is the tip of the iceberg. The NBA Study Hub includes NBA DFS Projections, NBA DFS Player Ratings, NBA DFS Ownership Projections, NBA DFS Trending Data, and much more for DraftKings, FanDuel, and SuperDraft. 

🏀 NBA Ownership Projections

Having good NBA DFS projections is only half the battle in today’s NBA DFS landscape. Use our NBA DFS Ownership Projections, to get an edge on the field by quickly identifying which players are over, or under-owned each slate.

🏀 NBA Player Ratings

Our NBA DFS Player Ratings, in our NBA DFS Study Hub, help you quickly identify the top players on the slate. The NBA Ratings incorporate everything you see on the NBA Study and more. If you chose to load the NBA Ratings into Fantasy Cruncher and Optimize around the ratings, you can get a truly unique roster construction only available to Rise or Fall members. In fact, today’s NBA DFS Cheat Sheet was made with these NBA DFS Player Ratings.

🏀 NBA Sim Model

We simulate every game on every slate to determine which players have the best chance to reach a specific value multiplier each night. You can use this tool to construct safe cash game lineups or high upside Tournament lineups

🏀 NBA Core Builds

Our NBA Coaches, assemble their top 4 or 5 players to build around on each slate. These players can be used in cash games, tournaments, or a mixture of both. If you lock in our Building Blocks and then crunch the rest of your lineup with our NBA Projections or NBA Ratings you can gain a big edge vs the field.

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