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Fanduel NBA Cheat Sheet 12/29

ROF Fanduel Ratings Top 3 today 📊

The ROF Ratings have been developed over the years. We have them in our NBA Study Hub, and we use them in other sports as well. The rating system identifies the best plays on every slate. It’s a final metric to use when comparing players. I personally like to give 3 thumbs up 👍  in Fantasy Cruncher on all of these players. This will give me higher exposure to the highest-rated players.

Ready to take your game to the Next level?

Our membership saves you $20 bucks every month on Fantasy Cruncher, the most powerful Lineup Optimizer in the business. Fantasy Cruncher will help you create 150 of your highest projected lineups in a matter of minutes. Each Thumbs up or thumbs down you use on a player increases or decreases that player’s projection by 8%. Using this feature will allow you to create a unique pool of players to generate lineups every day. When you combine the NBA Study Hub Projections and Ratings with the power of Fantasy Cruncher, the sky is the limit.



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