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Fantasy Cruncher NFL DFS Tutorial Stream Part 2

Fantasy Cruncher NFL DFS

Fantasy Cruncher NFL DFS Tutorial Stream Part 2

Since our members receive $20 to use on Fantasy Cruncher every single month, I felt it was necessary to do a refresher course for all things Fantasy Cruncher. I will do Part 2 on Friday, September 2nd at the normal 1:00 pm ET stream time on YouTube.com/DFSnDonuts.

Who and What is Rise or Fall?

Long story short, we consist of a dozen or so experts including four full-time professional DFS players. Our tools are made by pros for pros (as we use them all daily), while the members get to be along for the ride and watch us use them, see how we use them, and get breakdowns on WHY we use them the way we do.

We very much want to teach people how to fish and not just give them a meal.

If you’d like to see what we are all about, we have a brand new about us page more or less. Give it a look here!