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Fantasy Nascar DFS Top Plays for the Noco 400

Nascar DFS top plays Noco 400

In this article we’ll be breaking down the Fantasy Nascar DFS Top Plays and top picks for your DFS lineup for the NOCO 400. As NASCAR heads to Martinsville for the highly anticipated NOCO 400, fans and fantasy sports enthusiasts alike are buzzing with excitement. The unique short flat track race presents a set of challenges for those building their daily fantasy sports (DFS) lineups. In an unpredictable twist, some drivers who typically don’t dominate races are starting near the front, making lineup building a strategic and high-stakes endeavor.

Fantasy Nascar DFS Top Plays for the Noco 400

High-Priced Drivers:

Kyle Larson ($10,800): Despite starting in 19th position, Kyle Larson is a driver who cannot be ignored. While Martinsville isn’t his strongest track, Larson has proven time and again that he can make his way to the front and secure a top-five finish. His high price tag is justified, and if ownership levels remain reasonable, Larson could be the key to securing a winning lineup.

Denny Hamlin ($10,300): Denny Hamlin is starting in 11th position, and this could be the race where he turns things around. As a dominator option, especially if you’re fading the top four starters, Hamlin has the potential to rack up valuable dominator points. Keep a close eye on Hamlin’s performance as the race progresses.

Mid-Priced Drivers:

Alex Bowman ($8,200): Alex Bowman presents an excellent value play for DFS enthusiasts. Starting deep in the field, Bowman has the potential to accumulate place differential points, making him a solid pick in the mid-price range. His ability to navigate the pack and secure a strong finish makes him a worthwhile addition to your lineup.

Ryan Blaney ($8,500): Ryan Blaney is starting in 31st position, and while he has a tendency to encounter trouble on the track, his potential for place differential points is hard to ignore. Blaney is a great play, and if he can avoid incidents on the track, he could be a valuable asset to your DFS lineup.

Low-Priced Drivers:

Harrison Burton ($6,300): Harrison Burton has a history of performing well on short tracks, making him an appealing low-priced driver for the NOCO 400. Starting in 29th position, Burton has the potential for a top-15 finish, offering valuable place differential points. His upbringing on short tracks gives him an edge in navigating the tight turns of Martinsville, and for the price, he could be a hidden gem in your lineup.

Ty Dillon ($5,800): Ty Dillon is a budget-friendly pick with potential for a decent finish. Starting in 32nd position, Ty has room to move up in the field and accumulate place differential points. While the performance of his car has been a concern in the past, his experience on short tracks could give him an advantage. If you’re looking to save some budget and take a calculated risk, Ty Dillon could be the driver to round out your DFS lineup.

In conclusion, the NOCO 400 at Martinsville presents unique opportunities and challenges for DFS players. With unusual qualifying results and the inherent unpredictability of short track racing, lineup building requires careful consideration of driver performance, starting position, and value for the price. Whether you’re considering high-priced dominators like Kyle Larson and Denny Hamlin, mid-priced contenders like Alex Bowman and Ryan Blaney, or low-priced value plays like Harrison Burton and Ty Dillon, your choices will be crucial in securing a winning lineup.

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