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Underdog Best Ball Fantasy Football: Gabe Davis is Set to Breakout in 2022

Gabe Davis

One of the most exciting aspects of playing Fantasy Football is falling in love with that one guy and watching him breakout. That’s exactly how I’m feeling this season about Gabe Davis. Keep reading to see why Fantasy Football enthusiasts and analysts alike, are falling in love with him as the ideal Underdog Best Ball breakout candidate.

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Gabe Davis is set to break out in 2022. 

The Buffalo Bills truly have a diamond in the rough with Wide Receiver, Gabe Davis. Fantasy Football team managers first took notice at what some call his “breakout” game last year versus the Kansas City Chiefs. He caught 8 passes, ran for over 200 yards, and scored four big touchdowns.

But the guy is more than just that one game. If you’ve been watching and waiting… Gabe Davis just needed an opportunity to show his skills. He’s a true talent and the stars seem to be aligning for him to build an ongoing love affair with fans and not just a fling. 

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You’re doing great! 🎉 Keep on reading to see stats supporting the use of Gabe Davis in your Underdog Best Ball leagues and DFS. 👇

Gabe Davis

Gabe Davis: Player on the rise. 

In his previous two seasons with the Bills, Gabe Davis had been buried back deep within the depth chart behind Diggs, Beasley, and. John Brown/Emmanuel Sanders. This isn’t the case for 2022. Brown, Sanders, and Beasley have all be cut, making a pathway for Davis to land in line just behind Diggs. 
Let’s talk about target share… With Diggs commanding roughly 160 targets per season, analysts seem to still believe that Gabe Davis could receive over 100 targets of his own. The math works out, since Buffalo’s offense threw 641 passes last season. That leaves plenty of opportunity, even if they play by committee. 
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