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Giveaways and Week 4 NFL Rise or Fall Contest

This week will be full of giveaways and even have an NFL Week 4 contest strictly for Rise or Fall members only.

  1. Tune in daily to twitch.tv/TeamRiseorFall at 12:30 pm ET every single day for the following
    1. $100 FanDuel SE Giveaway (x2)
    2. $222 FanDuel SE Giveaway (x2)
    3. 5 tickets to the $20 SuperDraft Red Zone $125,000 Contest
  2. On Saturday, I will post an article (that only members have access to) that will contain a link to a DraftKings contest. There will be $300 up for grabs for the Top-3 finishers. It will be fun to compete against all ROF members as a community!

If you are not a member, it’s a good day to be one. Join HERE