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Houston Open PGA DFS Picks

Houston Open PGA DFS Picks

Another week, another golf tournament. This week’s tournament is being played at Memorial Park Gold Course and I’ve got your Houston Open PGA DFS Picks! If you’re a long-time reader, you won’t be surprised to find that I will 100% be listing Mav McNealy or Scottie Scheffler, in this article somewhere. But keep reading, because I am making at least one prediction that is outside of the typical analyst’s rundown.

Memorial Park Golf Course has the standard hallmarks of the standard PGA Tour course. There isn’t really anything that screams at me to make you aware of. That being said, the typical PGA Tour course fits players with a strong approach game and decent distance off the tee. Around the green scrambling doesn’t necessarily come into play and accuracy should be fairly simple to achieve this week. 

My goal isn’t to build your lineup for you, it’s to guide you by using my experience as a sports bettor and the membership tools available at Team Rise or Fall. With that being said… here are this week’s PGA DFS picks (after a word from our sponsor). 

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Houston Open PGA DFS Picks

Scottie Scheffler

  • DraftKings $11.5
  • FanDuel $12

I love Scottie to win this week. He has one of the best approach games on tour, along with a solid drive. The problem here is… everyone else loves Scottie this week too. If you want to roster him, you’ll need to get creative somewhere else in your lineup. Not just because he’s pricey, but because you’ll be up against the roughly 35% of players utilizing Scottie this week. Does that scare me off of him? Not necessarily. If we craft our lineups to include some sleepers… having Scottie on our team could be the difference maker.  

Taylor Pendrith

  • DraftKings $8.5
  • FanDuel $9.8

Taylor Pendrith was a staple on my rosters late in the last season. He’s young. He’s hungry. He’s talented. And he seems to be fully healed from an injury to his ribs that kept him out most of last season. His driving distance and approach far exceed the skill level required for this course. Where Taylor may struggle this week could be putting. As of late, his putting hasn’t been so good and it shows in his last couple of finishes. And while his 4th round scores haven’t been so great either… he’s sure to make the cut at least and that’s half the battle. In addition, he’s pretty skilled at avoiding the dreaded bogey. Rostership on both DraftKings and FanDuel is around 12%, so he’s not a sleeper by any means, but it does give you enough differentiation versus other DFS players. 

Keith Mitchell 

  • DraftKings $8.1
  • FanDuel $9.5

Mitchell is very well-suited for this course. He’s pretty vanilla, but this course isn’t asking for any candy sprinkles. 🙂 Keith Mitchell is a well-rounded player, which is exactly what this course calls for. His last outing was pretty horrendous. This will have left a bad taste in the mouths of many DFS players. It’s being reflected in his rostership, which is around 8% on both DK and FD. If you weren’t scared off, this week is a good time to add Mitchell to your Houston Open PGA DFS Picks. Fun fact… he averages under 70 in every round of play (with the exception of his last sad showing). I will be taking a chance on Mitchell this week and adding him to some if not all of my lineups. 

Ryan Palmer

  • DraftKings $6.9
  • FanDuel $8.1

THIS is the pick you’ve been waiting for. Ryan Palmer. Rostered on just 3% – 4% of teams, Palmer is where you can differentiate your roster from those of your opponents. His play style is as balanced as it comes. If each measurable skill set made a circle on a graph… he hits every touchpoint right on the nose. While his last outing was less than thrilling, he does have history in this particular event, coming in 26th last year. I wish I had something super exciting to say about him, but I don’t. Like Mitchell, Palmer is pretty plain, but as I mentioned, this course is also fairly plain. While I do think he’s a little pricey on FanDuel, I really, really like the idea of playing him as one of my DraftKings Houston Open PGA DFS Picks. 

Maverick McNealy

  • DraftKings $9.4
  • FanDuel $11

His average round score is about 68. That’s pretty dang impressive. His putting is out of this world. And the rest of his game? That’s just gravy. I’m obviously a big fan of Mav, but this week, I like him, particularly on DraftKings. His salary is lower than I’d expect and the disparity between the DraftKings pricing and the FanDuel pricing causes me to jump at the chance to add him as one of my Houston Open PGA DFS Picks. Rostership is still in the safe zone at around 18%. So I’m in. His last 4 events have been fantastic, so let’s ride this wave in together. Shall we?

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