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How to Use Rise or Fall NFL Content to Build DFS Lineups

Rise or Fall has a ton of DFS content for those that want to MME, SE, or play Cash games. We have a bevy of tools, content pieces, and the path you take to building your DFS lineups for DraftKings, FanDuel, and SuperDraft is entirely dependent on what your goal is. Here is our best-suggested way to use our content to build lineups based on your goals.

Research Time

The NFL Study Hub is the first place to go to get a sweeping overview of the slate as well as dissecting individual plays. This is where you will be able to sort statistics and important trends. You can see pricing across multiple sites, projected ownerships, player projections, and our proprietary player rating system which is helpful when comparing two players. If you need help with the Study Hub for NFL, give the NFL Study Hub Tutorial a quick watch.

Hover over the NFL Tab > NFL DFS Tools > NFL Study Hub

Be sure to check the RANGE OF OUTCOMES and GAMEFLOW tabs to get a general overview beyond just the stats!

Read the 8,000 + Word Slate Breakdown by CeeGee (for the anti-sheets crowd!)

We have two sections that are incredibly helpful to members. The first is the NFL Articles section where a plethora of research articles, strategy articles, and specific lineup building articles are written weekly for NFL. You can read those by going to the NFL Tab > NFL Content Tab > NFL Articles Tab (or simply click right HERE).

Next, dive into CeeGee’s massive 8,000 + word weekly breakdown of the entire slate. He dives into the game flow, player-specific research, game theory for lineup building, and provides his suggested stacking groups and personal opinion on how he views using each player or attacking the slate via each game. No matter what game you want to target, he BREAKS IT DOWN FOR YOU should you desire to target that game. Simply click the bolded words above or head to the NFL Tab > NFL Content Tab > Slate Breakdown Tab.

Where are the Projection and Rating Models Taking Us?

Our proprietary Rating Model, as well as our Projections Model, both have a TOOL to use in conjunction with the data. These are called our STACK TOOLS. 

On the second tab for the FanDuel Top Stacks Tool and also the DraftKings Top Stacks Tool, you see the phrase “SE Double Stacks”. These are for when you want Secondary Correlation in your lineup. They are a fantastic “what should I do?” tool when you’re stuck building your SE lineup.

We also have a MARKET SHARE TOOL, which will allow you to see the top combinations of players that take up the most projected points for each team. If the Panthers have 100 projected DraftKings points on offense and Teddy Bridgewater, DJ Moore, and Robby Anderson all combined for 67.5 DraftKings points in our projections, then their Market Share is 67.5% of the total Panthers projections. This is a great way to identify high-value stacks.

I Want to Build Single Entry (SE) DraftKings or FanDuel Lineups

Awesome, we got your back covered here. First stop, head to the Building Blocks. This is where you will find the suggested core stacks, cash core, and pieces to construct a lineup around based on how we view the slate.

Next, get a more in-depth approach to building both CASH LINEUPS and GPP LINEUPS via the TIERED RANKINGS. These are Donuts’ suggested targets and his rankings on each player for both Cash and GPP’s. They are the exact players that he is targeting weekly for DraftKings and FanDuel. On the THIRD TAB, titled “FINAL NOTES AND STRATEGY”, he creates a RONIN ONLY private video where he goes a bit deeper about HOW TO USE EACH PLAYER AND IN WHAT TYPE OF CONTESTS (contest selection for different players is an overlooked strategy).

Next, head over to the SINGLE ENTRY PICKS AND POOL which will give you priority targets for your lineup building and a strategy to use said targets. This allows you to navigate the SE lineup building process the best way that you see fit. We want to get you on the right path and allow you to flex your creative muscle. Of course, we are here to answer any questions for you in Discord and assist you with all things DFS so feel free to tag a coach in chat!

I Want to build Cash Game Lineups

Look no further. The CASH POOL AND NOTES is just for you. With a personal cash game target pool and multiple price point options, building cash games has never been more efficient. Strategy notes are detailed to highlight “IF you pay up, then do this” type scenarios. The cash game-winning screenshots fill up Discord like crazy Sunday nights!

If You Want to MME

Our projections Wizard (CeeGee has 150+ wins on RG Standings) gives away his personal strategy on the slate by showing exactly where he is going with his PLAYER POOL and MME EXPOSURES.

Rise or Fall With Us

Our goal is to provide an abundance of value at an affordable price. Basically, an affordable edge. We do this by ensuring that anybody that wants sheets has an abundance of sheets. Anybody that wants data and tools, well, they have those at their fingertips. And for those that just want articles, videos, and notes, we certainly have an abundance of this for that crowd.

Lastly, we want to support you more than anything else in all things DFS through our Discord community. DFS is much more fun when you’re discussing the slate with a fun community that is supportive and POSITIVE. Our $29.99 RONIN Tier covers everything you read in this article, content for ALL SPORTS, and includes a $20 MONTHLY COUPON TO FANTASY CRUNCHER, our partner.

Together, We Rise!

We hope you subscribe and join the family for ALL SPORTS!


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