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Underdog Best Ball Fantasy Football: Is Stacking Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy a Solid 2022 Strategy?

Stacking Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy

One of the most popular strategies in Best Ball Fantasy Football is to stack a QB with a star receiver. Is stacking Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy a solid strategy for the 2022 season? Let’s discuss!

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Stacking Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy

It might sound like a no-brainer to stacking Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy. Wilson made the move in the off-season to the Denver Broncos, who desperately needed a reliable, big name talent like him. Jerry Jeudy was poised to have a fantastic 2021 season, but it never really took off. Perhaps this matchup will be what sparks change?

Missing seven games last season, Jeudy managed 476 yards and 38 catches. He didn’t, however, score any touchdowns. Stacking Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy seems to be the ticket to winning this season in DFS and in Underdog Best Ball leagues. With a proper QB like Wilson making the passes to a superb (and speedy) route-runner like Jeudy, there will be points. 

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Second-best new QB-WR combo?

By stacking Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy, you’re getting what many are calling the new “second best” QB-WR combo. Who’s begin tosses around as the best? My personal favorite, the Raiders, Carr and Adams.
Back to the topic at hand- The Broncos haven’t had a winning QB since 2014 with Peyton Manning. Wilson was a winner in Seattle and the Broncos are banking on him bringing his 20+ touchdown passes with him to Denver. The stack working out will hinge on Jeudy remaining healthy, which was a struggle last season. 
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