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MLB DFS Lineup Study 5/22/2022

Top 4 MLB DFS Picks for DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Targets 9-1

Welcome to day today’s MLB DFS Lineup Study.  Come join me, as well as some of the best minds in the business, in the Team Rise or Fall discord in the Ronin-mlb channel if you have comments or questions or just want to talk about trends you are seeing.  You can also find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/patkingpin

For today’s lineup study we are doing something a little different.  I will still include the full season updated charts below so you can have the most up to date information available to help you build your lineups, but today I wanted to focus on two members of Team Rise or Fall who had good weekends and deserve to be studied! TROF member theevilempire142 on Friday night won a seat at the Fanduel Live MLB Finals! Then on Saturday Night, TROF member punisher826 won $1,000 in the $10K Sat MLB Keystone on Fanduel. 

I’ll be using Fantasy Cruncher to help me review each of these lineups. All of our Rise or Fall members save $20 per month on their Fantasy Cruncher subscription, so, if you’re not signed up yet, what are you waiting for?

The Team Rise or Fall website has you covered for all things MLB, NBA, and NHL as well as NASCAR, MMA, and PGA!  Hopefully this article gets you excited to play MLB DFS today, so we are giving you the Team Rise or Fall MLB Study Hub for free today!  Just click here for all of the data to help you build great lineups https://teamriseorfall.com/mlb-dfs-study-hub/

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Normally you see here the stats that we look at nightly.  Instead, I am looking at TROF member theevilempire142 from Friday night when he won a live seat final’s ticket and TROF member punisher826 and his $1,000 winning lineup from Saturday Night and looking to see how they built their lineups.    Join me as we try and see where these members used the lineup study articles in connection with the study hub to create their winning lineups! 

First up, Friday Night when theevilempire142 took down a seat to the MLB Live Finals! 

Hitter Projections – The winning lineup had 7 out of 8 hitters over a 10 projection.  The other hitter had a 9.36 projection.   Hitter Rating – Every hitter had a rating over 50.

Hitter 85% – The winning lineup had 8 out of 8 hitters had an 85% percentile rating of over 30!

A or B – 8 out of 8 hitters had a Projected Tier or Value Tier rating of A or B.  The 85% rating and the A/B ratings are exclusive to the TROF Study Hub.  As you can see, the wizard of the study hub has these extremely dialed in on Fanduel.

Stack size – The winning lineup used a 4/3/1 lineup.  This is still considered the optimal stack on Fanduel with 30% of the lineups I study throughout the season having a 4/3 stack.

Pitcher – Eric Lauer was the winning pitcher used.  He had a TROF projection of 34.51, a TROF rating of 65.35, a Vegas Win% of 69.6%, a Vegas Opponent run total of 3.30, and a K% of 24.30.  In other words, he checked off every box we look for a pitcher to check on Fanduel. 

Ownership – Last night the winner used 2 players under 10% owned.  The winning lineup was able to get different just by using a couple of players under 10% owned.  By the way, those 2 players combined for 47.9 fantasy points in the lineup.

Lineups and Hub for theevilempire142 and punisher826

Do you want to have access to all of the tools Team Rise or Fall has to offer and get them in all sports? For new members, you can take $10 off of your first month when you use my promo code!  Click this link to subscribe and use promo code: Patkingpin to get $10 off your first month https://teamriseorfall.com/subscribe-now/

Next, I wanted to look at Team Rise or Fall (TROF) member punisher826 and his $1,000 lineup from Saturday night. 

Hitter Projections – 6 out of 8 players in his lineup had a projection of 10 or more, the 2 that didn’t had 0 points.  Wait, you can win $1,000 with two zero point players in your lineup?  Yup, it is possible with the right contest selection and the right mix of other players in your lineup. 

Punisher used a 4/2 stack in his lineup.  Again, 4 man stack used to make money.  Sure we have seen other combinations winning tournaments this year, but a 4 man stack with good correlation has given us the best chance of winning on a nightly basis.  

Punisher used Tampa Bay as his main stack last night with Milwaukee as his 2 man stack and one offs from Houston and the Angels.  Notice the Mets/Rockies game at Coors was not used.  Punisher did a great job leveraging the field as he got off the chalky stack and found stacks that were just as likely to score him enough points to get ahead of the chalky Coors lineups. 

Tampa Bay had a Vegas Win% of 53.1 and a Vegas Implied Run total of 4.39 while Milwaukee had a Vegas Win% of 70.2 with a Vegas Implied Run Total of 4.61.  Both of these teams were projected to score enough to offset what was a cold second game of a Coors doubleheader. 

Oh and did I mention both Milwaukee and Tamp Bay had Stack Rating of over 50 on the Team Rise or Fall Study Hub?  We want to make sure we are looking for those over 50 teams in the Stack Ratings on the hub. 

Punisher used Justin Verlander as his pitcher.  I have pointed it out many times in the lineup studies, just play the best pitchers on Fanduel.  If you want to see the numbers, Verlander had a 44.19 projection, an 81.4 rating, 69.3% Vegas Win%, a Vegas Opponent Implied Run Total of 2.93, and a K% of 33.82%.  Just play him.  Pitchers like this might have a bad game once in a while, but if they are on a slate they should be in your pitcher pool.

Draftkings and Fanduel Season Totals

I hope this was a nice change of pace for everyone.  It is great to see the names we see in Discord having such awesome success.  I hope to do more of these studies on Team Rise or Fall members throughout the season. As always, if you want to discuss any of this, you can find me, and these winners, in TROF discord in the ronin-mlb channel.  I am always looking for ways to improve the article or just to hear any feedback you might have.

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