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MLB DFS Lineup Study 6/23/2022

MLB DFS - Expert Analysis and Projections

Welcome to a very special, final edition of MLB DFS Lineup Study.  Come join me, as well as some of the best minds in the business, in the Team Rise or Fall discord in the Ronin-mlb channel if you have comments or questions or just want to talk about trends you are seeing.  You can also find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/patkingpin

For the MLB lineup study, we are looking at the winners of the MLB Relay Throw 150 max and the MLB Four-Seamer 20 max tournaments on Draftkings and we are also looking at the MLB Squeeze (Or the Rally if there is no Squeeze) 150 max tournament on Fanduel.  Please note, I am only looking at Main slates for each site.   

The Team Rise or Fall website has you covered for all things MLB, NBA, and NHL as well as NASCAR, MMA, and PGA!  If you want to become a member, use code: Patkingpin at checkout and I will give you $10 off of your membership for the first month! Click here to look around everything we have to offer https://teamriseorfall.com. Check out our MLB homepage here https://teamriseorfall.com/mlb-dfs/.

I’ll be using Fantasy Cruncher to help me review each of these lineups. All of our Rise or Fall members save $20 per month on their Fantasy Cruncher subscription, so, if you’re not signed up yet, what are you waiting for?

Normally this is where I post how last night performed.  Today we are doing something different.  Sometimes when you look the data, you realize that you have reached a point where the data isn’t changing much.  I have reached that point.  We have looked at 77 slates together and the data has become very stable to the point where I think we have accomplished our goal of identifying trends.  Therefore, it is with mixed emotions that I am wrapping it up for the season.  Why mixed?  Well, I have enjoyed the interaction and feedback you all have given me throughout the season.  I enjoy the DMs I receive in Discord saying that you used the data in the lineup studies to win tournaments and make money.  This is why I do the Lineup Studies.  The mixed emotions are because I am going to miss all of that.  I have included the up to date charts in the bottom of each sections as I always have.  Save those.  Use those to continue to build your lineups.  Although it may seem that the MLB season is different now than in May, I can guarantee you that the trends are the same.  Use them to your advantage. 

A Final note.  Thank you to everyone who has made this article a success.  I don’t know what the future of Lineup Study is or if it will carry onto future sports like NFL, but remember, this all started with an NBA mini study in discord.  Anything is possible in the future.  As I have said many times, keep moving forward, keep getting better.  Never think you are better than the next person, they always have something to teach you as well. 

Draftkings Season Totals

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Fanduel Season Totals

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