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MLB DFS Preview for Friday 8-18-23

Spencer Strider Headlines 12-Game MLB DFS Friday Slate

It’s that time again in the world of daily fantasy baseball, and tonight’s slate features some exciting matchups that could potentially rival the performance of one Spencer Strider. Now, usually, Strider’s upside stands tall and unmatched, but hold your horses – there’s a contender in town tonight. I’m not saying this contender outshines Strider, but for once, there’s a real discussion about it. Let’s dive into the players, their strengths, and what makes tonight’s slate an intriguing one.

Pitching Showdown

Spencer Strider Leads the Pack

Kicking off the pitching preview is none other than the highest-priced player on FanDuel, Spencer Strider, with a salary of $11,500. He’s set to face the San Francisco Giants, who, despite playing in an offensive black hole, sport a decent 107 WRC+ against righties. However, the Giants are no strangers to strikeouts, with a 24% strikeout rate. Strider’s ERA of 4.37 over 16 starts might seem concerning, but his 36% strikeout rate combined with his relatively low 32% hard-hit rate means he’s likely to deliver strong results. His expected ERA of 3.08 against an actual ERA of 3.75 suggests Strider has faced some bad luck this season. He’s projected to rack up around 9.1 strikeouts tonight, which is head and shoulders above the competition. Strider’s the top dog, and it’s hard to argue otherwise.

Pablo Lopez: The Contender

But wait, there’s a challenger! Pablo Lopez, priced at $10,800, takes the mound against the Pirates. The Pirates hold a respectable 103 WRC+ against righties but strike out at a 25% clip. Lopez has been impressive, boasting a 3.18 skill interactive ERA and a 30% strikeout rate across his last 13 starts. He’s managed to keep his hard-hit rate to a mere 33%, while the Twins, known to let pitchers go deep, have allowed him over 100 pitches in five outings. With a projected 7.7 strikeouts, Lopez is a contender for sure, although not quite Strider level.

Value Plays and Stacks

Seth Lugo: A Value Play

If you’re hunting for a value play, Seth Lugo at $8,800 could be your guy. Facing the Diamondbacks, Lugo’s 4.16 ERA might not be amazing, but his 3.94 FIP and solid plate discipline stats suggest he’s flying under the radar. Lugo’s changeup usage has been on the rise, and he’s posted a 24% strikeout rate with just a 4% walk rate over his last nine starts. While it’s a repeat matchup against the same team, Lugo is an attractive value option for your lineup.

Stacking Strategies

Looking for stacking opportunities? The Twins and Phillies come into play. The Twins will be taking on Andre Jackson, who’s transitioning to a starter role and could be in for a tough night. With a WRC+ of 112 against righties, the Twins offer some promising bats at reasonable prices. The Phillies, on the other hand, will face Joanna Don, who, while showing potential, hasn’t yet proven himself against big-league hitters. With a focus on good-value plays, both the Twins and Phillies make for intriguing stacking options.

DONG Calls

Bryce Harper and Matt Walner

For your dinger calls, keep an eye on Bryce Harper and Matt Walner. Harper has been on a tear recently and is hitting for more power, while Walner’s batted ball numbers are looking impressive. These two players could add some excitement to your lineup with the potential to go deep.

Final Thoughts

With the contenders like Strider and Lopez, a range of value plays, and enticing stacking options, this Friday slate offers plenty of possibilities for building a winning lineup. As always, keep an eye on weather updates and last-minute changes, and make sure to explore different combinations to maximize your DFS potential. It’s time to dive into the action and build your winning lineup for tonight’s games!

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Slate Strategy

Today’s MLB DFS slate is filled with intriguing matchups and player options. To craft a winning strategy, we’ll focus on a balanced approach that maximizes the potential of both high-priced studs and value plays. Let’s break down the key elements of our strategy:

1. Lock in Spencer Strider and Pablo Lopez

Spencer Strider and Pablo Lopez are the top pitching choices for tonight’s slate. Strider’s immense upside and strikeout potential make him a must-have in your lineup. His matchup against the Giants, who have a high strikeout rate, enhances his appeal. Pair him with Pablo Lopez, who has been delivering strong performances lately. Lopez’s ability to generate strikeouts and limit hard contact makes him an excellent complement to Strider. Investing in these two aces gives your roster a solid foundation.

2. Mix in Seth Lugo for Value

Seth Lugo serves as an attractive value play for pitching. With a reasonable salary, Lugo allows you to allocate more funds for your hitters. His improved performance and matchup against the Diamondbacks create a solid opportunity for a quality start and potential strikeouts. Including Lugo in your lineup helps balance out your budget while maintaining a competitive pitching roster.

3. Stack the Twins and Phillies

Stacking offers a chance to capitalize on offensive production from a particular team. The Twins and Phillies present favorable stacking options. The Twins face Andre Jackson, a transitioning starter, providing an opportunity to exploit his potential struggles. Target Twins hitters like Max Kepler, Matt Wallner, and others who offer power and run-scoring potential. The Phillies take on Joanna Don, who hasn’t fully proven himself against major league hitters. Consider stacking Phillies hitters like Bryce Harper, who’s been in great form, and other affordable options to round out your lineup.

4. Target Value Bats

Identify value bats with strong recent performance and favorable matchups. Look for players who offer solid contact rates, potential for extra-base hits, and the opportunity to drive in runs. These value bats allow you to afford higher-priced pitching options and stack the Twins and Phillies without sacrificing quality in your lineup.

5. Monitor Lineups and Weather

Keep a close eye on starting lineups and weather updates closer to game time. Late scratches and weather-related changes can significantly impact player availability and game conditions. Staying informed ensures that you make informed decisions and adjust your lineup if necessary.

6. Diversify Lineups in Tournaments

If you’re entering tournaments, consider diversifying your lineups to cover various scenarios. While maintaining a core of Strider, Lopez, and Lugo, experiment with different stacking combinations and value bats to maximize your chances of hitting big. Tournaments reward unique strategies, so don’t hesitate to take calculated risks.

7. Stay Updated with Late News

Throughout the day, stay engaged with sports news and analysis. Late-breaking information, such as lineup changes, injuries, or unexpected starting pitchers, can impact your strategy. Being adaptable and adjusting your lineup based on the latest news can give you an edge in your DFS contests.

By combining top-tier pitching with well-researched stacking options and value plays, you can craft a winning strategy for today’s MLB DFS slate. Flexibility, research, and a bit of calculated risk-taking are key to achieving success in daily fantasy baseball. Good luck and enjoy the action!

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