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MLB DFS Preview for Friday 9/1/23

MLB DFS Preview

Welcome to our comprehensive preview of the MLB DFS slate for Friday, September 1, 2023. With a stacked lineup of 14 games on the agenda, we’re in for an exciting night of action. As we delve into the pitching preview and assess player salaries, you’ll notice a surplus of options, particularly with around 40 players boasting salaries above $9,000. But worry not, we’re here to guide you through the choices and unveil the top hitters who hold the potential to make your lineup shine.

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Pitching Options: Stars Abound

The Friday pitcher slate is undoubtedly robust, and this wealth of choices allows you to shape your lineup according to your preferences. With talents like Tyler Glasnow, Max Scherzer, Zack Wheeler, and Freddy Peralta, you’ll have no shortage of studs to consider. In fact, more than half the slate comprises pitchers with salaries exceeding $9,000, opening up numerous avenues for strategic selection.

Max Scherzer: While facing the same team consecutively might seem concerning, Scherzer’s recent performance against the Twins bodes well. With double-digit strikeouts and an impressive 13.9% swinging strike rate, he’s a force to reckon with. His success with the Rangers, boasting a 3.24 skill interactive ERA and a 34% strikeout rate, makes him a strong contender. The Twins, with a 28% strikeout rate against righties, add to Scherzer’s appeal.

Freddy Peralta: Peralta’s surge in performance, particularly his 39% strikeout rate in his last 10 starts, makes him an enticing option. His matchup against the Phillies, who have a decent WRC+ but average strikeout rate against righties, presents a favorable opportunity. Notably, Peralta’s home strikeout rate (34%) trumps his road performance (26%), adding to his appeal.

Value Plays: Searching for Gems

While the top-tier pitchers offer immense potential, it’s important to consider value plays that balance your lineup. Among these, Tuki Toussaint stands out at a salary of $7,000. Although his performance has been inconsistent, he faces the Tigers, who have a 90 WRC+ against righties and a high 25% strikeout rate. While Toussaint’s walk rate is a concern, he’s displayed flashes of brilliance with nine strikeouts against both the Yankees and Rangers.

Hitting Strategies: Corralling the Offense

Toronto Blue Jays: Coors Field presents an enticing opportunity for the Blue Jays, who square off against Chris Flexen. Despite Flexen’s respectable performance, his 43% hard hit rate and the shaky bullpen behind him make the Blue Jays a viable stack. With favorable salaries, players like Davis Schneider ($3,400) and Josh Palacios ($3,000) add value to your lineup.

Tampa Bay Rays: Cal Quantrill’s recent struggles make the Rays a compelling choice for stacking. Quantrill’s elevated hard hit rate and struggles before his injury point to potential vulnerability. This presents a chance for the Rays, whose players like Josh Lowe ($3,300) and Brandon Lowe ($3,200) offer both power and value.

Boston Red Sox: Jordan Lyles’ susceptibility to home runs aligns with Boston’s strengths. Despite Lyles’ hard contact suppression, the Red Sox boast a lineup capable of capitalizing on mistakes. Players like Tristan Casas ($2,900) and Luke Raley ($2,900) present enticing options for exploiting this matchup.

Home Run Calls: Targeting Power

Boring Call: Josh Lowe ($3,300) – Despite a recent dip in form, Lowe’s power potential remains formidable. His ability to elevate the ball and capitalize on mistakes makes him a solid choice for a home run tonight.

Fun Call: Tristan Casas ($2,900) – Casas’ recent uptick in performance and his matchup against Jordan Lyles make him an exciting pick for a home run. His affordability adds to his appeal as a high-upside play.


With a plethora of choices on this Friday’s MLB DFS slate, navigating through the options can be both exciting and challenging. The abundance of star pitchers allows you to build a formidable roster, while value plays offer flexibility to balance your lineup.

Stacking strategies centered around the Blue Jays, Rays, and Red Sox capitalize on enticing matchups and ballpark factors. As you craft your lineup, keep in mind the potential for home runs from players like Josh Lowe and Tristan Casas. Regardless of your approach, this slate promises excitement and potential rewards for savvy DFS enthusiasts. Good luck and enjoy the action!

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