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MLB DFS Preview for Monday 8-21-23

MLB DFS Preview

Welcome to our comprehensive preview of the MLB DFS slate for Monday, August 21st, 2023. As we dive into the intricacies of today’s matchups, we’ll guide you through pitching strategies, potential stacking opportunities, and the top hitters that should be on your radar. Whether you’re a seasoned DFS veteran or just getting started, this preview aims to equip you with the insights you need to build a winning lineup.

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Pitching Strategy for Monday

When it comes to DFS success, pitching is the cornerstone of a winning lineup. Choosing the right starting pitcher can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Let’s analyze the standout options for today’s slate.

The Top Choice: Luis Castillo (SEA) at CWS

Luis Castillo emerges as the premier pitching option for today. His recent form, with a 3.94 ERA, a 3.90 xFIP, and a 3.73 SIERA over his last five starts, indicates consistency and performance potential. A 1.06 WHIP, 5.5 BB%, and 26.0 K% further solidify his standing.

Assessing Other Pitching Options

Paul Blackburn (OAK) vs. KC: Blackburn’s recent strong form, with a 2.10 ERA over his last five starts, makes him an appealing choice. The matchup against the Royals, who rank 26th in wRC+ (87), enhances his potential. Despite not being a heavy favorite, his value is bolstered by a run total of 8.0.

Allan Winans, ATL vs. NYM: Winans offers an interesting opportunity, with Atlanta’s division secured, to showcase his potential. A promising performance against the Mets in his last outing adds to his allure, especially at an affordable price.

Stacking Opportunities

Constructing a DFS lineup isn’t just about pitching; stacking the right hitters can yield significant rewards. Let’s explore potential stacking opportunities for today’s slate.

St. Louis Cardinals: Ready to Shine

The St. Louis Cardinals boast a formidable offensive prowess. Their performance across various splits is evidence of their capabilities. Against lefties in 2023, they rank 11th in wRC+ with a score of 108. Their robust 110 wRC+ over the last 30 days places them 12th among all teams. Additionally, their road prowess with a 104 wRC+ ranks them ninth for the year.

Atlanta Braves: Taking Advantage

The Atlanta Braves present an opportunity to maximize on a vulnerable pitcher. The struggles of Peterson, particularly on the road with a 7.75 ERA and 1.9 homers per nine innings, create an opening for Atlanta’s hitters. Right-handed batters have fared well against Peterson, hitting .293. The Mets’ bullpen further enhances the stacking potential.

Top Hitters to Watch

In today’s DFS slate, several hitters stand out as prime candidates for racking up points. Keep an eye on these players:

  • Austin Riley: A platoon advantage dynamo with impressive power stats against lefties, Riley is a must-watch.
  • Rafael Devers: Unleashing the righty nightmare, Devers’ impressive homer count against righties poses a significant threat.
  • Andrew McCutchen: The lefty taming maestro, McCutchen excels against southpaw pitchers.
  • Julio Rodriguez: The explosive road warrior with recent hot streak, Rodriguez has the potential to rack up points.

As you prepare your lineup for today’s MLB DFS slate, keep these pitching strategies, stacking opportunities, and top hitters in mind. Success in DFS requires a strategic blend of safe bets and calculated risks. So, use this preview to guide your decisions and increase your chances of emerging victorious. Good luck!

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