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MLB DFS Preview for Thursday 8/31/23

MLB DFS Preview

With just three games on the main slate for tonight in Daily Fantasy Baseball, we find ourselves on the cusp of college football season, a transition that signals excitement and change. Buckle up as we navigate the choices ahead and uncover the most promising avenues to optimize your lineup.

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Pitching Analysis

1. Spencer Strider – The Strikeout Maestro

Among the top pitching options for the evening, Spencer Strider stands tall with a salary of $12,000. His upcoming encounter with the formidable Dodgers lineup presents a challenging but not insurmountable situation. Despite the opponent’s prowess, Strider’s recent dominance in striking out opponents cannot be ignored.

Over his last nine starts, he boasts an impressive 37% strikeout rate, effectively mitigating the risk of hard-hit contact. While the Dodgers’ bats may pose a threat, Strider’s ability to stifle batters makes him a valuable choice for DFS managers seeking strikeouts.

2. Lance Lynn – The Steady Competitor

Lance Lynn enters the fray with a price tag of $9,500, offering a more budget-friendly option than Strider. Though facing the potent Braves lineup, Lynn has demonstrated his adaptability in navigating tough situations.

Adjusting his pitch repertoire, particularly his cutter usage, Lynn has reduced hard contact, translating into a more appealing strikeout rate. His 21% strikeout rate across five starts with the Dodgers shows promise, positioning him as a potential high-value pick if Strider falters.

3. Braxton Garrett – Walking the Fine Line

Braxton Garrett takes the mound against the Nationals, but a deeper analysis reveals a mixed bag of potential outcomes. The Nationals, possessing an 18% strikeout rate against lefties, present a relatively low-strikeout environment. Garrett’s reliance on his fastball, coupled with recent innings restrictions, adds complexity to his DFS outlook.

Despite facing a lineup with reduced strikeout tendencies, Garrett’s overall performance, particularly his recent outings, suggests that he falls into a “purgatory” category—neither a clear standout nor an outright liability.

Top Stacks

1. Miami Marlins – Seizing the Opportunity

The Marlins lineup, often overlooked, boasts newfound potential with the emergence of healthy contributors like Jazz Chisholm and Jake Berger. Facing the Nationals’ Joanna Don, who has shown susceptibility to hard contact, the Marlins are poised to capitalize. While Adon’s recent success against the Marlins is noted, the sample size remains small, and regression in plate discipline metrics may be on the horizon.

The Marlins’ affordable salaries, coupled with their budding offensive capabilities, make them an intriguing stack choice for the night.

2. San Francisco Giants – Capitalizing on Uncertainty

Pedro Avila’s transition to the majors has been relatively smooth, but lingering questions regarding the sustainability of his early success persist. Despite Avila’s commendable efforts, his continued vulnerability to hard contact suggests potential regression.

The Giants lineup, while not reaching the heights of their earlier performances, still holds value. The return of Mike Yastrzemski adds a layer of potency to the lineup, enhancing the Giants’ power potential against Avila’s contact-prone pitching style.

3. San Diego Padres – A Ray of Hope

While the Padres’ starter is unconfirmed, the likelihood of facing Alex Wood raises their attractiveness as a stack. Wood’s struggles in reduced pitch count situations, coupled with the Padres’ prowess against lefties, create a favorable scenario.

The Padres’ potent offense, particularly against southpaws, positions them as a strategic choice for DFS enthusiasts willing to embrace a degree of ambiguity.

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