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MLB DFS Preview for Wednesday 8/30/23

MLB DFS Preview

Welcome to our in-depth MLB DFS preview for Wednesday, August 30th, 2023. I’m here to guide you through the exciting world of daily fantasy baseball, focusing on the top hitters and pitching options for the upcoming slate. Let’s dive right in and dissect the key players and strategies that will give you a competitive edge.

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Pitching Insights

When it comes to pitching on tonight’s slate, we’re presented with a variety of compelling choices. Four standout options immediately catch our attention: Garrett Cole, Zac Eflin, Jesus Lozardo, and Ryan Pepio. While they all bring their unique strengths to the table, our main spotlight shines on Cole and Lozardo.

Garritt Cole: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Garritt Cole takes the lead as one of the most formidable pitching options tonight. Despite the New York Yankees not being in playoff contention, Cole continues to deliver impressive performances. His recent outing saw him rack up 11 strikeouts against the Rays, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to excellence. Facing the Detroit Tigers, who possess a 91 WRC+ against righties, Cole’s 25% strikeout rate becomes a potent weapon. The cooler temperatures in Detroit at 66 degrees further solidify his potential dominance.

Jesus Lozardo: A Risky but Rewarding Choice

Another pitcher worth considering is Jesus Lozardo. While facing the Tampa Bay Rays presents a challenge, Lozardo’s remarkable 29% strikeout rate against lefties offers a glimmer of hope. Recent successes against the San Diego Padres, a team known for its proficiency against southpaws, speak volumes about Lozardo’s potential. Although there are risks involved, his price tag of $9600 makes him an appealing option for those seeking upside while managing their budget.

Dane Dunning: Embracing the Up-and-Comer

For those seeking a value play, Dane Dunning steps onto the scene. While pitching at Coors Field might raise eyebrows, Dunning’s recent performance metrics are encouraging. His increased usage of sinkers has paradoxically boosted his strikeout rate, setting the stage for potentially dynamic displays against the New York Mets. At $7700, Dunning presents a chance to free up salary for high-powered hitters.

Hitting Strategy

In terms of stacking, the Braves and Rangers emerge as the most tantalizing options. Facing off against Kyle Freeland, the Braves find themselves in the batter’s paradise of Coors Field. Freeland’s struggles with hard-hit rates open the door for Atlanta’s powerhouse lineup to shine. Notably, players like Orlando Arcia and Kevin Pillar offer exceptional value without compromising on power.

The Rangers, led by Mitch Garver‘s impressive ISO against righties, find themselves in a favorable matchup against the returning Danny Reyes. A 113 WRC+ against right-handed pitching underscores their hitting prowess, making them an attractive stacking option.

Other Considerations

While the Yankees and Rockies hold their own in terms of stacking potential, matchups and weather conditions prompt us to consider them as secondary options. Facing Joey Wentz, the Yankees exhibit a formidable WRC+ against lefties, making them a viable choice despite less-than-ideal playing conditions. The Rockies, meanwhile, have the advantage of Coors Field against Darius Vines, positioning them as a potent alternative.

Home Run Predictions

In the realm of home run predictions, two names stand out: Orlando Arcia and Anthony Volpe. Arcia’s Coors Field advantage combined with his recent power surge against lefties make him a compelling pick. On the other hand, Anthony Volpe‘s potential to capitalize on fly balls against a vulnerable pitcher could elevate him to home run status.

Final Thoughts

As we prepare to build our MLB DFS lineups for Wednesday’s slate, we have a plethora of choices at our disposal. With pitchers like Garrett Cole and Jesus Lozardo poised to deliver, and stacking opportunities like the Braves and Rangers offering explosive potential, the path to a successful lineup becomes clearer. Remember, careful consideration of player strengths, matchups, and budget constraints will be the key to constructing a winning roster. Good luck and enjoy the action!

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Thank you for checking out the article, I hope I was able to provide you with some value as you begin to build your DFS lineups for today’s contests.

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