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MLB DFS Study Hub Review 6/23

Hi folks, today we’re switching gears going away from the 5 picks format and going into a deeper dive of the MLB Study Hub. I know a lot of our members have a desire to know how to better use the tools they are paying for. So, without further ado, let’s hit the Study Hub.

MLB DFS – Hitters

The first thing I want to look at is hot batters on tonight’s main slate.

If we go to the “Batter Trends” tab on the MLB Study Hub we can see three different time frames – 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days.

This is where you have the control to start diving deeper. The first determination that needs to be made is how far back do we want to look. Do you feel like the past week is the most relevant place to start? Maybe the last two weeks? Is the last month a big enough sample size or is it too big? You get to take control of that, personally, I feel the last two weeks is the sweet spot because its not just the last week and not looking at a whole month.

As we’ve done with over on our Twitch stream, let’s look at getting exposure to some hot hitters with a wOBA of over .400 and an ISO of over .200. The way we’re going to do this by sorting wOBA first. You’ll hit that down arrow underneath wOBA and set a minimum wOBA we want to see from our batters. I know what personally, I only want to see batters with a wOBA of over .399 (if you don’t include the . any just type in 399 your search will come up empty).

This will filter out any batter that has a wOBA under .400. As we do some digging, we learn that the league average wOBA is .320 and anything above .400 is considered elite.

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Now let’s move on to ISO. ISO is the metric that measures raw power aka this is going to help you identify those home runs hitters. We are going to use the same process of hitting the arrow under ISO and setting a minimum sorting of .199. Again in learning a bit more about ISO, league average is .140 and anything over .200 is considered great.

Now filtering just those two areas this is what our .400 wOBA and .200 ISO with a minimum plate appearances of 30:

Just based off this filter we can see that its going to be another chalk night of Houston bats, as they are in a prime position to smash. If you look at the DK ownership % column we can see that two of the three bats that show up are expected to have more than 30% ownership. While over on FD two of the three are projected for double-digit ownership.

MLB DFS – Pitchers

Next, I want to dive into pitchers. As we’ve learned in lineup study in out twitch stream, its okay to eat the chalk at this position. Well, who’s the chalk? We’re looking specifically at DraftKings:

It’s pretty obvious that one pitcher stands out above the rest in terms of ownership. Tonight’s slate is small so it is expected that ownership will be fairly concentrated in a few areas, but let’s see where we can differentiate at the SP2 spot.

I see three viable SP2s based on ownership. The three following the top option having ownership of 37.8%, 26.7%, and 28.3%. I like to look at two specific areas – strikeout rates and opponent strikeout. I want the upside of strikeouts because everything else is pretty even – implied run totals, win %, etc. So, I want to use those other filters for tiebreakers.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to tag me in discord or hit me up on twitter @EdArias87

And remember… Together we rise!

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