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MLB DFS Tips and Strategies for 2023

mlb dfs

Hey there, baseball fans and MLB DFS enthusiasts! Are you looking to up your game in the 2023 season? Look no further than this oldie-but-goodie podcast on MLB DFS Tips and Strategies using Fantasy Cruncher and TeamRiseOrFall.com tools. While it may have been recorded last year, the principles and strategies discussed are timeless and can still give you an edge in the upcoming season. So, let’s dive in and get you ready for some winning lineups! 

If you’re tired of making lineup picks that seem great on paper but fail to deliver in real life, this podcast can help. Donuts offers practical advice on how to research matchups, identify undervalued players, and build a winning MLB DFS lineups using Fantasy Cruncher. He stress the importance of monitoring lineup changes throughout the day and utilizing advanced statistics from TeamRiseOrFall.com to gain an edge over the competition.

This podcast is more than just theory however, as Donuts provides real-world examples and strategies, such as stacking lineups and managing your bankroll effectively. He also discusses common mistakes to avoid, such as overvaluing big-name players, relying too heavily on recent data and ignoring the impact ballpark factors can have on the performance of your players.

So, why listen to this old podcast when there are so many newer resources available? Because the MLB DFS principles and strategies discussed are timeless and have proven to be effective year after year. 

5 Key takeaways

Understanding player matchups and trends

is crucial in making informed lineup decisions. Keep track of factors such as weather conditions, park dimensions, and opposing pitcher’s stats to maximize your chances of success.

Fantasy Cruncher is a powerful tool

that can help you optimize your MLB DFS lineups by providing real-time data analysis and customizable filters. Utilizing this tool can give you an edge over your competition. All TeamRiseOrFall.com monthly members receive a $20 credit to use on Fantasy Cruncher every month 🤑

Stacking your lineups

can be a high-risk, high-reward strategy. By selecting multiple players from the same team, you increase your chances of a big payoff if that team performs well. However, if the team underperforms, your lineup may suffer.

Pay attention to player ownership

percentages and use them to your advantage. By selecting players who are undervalued and under-owned, you can create a unique lineup that differentiates you from the field and increases your chances of success.

Don’t be afraid to pivot

from your original lineup strategy if you come across new information or a better opportunity. Being flexible and adaptable can help you make the most of each slate and improve your overall success rate in MLB DFS.

Get ready to have your ears seduced by the dulcet tones of Donuts as he serves up some seriously delicious MLB DFS tips. With a voice as smooth as a freshly glazed donut and advice so practical it’ll have you drooling, you won’t want to miss a single minute of this podcast. Donut’s engaging style is like a sprinkle of sugar on top, making even the most complex strategies easy to digest. So sit back, relax, check out the video below and let Donut take you on a tasty journey through the world of MLB DFS.

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