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MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Friday 5/26/23

mlb dfs top pitchers

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Friday 5/26/23 article. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the world of daily fantasy sports, specifically focusing on the crucial aspect of selecting the right pitchers for your lineups.

When it comes to MLB DFS, selecting the right pitchers is essential for building winning lineups. In this article, we will review the top pitching options for Friday’s games and identify three standout pitchers along with two sleeper tournament picks that could give your lineups an edge.

Kevin Gausman at Twins

Kevin Gausman has been in outstanding form this season, with an impressive strikeout rate and solid performance overall. Despite a couple of hiccups, Gausman has been consistently excellent and has already recorded four double-digit strikeout games. On Friday, he faces the Minnesota Twins, a team that has struggled against right-handed pitching and ranks second highest in strikeout rate. With Gausman’s recent velocity improvements and his ability to go deep into games, he is a clear top choice and should be considered as the SP1 in your lineups.

Mitch Keller vs. Mariners

Mitch Keller has been quietly putting together an impressive string of performances, earning nine straight quality starts and showcasing a remarkable 47:3 K:BB ratio over his last 33 innings. Despite the Seattle Mariners’ recent offensive surge, they still rank among the highest strikeout lineups in the league. Keller’s consistency and ability to handle tougher opponents make him an intriguing option for Friday’s slate. Considering the wealth of pitching options available, Keller’s ownership might be lower, making him an excellent SP2 choice with significant upside.

Chris Sale at Diamondbacks

Chris Sale, the veteran left-hander, appears to have regained his vintage form after facing a series of tough matchups. His strikeout numbers are on par with Gausman and Keller, and he has even exceeded 110 pitches in his last two starts. Sale’s matchup against the Arizona Diamondbacks is not overly concerning, as he has demonstrated the ability to handle challenging opponents. Although Sale is more suited for tournament lineups due to his recent return from injury, his upside makes him a strong candidate as your SP3, especially in GPP contests.


Sleeper Tournament Pitchers:

Hunter Brown at A’s

Hunter Brown presents an intriguing option for those seeking a sleeper pick in tournament lineups. With a favorable matchup against the Oakland A’s, who have struggled against right-handed pitching, Brown has the potential to deliver an excellent performance. While he may not be a priority in cash games, his strikeout ability and the value he brings at his price point make him a viable candidate for GPP lineups.

Reid Detmers vs. Marlins

Reid Detmers, despite his high walk rate, has shown promise in his recent outings. Although the Miami Marlins present a peculiar matchup in terms of strikeouts, Detmers possesses the potential to capitalize on their contact-heavy lineup. Additionally, Detmers comes at a useful discount on both FanDuel and DraftKings, making him an attractive option for roster construction in tournament lineups. Consider him as a lower-owned alternative with significant upside potential.


When constructing your MLB DFS lineups for Friday’s games, Kevin Gausman, Mitch Keller, and Chris Sale emerge as the top pitching options. Gausman’s dominant form and favorable matchup against the Twins make him an excellent SP1 choice. Keller’s consistency and potential for low ownership make him an appealing SP2 option. Meanwhile, Sale’s resurgence and ability to handle tough opponents position him as a strong SP3 pick in tournament lineups. For sleeper tournament picks, Hunter Brown and Reid Detmers offer intriguing upside and value at their respective price points. By considering these top pitchers and sleeper options, you’ll be well-equipped to build competitive MLB DFS lineups for Friday’s slate.

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