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MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Monday 5/8/23

mlb dfs top pitchers

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Monday, May 8th, 2023, article. In this piece, we will highlight the standout pitchers who offer great potential and value for your daily fantasy baseball lineup. As we analyze the pitching matchups and delve into the statistics and trends, we aim to provide you with valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and maximize your chances of success in DFS contests. Whether you’re searching for high-priced aces, mid-priced gems, or low-priced value picks, our comprehensive analysis will guide you in assembling a winning roster. So let’s dive in and discover the top arms to consider for Monday’s action.

High-Priced Pitchers:

Nestor Cortes Jr. (New York Yankees)

Nestor Cortes Jr. of the New York Yankees emerges as a left-handed pitcher commanding a higher price tag for Monday’s MLB DFS slate. Cortes is poised to deliver an exceptional performance against the Oakland Athletics, thanks to a favorable matchup. When facing top-tier left-handed pitchers like Cortes, the Athletics’ hitters have struggled mightily, managing a paltry .205 batting average against them over the past two years. This significant disparity suggests that Cortes holds a considerable advantage on the mound.

What sets Cortes apart is not just the matchup but also his impressive track record. He has consistently showcased his effectiveness, as evident in his solid metrics such as xERA, xwOBA, and SIERA. These advanced statistical measures highlight Cortes’ ability to limit opponents’ offensive production and consistently generate outs. With his skill set and the advantageous matchup, Cortes presents himself as an intriguing high-priced option worth considering for your MLB DFS lineup.

Zac Gallen (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Shifting our focus to the Arizona Diamondbacks, we find Zac Gallen, a premier right-handed pitcher who commands attention. Gallen is set to take the mound against the Miami Marlins, and the historical data reveals a striking advantage for him. Over the past two years, Marlins hitters have struggled against top-tier right-handed pitchers like Gallen, mustering only a meager OPS of .629. This glaring weakness in the Marlins’ lineup bodes well for Gallen, positioning him as a highly appealing high-priced option for your MLB DFS roster.

What makes Gallen particularly enticing is not just the favorable matchup, but also his impressive repertoire and performance. He possesses the arsenal and the skills to stifle opposing hitters, consistently keeping them off balance. Gallen’s ability to command his pitches, mix speeds, and locate with precision has resulted in his sustained success on the mound. When you combine his proven track record with the advantageous matchup against the Marlins, Gallen emerges as a top-tier high-priced option to anchor your MLB DFS lineup.

In summary, Nestor Cortes Jr. and Zac Gallen stand out among the high-priced pitchers for Monday’s MLB DFS slate. Cortes brings his left-handed prowess to face the struggling Athletics, leveraging a matchup that heavily favors him. Meanwhile, Gallen capitalizes on his right-handed dominance against the Marlins, exploiting their weaknesses to his advantage. With their remarkable skills, impressive metrics, and favorable matchups, both Cortes and Gallen present themselves as prime choices to elevate your MLB DFS lineup to new heights.

Mid-Priced Pitchers:

Dylan Cease (Chicago White Sox)

In the realm of mid-priced pitchers for Monday’s MLB DFS slate, Dylan Cease of the Chicago White Sox emerges as a compelling option. Cease brings the heat as a hard-throwing right-handed pitcher set to take on the Kansas City Royals.

His ability to rack up strikeouts is a key attribute, as evidenced by his impressive strikeout percentage. Moreover, the Royals’ hitters have struggled against hard-throwing right-handed pitchers, mustering a meager OPS of .613 against them over the last two years. This favorable matchup, combined with Cease’s strikeout potential, makes him an enticing mid-priced selection for your DFS lineup.

Freddy Peralta (Milwaukee Brewers)

Shifting our attention to the Milwaukee Brewers, we find Freddy Peralta taking the mound against the formidable Los Angeles Dodgers. Peralta, a talented right-handed pitcher, showcases solid numbers and a respectable strikeout percentage.

While Peralta has enjoyed success against Dodgers hitters in the past, it’s important to note that the overall matchup data slightly favors the Dodgers. However, Peralta’s individual skills and potential cannot be overlooked, making him an intriguing mid-priced option for your MLB DFS roster.

Peralta’s ability to generate swings and misses, coupled with his command and pitch repertoire, contributes to his effectiveness on the mound. Although the matchup may pose some challenges, Peralta has the potential to stifle the Dodgers’ offense and deliver a strong performance. With his combination of skill, experience, and mid-tier pricing, Peralta provides an intriguing balance of value and upside for your MLB DFS lineup.

In summary, Dylan Cease and Freddy Peralta present themselves as intriguing mid-priced options for Monday’s MLB DFS slate. Cease’s hard-throwing style and the Royals’ struggles against right-handed power pitchers position him as a high-upside pick in the mid-price range. On the other hand, Peralta showcases his skills and potential against the formidable Dodgers lineup, despite the matchup leaning slightly in favor of the opposition. Both Cease and Peralta bring unique strengths to the table, making them appealing choices to bolster your MLB DFS roster in the mid-priced pitcher category.

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Low-Priced Value Pitchers:

Logan Gilbert (Seattle Mariners)

Logan Gilbert, a talented right-handed pitcher for the Seattle Mariners, will be on the mound against the Texas Rangers.

Gilbert has shown promise with his performances and has the advantage of pitching in his home stadium. It’s worth noting that right-handed starters who have similar above-average flyball rates as Gilbert have recorded an ERA of 4.48 against the Rangers since last year. This suggests that Gilbert could have a favorable matchup against the Rangers’ lineup.

Considering his value-oriented price tag and the potential for a solid performance, Gilbert emerges as an attractive low-priced option for fantasy baseball players looking to maximize their roster’s value and potential​.

Patrick Sandoval (Los Angeles Angels)

On the other hand, Patrick Sandoval, a skilled left-handed starter for the Los Angeles Angels, will be taking the mound against the Houston Astros.

Sandoval has displayed an above-average ground ball rate, which can work to his advantage against the Astros’ lineup. Left-handed starters who have similar ground ball rates as Sandoval have posted an ERA of 5.14 against the Astros since last year, indicating that this may be a tough matchup, however, he has the potential for success in this matchup because of his high ground ball rate.

With his affordability in terms of pricing and the potential for a strong outing, Sandoval represents an intriguing low-priced value pick for fantasy baseball players seeking a cost-effective option with the potential to deliver solid results.


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