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MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Monday 7-31-23

MLB DFS Top Pitchers

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Pitchers article for Monday 7-31-23. In this article, we’ll analyze the top pitchers for Monday, July 31, 2023, helping you make informed decisions and elevate your DFS lineups to the next level. Our carefully selected pitchers have the potential to lead you to DFS victory, whether you’re playing in cash games or aiming for those coveted GPP wins.

Alex Cobb (SF) vs. ARI

Our first top pitcher for today’s slate is Alex Cobb of the San Francisco Giants, set to face the struggling Arizona Diamondbacks. When Cobb takes the mound at home, he transforms into an ace. Over the past year, he’s showcased an impressive 2.10 ERA, 2.91 xFIP, and 1.14 WHIP in 137.0 innings at his home turf. Cobb’s excellent control and ability to generate ground balls (62.6 GB%) make him a formidable force against any lineup.

Adding to Cobb’s potential for dominance, the Diamondbacks have been struggling offensively, ranking 19th in wRC+ (94) over the last 30 days. With these factors in play, Cobb appears poised to carve up the Arizona lineup and deliver substantial fantasy points. Keep an eye on the lineup announcements, and if he gets the start, consider Cobb as your top choice in GPPs.

Tyler Glasnow, TB at NYY

Our next top pitcher on the list is the impressive Tyler Glasnow, representing the Tampa Bay Rays. Glasnow is finally back to his full potential, as evidenced by his stellar performance, boasting a 2.95 SIERA, 34.8% K%, and 18.0% SwStr% throughout the season. In his last six starts, Glasnow has been nothing short of elite, delivering a remarkable 2.26 SIERA, 38.2% K%, and a 20.0% SwStr%.

Tonight, Glasnow will take on the New York Yankees on the road, and the matchup seems favorable for him. The Yankees hold a 22.4% K% against right-hand pitching, which bodes well for Glasnow’s strikeout potential. Additionally, he excels at limiting damage to right-handed batters, boasting a .237 wOBA and a .109 ISO against them this season.

Glasnow has been consistent with at least six strikeouts in all of his 11 starts this year, and his control has significantly improved, walking no more than 2 batters in his last seven starts. While the Yankees are no pushovers, Glasnow’s ability to generate strikeouts and manage right-handed hitters makes him an excellent SP1-A choice for your DFS lineups.

Nick Pivetta (BOS) at SEA

Our third top pitcher to consider is Nick Pivetta. Over the past month, Pivetta has been on fire, recording an impressive 1.29 ERA, 2.16 xFIP, and 1.97 SIERA in 21.0 innings pitched. With a 42.9 K% during this period, Pivetta’s strikeout potential makes him an exciting DFS option.

Facing the Seattle Mariners, who possess a 26.0 K% against righties this season and a 26.8 K% over the last 30 days, Pivetta has a great opportunity to rack up points through strikeouts. His affordable salary adds to his appeal, making him an excellent choice for both cash games and single-entry formats.

Corbin Burnes (MIL) at WSH

Rounding off our top pitchers is the impressive Corbin Burnes of the Milwaukee Brewers. Burnes has been in top form, with an outstanding 1.64 ERA, 3.04 xFIP, and 3.05 SIERA in his last five starts spanning 33.0 innings. The matchup against the Washington Nationals appears to be in Burnes’ favor, as the Nats are tied for 23rd in wRC+ (88) against righties this season.

Burnes comes with a high floor due to his consistent performance, but it’s his sky-high ceiling that makes him a tantalizing option for GPPs. Despite the potential of Washington’s offense, Burnes has shown an ability to limit damage, making him a viable candidate to shine in tonight’s game.

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FAQ – MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Monday 7-31-23

Q1: What is DFS, and how does it relate to MLB?

  • A1: DFS stands for Daily Fantasy Sports, a form of fantasy sports where participants assemble virtual lineups of real players to compete in single-day or single-game contests. In MLB DFS, participants select baseball players from various teams to form their lineups and earn points based on the players’ performance in that day’s games.

Q2: What are GPPs and cash games, and how do they impact pitcher selection?

  • A2: GPPs (Guaranteed Prize Pools) are large-scale tournaments with significant cash prizes, where participants aim for high-risk, high-reward picks to stand out from the competition. Cash games, on the other hand, involve smaller contests with a higher chance of winning, making safer and more consistent picks preferable. When choosing pitchers, the top-ranked pitcher is usually reserved for GPPs, while the second and third-ranked pitchers are optimal choices for cash games.

Q3: Why is Alex Cobb recommended for GPPs?

  • A3: Alex Cobb has been performing like an ace at home, boasting impressive stats and control. Additionally, he faces a struggling Arizona Diamondbacks lineup, making him a strong candidate to rack up fantasy points through strikeouts and ground ball outs, essential for GPP success.

Q4: What makes Tyler Glasnow a top option for DFS lineups?

  • A4: Tyler Glasnow offers a combination of elite strikeout potential and favorable matchup against the New York Yankees, who have a high strikeout rate against right-handed pitching. His ability to control right-handed hitters further solidifies his position as a top pitcher, making him an appealing choice for both cash games and GPPs.

Q5: Is Nick Pivetta a value play in DFS for Monday’s games?

  • A5: Yes, Nick Pivetta has been excelling as a reliever and possesses a strong strikeout potential. Coupled with his affordable salary, Pivetta presents an excellent value option for those looking to maximize their budget while still getting a reliable pitcher for their lineups.

Q6: Why is Corbin Burnes considered a high-ceiling GPP play?

  • A6: Corbin Burnes has been in excellent form recently, displaying an ability to limit opponents’ scoring. Although the matchup against the Washington Nationals might be a challenge, Burnes’ upside and consistency make him a viable high-ceiling option for GPP contests.

Q7: How can I use this information to optimize my DFS lineups?

  • A7: This article provides valuable insights into the top pitchers for Monday’s games, their strengths, and the types of contests they are best suited for. Use this information to build a balanced lineup, considering factors like the pitcher’s matchup, strikeout potential, and salary to maximize your chances of success in your chosen DFS contests.

Q8: Where can I confirm the starting pitchers for tonight’s games?

  • A8: Starting pitchers for each game are typically announced by the teams’ official accounts or reliable MLB news sources. Be sure to check the lineups before the games start to make any last-minute adjustments to your DFS lineups.

Q9: Can I use these pitchers in other DFS platforms, not just DraftKings?

  • A9: Absolutely! While this article mentions DraftKings in terms of salaries and pricing, the recommended pitchers are applicable to other DFS platforms as well. The key is to consider each pitcher’s strengths and matchups across all platforms to optimize your lineups.

Q10: How often are these rankings updated for future MLB games?

  • A10: Rankings for MLB DFS pitchers are subject to change based on player performance, injuries, and matchups. For the latest updates and analysis, be sure to follow reputable fantasy sports websites, analysts, and official MLB sources to make well-informed decisions for upcoming games.

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