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MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Monday 8-14-23

mlb dfs top pitchers

As we dive into the thrilling world of MLB DFS, it’s crucial to have a well-thought-out strategy, especially when it comes to selecting the top pitchers for the day. In this analysis, we’ll dissect the key players on the mound for Monday’s games and explore the matchups that make them stand out.

Tyler Glasnow (TB) at SF

When discussing MLB DFS top pitchers, Tyler Glasnow is a name that can’t be ignored. Glasnow has been on fire recently, as evidenced by his impressive stats over his last four starts. With a remarkable 1.67 ERA, 2.53 xFIP, and a 0.85 WHIP spanning 27.0 innings, he’s proven his prowess on the mound.

The San Francisco Giants, on the other hand, haven’t been performing at their best, ranking 29th in wRC+ and striking out 24.9% of the time in the past 30 days. Against right-handed pitchers, their performance is equally lackluster, standing at 18th in wRC+ with a 24.5 K%.

Glasnow boasts a 2.99 SIERA, an impressive 34.5% K%, and a solid 17.9% SwStr% this season. His recent streak of excellence, with a 2.42 SIERA, 37.3% K%, and 19.6% SwStr% in his last seven starts, positions him as the top pitching option for the day. Taking on the Giants, who possess a 24.9% K% against right-handers, Glasnow has the potential to rack up strikeouts and dominate the game.

Grayson Rodriguez (BAL) at SD

Grayson Rodriguez has shown significant improvement since his temporary demotion to Triple-A. In his last five starts covering 28.2 innings, he has managed a 3.45 ERA, 3.83 xFIP, and a 1.08 WHIP. These numbers reflect his dedication to enhancing his performance on the mound.

The San Diego Padres present a mid-tier challenge for Rodriguez, ranking 14th in wRC+ and striking out 21.9% of the time. While not an easy matchup, Rodriguez’s skill set positions him to face this challenge with confidence.

Brady Singer, KC vs. SEA

Among the array of options, Brady Singer stands out due to his resurgence post the all-star break. Sporting a 3.62 SIERA, a 21.5% K%, and an encouraging 10.8% SwStr%, Singer has been on a roll. His recent four starts have been even more impressive, with a 3.25 SIERA, a 27.0% K%, and an 11.6% SwStr%, all while facing formidable opponents.

His affordable price tier makes him an intriguing choice as an SP2 on DFS platforms. Going up against the Mariners, who are known for their strikeout vulnerability, Singer’s hot streak could work to his advantage.

Logan Gilbert, SEA at KC

Logan Gilbert‘s recent stellar performance, with one hit, zero runs, zero walks, and 12 strikeouts against the Padres, showcased his potential on the mound. Although this was just one game, his overall 3.43 FIP underscores his capabilities.

Gilbert’s upcoming matchup against the Kansas City Royals, a team ranking 28th in runs scored and team OPS, could further solidify his promising standing among MLB DFS top pitchers.

Yu Darvish (SD) vs. BAL

Yu Darvish has been a steady force, with an impressive 2.55 ERA, 4.05 xFIP, and a 1.08 WHIP over his previous six starts covering 35.1 innings. His consistent performance makes him a compelling choice tonight.

Facing the Baltimore Orioles, who hold a 22.6 K% against righties, Darvish’s strengths are well-suited for this matchup. With his home field advantage and a 28.5 K% in his home games since 2021, Darvish’s potential for a DFS-friendly performance shines.

Miles Mikolas, STL vs. OAK

Miles Mikolas brings a different approach to the mound, relying on contact management rather than strikeouts. His low strikeout rate is balanced by his ability to limit walks and home runs. Against an Oakland Athletics team with a .221 batting average and ranking last in runs scored and team OPS, Mikolas is well-equipped to handle the challenge.

Final Thoughts

As we navigate the landscape of MLB DFS, these top pitchers provide a range of choices, each with their own strengths and potential. Tyler Glasnow’s dominance, Grayson Rodriguez’s resurgence, Brady Singer’s affordability, Logan Gilbert’s recent brilliance, Yu Darvish’s consistency, and Miles Mikolas’s contact management all offer unique paths to success. By strategically selecting these pitchers based on the matchups and their individual merits, you can enhance your chances of DFS victory on Monday’s exciting slate of games.

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FAQs about MLB DFS Top Pitchers

What does DFS stand for in MLB?

DFS stands for “Daily Fantasy Sports” in MLB. It’s a form of fantasy sports where participants create lineups composed of real players from Major League Baseball teams. These lineups are used for a single day’s games, and participants compete based on the real-world performance of these players.

What are the MLB DFS sites?

MLB DFS is offered on various online platforms, known as DFS sites. Some popular MLB DFS sites include FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, and FantasyDraft. These platforms allow users to create their fantasy teams, compete against others, and potentially win cash prizes based on their selected players’ real-life performances.

What does DFS mean in fantasy baseball?

DFS in fantasy baseball refers to “Daily Fantasy Sports.” Unlike traditional fantasy baseball leagues that run for the entire season, DFS focuses on daily or short-term competitions. Participants draft new lineups for each day’s games, making it a dynamic and engaging way to enjoy fantasy baseball on a daily basis.

What is Fantasy Cruncher?

Fantasy Cruncher is a powerful tool used by DFS enthusiasts to optimize their lineups. It helps users create the best possible combinations of players while considering various factors such as player statistics, matchups, and salary caps. Fantasy Cruncher assists in making informed decisions for constructing winning lineups.

What is the best way to stack in MLB DFS?

“Stacking” in MLB DFS involves selecting multiple players from the same team to create synergy in your lineup. This strategy aims to capitalize on a team’s offensive performance. The best way to stack varies based on matchups, player form, and pricing. It’s often effective to stack players from teams facing weaker pitchers or those playing in hitter-friendly ballparks. However, remember to diversify your lineup and not solely rely on stacking for success.

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