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MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Monday 8-7-23

MLB DFS Top Pitchers

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Pitchers article for Monday 8-7-23. When it comes to MLB DFS on Monday, the starting pitchers take center stage, and we have the inside scoop on the top choices for your lineup. Whether you’re a seasoned DFS player or just starting out, optimizing your picks can make all the difference in winning big. So, let’s dive into the best pitchers for today’s games, armed with the data and insights you need to make informed decisions.

Freddy Peralta (MIL) vs. COL

Freddy Peralta enters tonight’s game in excellent form, boasting impressive stats in his recent starts. Over the last four outings, spanning 23.0 innings, Peralta has maintained a 3.52 ERA, accompanied by a remarkable 2.89 xFIP and a 1.04 WHIP. His strikeout potential is exceptional, with a 34.1 K% that puts him among the top pitchers to target. Peralta’s matchup against the Rockies further enhances his appeal, as Colorado ranks 27th in wRC+ (84) against right-handed pitchers in 2023, and their 24.0 K% against righties presents a favorable scenario. Betting odds also favor Peralta, with the Brewers being strong favorites at -240. Overall, Peralta presents a solid option for your DFS roster, combining form, matchup, and betting info to deliver a compelling choice.

Dane Dunning (TEX) at OAK

Dane Dunning might not be the highest-ranked pitcher, but he’s certainly worthy of consideration, especially for cash games. While his ERA estimators this season suggest some regression may be in order, his matchup against the Athletics makes him an intriguing pick. The Athletics rank 25th in wRC+ (87) against right-handed pitchers, and their 25.4 K% further bolsters Dunning’s potential for a strong outing. Additionally, with the Rangers favored at -210, Dunning offers an attractive blend of performance and affordability, making him a valuable addition to your DFS lineup.

Spencer Strider (ATL) at PIT

Spencer Strider has been a standout performer all season, and tonight is no exception. His recent numbers, with a 3.45 ERA over the last five starts totaling 31.1 innings, are promising, but it’s his underlying metrics that truly shine. Strider’s 2.11 xFIP, 2.04 SIERA, and impressive strikeout rate of 41.7% put him in a league of his own. Facing the Pirates, who rank 24th in wRC+ (88) against righties in 2023, Strider has a golden opportunity to capitalize on their struggles. The Braves’ hurler also enjoys strong support from the betting odds, with Atlanta being heavy favorites at -290. Strider’s combination of elite performance and a favorable matchup makes him a must-have in your DFS roster.

Dylan Cease, Chicago White Sox

Dylan Cease may have had some ups and downs this season, but when he’s on, he can perform like an ace. His matchup against the Yankees and Gerrit Cole presents a challenge, but Cease’s 26.9% strikeout rate and New York’s middling offensive numbers (ranked 23rd in wOBA with .307) make him an intriguing option. While Cease’s 4.06 SIERA indicates room for improvement, his upside cannot be overlooked. As a cost-effective choice, he brings value to your DFS lineup.

Brayan Bello, Boston Red Sox

Brayan Bello has been making waves for the Boston Red Sox this season, and his performance suggests he’s an excellent value option for your lineup. His 4.07 SIERA and 20.6% strikeout rate show his competence on the mound. Bello’s ability to induce ground balls at an impressive 56.2% rate sets him apart from other pitchers. Facing the Kansas City Royals, who have a mere 4.08 implied total, Bello has an opportunity for a quality outing. Considering the Royals’ .296 wOBA and 23.7% strikeout rate, Bello presents a strong value play.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MLB DFS Top Pitchers

1. What is MLB DFS, and why should I consider using top pitchers in my lineup?

MLB DFS stands for Major League Baseball Daily Fantasy Sports. It’s a form of fantasy sports where participants build virtual teams of real-life players and earn points based on their performances in actual MLB games. Including top pitchers in your lineup is crucial because they have the potential to earn you a significant number of points through strikeouts, low earned run averages, and impressive performances.

2. How are the top pitchers selected for this article?

The top pitchers featured in this article are selected based on a careful analysis of their recent performance, advanced metrics, matchup data, and betting odds. We take into account their form, strikeout rates, ERA estimators, and their opponents’ offensive statistics to identify the most promising pitchers for each MLB DFS slate.

3. What does “SIERA” stand for, and why is it essential in evaluating pitchers?

SIERA stands for “Skill-Interactive Earned Run Average,” a metric that evaluates a pitcher’s performance while factoring in batted ball data, strikeouts, walks, and home runs. It’s a more accurate indicator of a pitcher’s true skill level, accounting for factors beyond their control, like defense or luck. In evaluating pitchers, SIERA provides a more comprehensive view of their effectiveness and can help predict future performance.

4. Should I prioritize high-priced pitchers in my DFS lineup, or are there value options worth considering?

While high-priced pitchers often come with strong track records and upside, value options can also provide significant returns for your lineup. It’s essential to strike a balance between spending on premium pitchers and identifying value plays with favorable matchups and underlying metrics. A mix of top-tier pitchers and cost-effective options can help you build a well-rounded DFS roster.

5. How can I leverage betting odds to inform my pitcher selection in MLB DFS?

Betting odds can be a valuable tool in identifying favorable pitching matchups. A team’s implied run total and the moneyline odds can indicate which pitchers are more likely to secure a win and have run support. Additionally, understanding odds can help gauge a pitcher’s overall performance expectations and assess their potential for a successful DFS outing.

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