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MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Tuesday 8-1-23

MLB DFS Top Pitchers

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Pitchers article for Tuesday 8-1-31. When navigating the vast landscape of MLB DFS picks, having a well-thought-out starting pitcher strategy is vital. In this article, we’ll explore the top pitchers for Tuesday’s slate and provide analysis to help you make informed decisions that optimize your lineup’s performance.

Alex Cobb (SF) vs. ARI – The Dominant Home Ace

Let’s kick things off with Alex Cobb, the stud right-hander from the San Francisco Giants. Cobb’s home performances have been nothing short of spectacular, boasting a 2.10 ERA, 2.91 xFIP, 1.14 WHIP, 6.5 BB%, 24.5 K%, and an impressive 62.6 GB% in 137.0 innings at home since last season. Facing the slumping Arizona Diamondbacks, ranked 23rd in wRC+ (92) and with a 22.2 K% in the previous 30 days, Cobb’s prospects look promising.

The betting info also favors Cobb, with the Giants being slight underdogs (-105) in a game with a pitcher-friendly 7.0 run total. While Cobb shines in all DFS game types, he becomes an especially attractive choice for GPPs. Despite a challenging matchup, Cobb’s ground ball prowess and excellent control make him a compelling option even in cash games. Consider including Cobb in your DraftKings lineup at a reasonable $8,200, where he presents an enticing pivot from more popular but riskier selections.

Zach Eflin, TB at NYY ($DK, $FD) – Mixed Bag of Prospects

Zach Eflin, facing the Yankees in the Bronx, has shown promise with a win and nine strikeouts in his previous encounter with the team. However, we must acknowledge some extra risk due to a knee injury and a potentially limited pitch count. At over $10k on both DraftKings and FanDuel, Eflin might not be the optimal choice for this particular slate, despite his previous success against the Yankees and their struggles against right-handed pitchers.

Lance Lynn (LAD) vs. OAK – A New Beginning?

Lance Lynn has experienced a tough season, but his underlying data suggests a turnaround could be on the horizon. Traded to the Dodgers, Lynn now has a chance to rediscover his form. The matchup against the Athletics, who rank 25th in wRC+ (87) and have a 25.5 K% against righties, provides an opportunity for Lynn to showcase his potential. Priced at $7,900, he becomes a tempting option, and the Dodgers’ pitching expertise could help him improve his performance.

Spencer Strider (ATL) vs. LAA – Elite Strikeout Potential

Spencer Strider’s underlying stats have been remarkable, hinting at elite strikeout ability and high upside. Facing the Los Angeles Angels, who are less formidable without Shohei Ohtani and Mickey Moniak, Strider is well-positioned to excel. His $DK and $FD prices make him accessible, and his consistent double-digit strikeouts in recent starts underscore his immense ceiling. Keep a close eye on Strider, as he might prove to be one of the top points-per-dollar plays on the slate.

Jose Quintana (NYM) at KC – A Budget-Friendly Option

While not the flashiest pick, Jose Quintana of the New York Mets presents an interesting budget-friendly choice at DraftKings. Quintana may not have dominated in his previous outings, but he maintains an acceptable 3.27 ERA, 4.11 xERA, and 4.26 xFIP. Moreover, his track record since 2022 showcases consistency, with a 2.95 ERA, 3.76 xFIP, 1.22 WHIP, 6.9 BB%, and 20.0 K% in 176.2 innings.

The Royals’ offensive struggles against lefties (24.1 K% and 88 wRC+) and their poor home performance (29th in wRC+ with 87) make Quintana an intriguing low-cost option. Priced attractively at DraftKings, Quintana allows you to allocate more budget to your bats while still having a reasonable expectation of success.

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FAQ – MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Tuesday 8-1-23

1. What is MLB DFS, and how does it work?

MLB DFS stands for Major League Baseball Daily Fantasy Sports. It’s a unique and exciting way for fans to engage with the sport by building virtual lineups of real players. Participants draft a roster of MLB players while staying under a salary cap. Points are awarded based on the players’ performance in the real games, such as hits, runs, home runs, strikeouts, and more. The goal is to accumulate the highest total points among all participants.

2. How do I choose the right starting pitchers for my lineup?

Selecting the right starting pitchers is crucial to success in MLB DFS. Factors to consider include the pitcher’s recent performance, opposing team’s offense, ballpark factors, pitcher’s strikeout ability, and betting odds. Look for pitchers with a high floor and ceiling to provide a balanced approach to your lineup.

3. What does “GPP” mean, and why is it relevant?

GPP stands for “Guaranteed Prize Pool,” and it refers to a specific type of DFS contest. In GPPs, participants compete for a chance to win a portion of the prize pool, which is predetermined and guaranteed regardless of the number of entrants. GPPs often offer larger payouts but are more challenging to win due to the high number of participants. The top-ranked starting pitcher with a high ceiling is usually more suitable for GPPs, where upside matters more than consistency.

4. Should I prioritize high-priced pitchers or seek budget-friendly options?

Striking the right balance between high-priced and budget-friendly pitchers is essential to constructing a competitive lineup. High-priced pitchers often offer a higher floor and a more reliable performance, while budget-friendly options free up salary cap space for stronger hitters. It’s advisable to mix and match pitchers based on their matchups and expected performance to optimize your lineup.

5. How can I use betting information to my advantage in MLB DFS?

Betting information, such as odds and run totals, can be valuable in gauging the expected performance of a starting pitcher. Pitchers on teams with favorable odds to win are more likely to get the coveted “Win” stat, which contributes to their DFS scoring. Additionally, games with lower run totals often favor pitchers, as they are less likely to give up runs, increasing their fantasy points potential.

6. Are there any risks associated with rostering starting pitchers?

Like all aspects of fantasy sports, there are inherent risks in rostering starting pitchers. Pitchers can be susceptible to injuries, sudden declines in performance, or unfavorable matchups that may result in lower fantasy points. It’s crucial to keep track of injury reports, recent trends, and pitching performances to minimize potential risks.

7. Can I change my lineup after the games have started?

In most DFS platforms, once the games have started, you cannot make changes to your lineup. However, some platforms offer “Late Swap” features that allow you to adjust your lineup during live games if a player becomes a late scratch or is not performing as expected.

8. How can I improve my MLB DFS skills over time?

Improving your MLB DFS skills requires a combination of research, analysis, and experience. Stay up-to-date with player news, injury reports, and team trends. Analyze matchups, stats, and betting information to make informed decisions. Participate in various contests regularly to gain experience and learn from your successes and mistakes.

9. Are there any resources available for MLB DFS analysis and advice?

Yes, there are numerous resources available to help you with MLB DFS analysis and advice. Websites, podcasts, and social media channels dedicated to fantasy sports offer expert insights, lineup projections, and analysis. Utilize these resources to supplement your research and enhance your understanding of the game.

10. Is MLB DFS legal and accessible in my location?

The legality and accessibility of MLB DFS depend on your location and local regulations. In many regions, daily fantasy sports are legal and widely accessible through various online platforms. However, it’s essential to check your local laws and regulations to ensure you can participate in MLB DFS contests legally.

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