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MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Tuesday 8-8-23

mlb dfs top pitchers

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Pitchers article for Tuesday 8-8-23. When it comes to crafting a winning MLB DFS lineup, one of the most critical decisions you’ll make is selecting the right pitchers. In this analysis, we’ll delve into the top pitchers for Tuesday’s matchups, focusing on key players that can give you an edge in your DFS contests. From seasoned veterans to emerging talents, we’ve got you covered with insights and statistics that matter.

Max Scherzer (TEX) at OAK: Dominance in the Docket

If you’re seeking a pitcher with a track record of excellence and the potential to rack up strikeouts, look no further than Max Scherzer. Despite not having his vintage season, Scherzer remains a high-strikeout hurler who can make a difference on your DFS roster. In his previous five starts covering 31.0 innings, Scherzer boasted an impressive 28.1 K% and 29.5 CSW%. This statistic is poised to play perfectly against Oakland’s struggling offense.

The Athletics find themselves tied for 23rd in wRC+ (88), underlining their difficulties at the plate. Moreover, their 25.3 K% against right-handed pitchers in 2023 suggests Scherzer could exploit their weaknesses. Betting odds further solidify Scherzer’s prospects, with the Rangers heavily favored at -245 and the game’s total run projection set at 8.0. Scherzer’s recent debut with the Rangers showcased his potential, recording nine strikeouts over six innings against the White Sox. Facing the Athletics, who currently rank at the bottom for total runs scored, Scherzer has a prime opportunity to shine.

Yusei Kikuchi (TOR) at CLE: Riding the Hot Streak

In the realm of value picks, Yusei Kikuchi stands out as a compelling choice. With an impressive ERA of 1.23 in his last four starts spanning 22.0 innings, Kikuchi has demonstrated his ability to deliver solid performances. His 25.0 K% during this period indicate his control and strikeout potential are on point.

Kikuchi’s matchup against the Guardians, who rank 29th in wRC+ (82) against left-handed pitchers in 2023, could be a golden opportunity. The Blue Jays’ favorable odds at -115, coupled with a game total of 8.0 runs, make Kikuchi an intriguing alternative to Scherzer for your GPP lineups. Although Kikuchi has faced challenges with home runs, the Guardians’ tendency to hit the fewest home runs in the league might play in his favor.

Lucas Giolito, LAA vs SFG: Home Advantage and Familiarity

Lucas Giolito‘s transition to the Angels has injected new energy into his performances. With a 3-2 record and a 2.44 ERA at home, Giolito’s comfort in his new surroundings shines through. The Giants, with a 75 wRC+, a .133 ISO, and a 24.80% K rate against right-handed pitchers in the last 30 days, provide a favorable matchup for Giolito’s skills.

Giolito’s familiarity with Angel Stadium, coupled with his history of success there, further enhance his prospects. His 4-1 record and 4.13 ERA in nine starts at the stadium emphasize his ability to adapt to the venue. As Giolito steps onto the mound in his new home, his potential for a standout performance remains high.

Wade Miley (MIL) vs. COL: Conquering Challenges with Consistency

Wade Miley‘s consistent performance cannot be overlooked. Despite an ERA of 3.01 in 14 starts over 71.2 innings, his consistency shines through, as his ERA estimators align closely with his actual performance. The Rockies, struggling with a 68 wRC+, present an opportunity for Miley to capitalize on their offensive weaknesses.

Ranked 30th in wRC+ (77) over the previous 30 days, the Rockies’ difficulties against left-handed pitchers further support Miley’s potential dominance. With odds favoring the Brewers at -225, Miley’s consistent track record and the Rockies’ offensive struggles create a promising outlook for his DFS performance.

Grayson Rodriguez (BAL) vs. HOU: Rising Through Challenges

Grayson Rodriguez‘s journey through Triple-A seasoning has culminated in a series of stellar performances, making him a standout choice for GPP lineups. With an impressive 3.57 ERA, 3.50 xFIP, and a 23.3 K% in his last four starts, Rodriguez’s skillset cannot be overlooked.

While the Astros pose a challenging matchup, Rodriguez’s strong pitching abilities make him a contender for GPPs. The Orioles’ status as slight underdogs (+105) and a game total of 8.0 runs present a scenario where Rodriguez’s potential could shine through against a formidable opponent.

Yonny Chirinos, ATL @ PIT: Unearthing Value for Your Lineup

For those seeking a valuable addition to their lineup, Yonny Chirinos presents an enticing option. With an ERA of 4.42, Chirinos’ road performance shines through with a 2.95 ERA, making him a viable choice when considering salary-saving options.

Chirinos’ 27% strikeout rate aligns well with the Pirates’ 25.7% strikeout rate, creating a favorable matchup. The Pirates’ struggles against left-handed pitchers, with a 92 wRC+ and .115 ISO at home, further enhance Chirinos’ potential. If you’re in search of a value pick to balance out your lineup, Chirinos is a strong contender.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is the Importance of Pitcher Selection in MLB DFS?

Selecting the right pitchers in MLB DFS is crucial as they often provide the foundation for a winning lineup. Pitchers’ performances heavily influence your overall point tally, making strategic pitcher choices a key element in maximizing your chances of success.

2. How Can I Differentiate Between GPP and Cash Game Pitcher Choices?

In GPPs (Guaranteed Prize Pools), high-upside pitchers with potential for strikeouts and dominant performances are favored. Cash games require more reliability and consistency, making pitchers with strong track records and safer matchups the go-to choices.

3. What Statistical Indicators Should I Consider When Evaluating Pitchers?

When evaluating pitchers for your MLB DFS lineup, key statistics to consider include strikeout rates (K%), walk rates (BB%), ERA estimators like FIP and xFIP, as well as the opposing team’s offensive metrics such as wRC+ and ISO. These indicators provide valuable insights into a pitcher’s form and potential performance.

4. How Do I Balance High-Priced and Value Pitchers in My Lineup?

Balancing high-priced aces with value pitchers is essential to building a well-rounded lineup. Investing in an elite pitcher can provide stability, while value pitchers allow you to afford impactful hitters. Analyze matchups, odds, and recent performances to strike the right balance.

5. What Role Does Home Field Advantage Play in Pitcher Selection?

Home field advantage can impact pitcher performance due to familiarity with the mound and stadium conditions. Pitchers with strong home records and favorable matchups can benefit from this advantage. Consider pitchers who excel in their home environment when making your selections.

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