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MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Wednesday 6-7-23

mlb dfs top pitchers

Welcome to our MLB DFS Top Pitchers for Wednesday 6-7-23 article. In this article, we will analyze the available information and highlight the three very best starting pitchers on today’s MLB DFS slate. We will delve into their matchups, examine their recent performances, and explain why they stand out as top choices for your lineups. Additionally, we will uncover two under-the-radar, lower-owned tournament pitchers that could provide valuable differentiation and upside for your MLB DFS tournament lineups.

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Selecting the right starting pitchers is crucial for a successful lineup. On today’s MLB DFS slate, we have several intriguing options to consider. 

Top Pitchers:

Max Scherzer at Braves

Max Scherzer has been showing signs of returning to his ace form in recent starts. With a 17:1 K:BB ratio and only two runs allowed over his last 14 innings, Scherzer has regained control and displayed his dominant stuff. While the Braves present a strong offense, Scherzer’s ability to generate strikeouts gives him an edge in this matchup. Additionally, he offers cost savings compared to other top-tier pitchers, making him an attractive option for your lineups.

Corbin Burnes vs. Orioles

Despite his struggles this season, Corbin Burnes has shown signs of improvement, particularly in his recent outings. While his control remains a concern, Burnes has been able to increase his strikeout rate and pitch count. Facing the Orioles, who strike out at an average rate, Burnes has a favorable matchup to capitalize on his improved form. Although there is still some risk involved, his potential for strikeouts and a solid performance makes him a top pitcher to consider.

Charlie Morton vs. Mets

Charlie Morton has been consistently solid throughout the season, with his recent performances being particularly impressive. With three out of his last four starts featuring nine or more strikeouts, Morton has shown his ability to dominate opposing hitters. While the Mets lineup doesn’t strike out frequently, they also don’t pose significant threats outside of Pete Alonso. Morton’s overall skill set and steady performance make him an appealing option, especially considering his reasonable price.

Under-the-Radar Tournament Pitchers:

Jaime Barria vs. Cubs

Jaime Barria presents an intriguing option for tournament lineups. Priced affordably, Barria has recently been stretched out as a starter and has demonstrated a promising 25% strikeout rate. Although it’s difficult to gauge the sustainability of his performance, Barria has shown potential and faces a Cubs lineup that offers strikeout opportunities. Deploying Barria in your tournament lineups allows for a lower-owned, high-upside play.

Ronel Blanco at Blue Jays

Ronel Blanco represents a high-risk, high-reward option for tournament lineups. Although he has limited major league experience, Blanco has displayed strikeout potential in the minor leagues. While his control may be a concern, Blanco possesses per-inning upside and could provide significant value if he performs well against the Blue Jays. As a lower-owned pitcher, Blanco allows for differentiation in your tournament lineups.

Quick Recap

When constructing your MLB DFS lineups for Wednesday’s slate, consider Max Scherzer, Corbin Burnes, and Charlie Morton as the top starting pitchers. They offer a combination of solid matchups, strikeout potential, and cost savings. For tournament lineups, Jaime Barria and Ronel Blanco present under-the-radar options with high ceilings and lower ownership percentages. Remember to thoroughly analyze each pitcher’s situation, assess the matchup, and consider their upside and ownership in order to make the best-informed decisions for your MLB DFS lineups.

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