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MLB DFS Top Players for Friday 8-18-23

MLB DFS Top Plays

When it comes to MLB DFS, finding the right hitters can make all the difference in your lineup’s success. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the top hitters for Friday, August 18, 2023. From power-packed sluggers to value picks, we’ve got you covered with insights that could help you build a winning lineup.

Matt Olson: Power and Precision

Matt Olson has been a standout player this year, particularly when facing right-handed pitchers on home turf. In 220 plate appearances against righties at home, Olson has displayed his prowess with 22 homers, an impressive .414 on-base percentage (OBP), a robust .411 isolated power (ISO), and an outstanding 191 weighted runs created plus (wRC+). These numbers underscore his ability to not only connect with the ball but to drive it to all corners of the field.

Ryan McMahon: Coors Field Advantage

The allure of Coors Field in Colorado is well-known among DFS enthusiasts, and Ryan McMahon is set to capitalize on it. Facing Michael Kopech of the Chicago White Sox, McMahon holds a prime position to deliver significant results. Kopech has shown vulnerability to both left- and right-handed hitters, conceding a .231 ISO to lefties and a .226 ISO to righties this season. McMahon, with his .253 ISO against right-handed pitching, emerges as a strong contender for your lineup. Priced attractively on both DraftKings ($5,000) and FanDuel ($3,700), McMahon is a versatile choice for the night.

Michael Harris: Consistent Power

Michael Harris has been showcasing consistent power against right-handed pitchers at home this season. With five home runs, a solid .357 OBP, a .195 ISO, and a 130 wRC+ in 141 plate appearances, Harris has proven his ability to generate runs and create scoring opportunities. His performance against righties makes him an intriguing pick for your lineup on this Friday night.

Tyler O’Neill: Taking Advantage of Matchup

Tyler O’Neill thrives when pitted against left-handed pitchers. This season, he boasts a .225 ISO against southpaws, making him a compelling option against Joey Lucchesi of the New York Mets. Lucchesi’s vulnerability to right-handed batters, allowing a .236 ISO, aligns perfectly with O’Neill’s strengths. With prices of $3,600 on DraftKings and $2,700 on FanDuel, O’Neill represents an enticing value pick, especially on the latter platform.

Willson Contreras: Lefty Dominance

Willson Contreras has consistently excelled against left-handed pitchers. With a .344 OBP, a .274 ISO, and a 139 wRC+ in 349 plate appearances since 2021, Contreras has demonstrated his ability to navigate lefty matchups effectively. This proficiency makes him a solid addition to your lineup, particularly in scenarios where he’s facing southpaw opponents.

Ezekiel Tovar: Price-Performance Balance

While Ryan McMahon is an attractive option from the Rockies, Ezekiel Tovar presents another strong consideration. Tovar’s pricing, especially on FanDuel, makes him a steal for the night. Despite being a cost-effective choice, Tovar doesn’t compromise on performance. With a .175 ISO in the games following the All-Star break, Tovar’s potential to deliver results at a bargain price should not be underestimated.

Edouard Julien: Rookie Sensation

Edouard Julien has made quite an impact in his rookie season, particularly against right-handed pitchers. With 10 home runs, a notable .415 OBP, a robust .230 ISO, and a 167 wRC+ in 225 plate appearances, Julien’s emergence as a potent hitter is evident. His ability to handle righties effectively bodes well for his DFS prospects, showcasing his potential to contribute to your lineup’s success.

Kyle Schwarber: Ballpark Boost

Kyle Schwarber’s matchup against Joan Adon sets the stage for a potential power-packed performance. Schwarber’s ability to thrive against right-handed pitchers is underscored by his .240 ISO against them this season. With Adon conceding a .226 ISO to left-handed batters, Schwarber’s offensive capabilities align perfectly with the matchup. Additionally, the hitter-friendly environment of Washington’s ballpark further enhances his chances of delivering substantial DFS points.

Andrew Vaughn: Coors Field Upside

Staying within the Coors Field narrative, Andrew Vaughn is another player to keep an eye on. Vaughn’s pricing, relatively low considering the potential, makes him an intriguing option. With a .167 ISO against right-handed pitchers and Peter Lambert’s vulnerability to right-handed hitters, Vaughn stands as a value pick with considerable upside.

Matt Wallner and Kerry Carpenter: Riding the Hot Streak

Matt Wallner and Kerry Carpenter have been riding high on impressive streaks. Wallner’s eight home runs, a .394 OBP, a standout .322 ISO, and a 174 wRC+ in 104 plate appearances against righties indicate his current form. Similarly, Carpenter’s recent performance, marked by a 12-game hitting streak featuring five homers, seven RBI, and 12 runs, positions him as a red-hot pick. While Carpenter’s value shines on DraftKings, Wallner’s power-packed stats make him a compelling choice on any platform.

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MLB DFS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What is MLB DFS? A1: MLB DFS stands for Major League Baseball Daily Fantasy Sports. It’s a form of fantasy sports where participants assemble virtual lineups of real baseball players and earn points based on their actual in-game performance. The goal is to create the most competitive lineup and score more points than your opponents.

Q2: How does MLB DFS work? A2: In MLB DFS, you draft a lineup of players while staying within a specified budget. Each player’s performance in the actual game contributes to your lineup’s total points. Factors like hits, home runs, runs batted in (RBIs), strikeouts, and more can earn you points, while negative actions like strikeouts or earned runs conceded can lead to point deductions.

Q3: What are MLB DFS Top Hitters? A3: MLB DFS Top Hitters are the players considered most likely to excel offensively in a given game. These are typically players with strong hitting statistics, favorable matchups, and a history of consistent performance. Identifying and selecting these top hitters can significantly impact the success of your DFS lineup.

Q4: How do I choose the right MLB Top Hitters for my lineup? A4: Selecting the right MLB Top Hitters involves analyzing player statistics, recent performance, matchup data, and factors like ballpark conditions. Look for players with high on-base percentages (OBP), isolated power (ISO), and strong wRC+ numbers. Consider pitcher-handedness matchups, ballpark factors, and recent trends to make informed decisions.

Q5: What is ISO in MLB DFS? A5: ISO stands for Isolated Power, a metric that measures a player’s raw power by calculating their extra bases per at-bat. It gives insights into a hitter’s ability to hit for extra bases, such as doubles and home runs. In MLB DFS, players with higher ISO values are often sought after, as they have a greater potential to score points through extra-base hits.

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